Stories About Autumn

Stories About Autumn

Autumn, with its crisp air, vibrant leaves, and early nights, has a special charm that has inspired storytellers for generations. It’s a magical season that paints a perfect backdrop for captivating tales and narratives that can teach, engage, and entertain. As the days become shorter and the nights longer, story time for children becomes an enchanting part of their daily routine, marking the transition from an active day to a peaceful night. In recognition of this beautiful season and the special role it plays in our lives, we’ve curated a collection of the 30 best autumn stories for kids to read online for free.

Perfect for bedtime or anytime, these short and longer stories, in easy English and with stunning pictures, are selected to ignite the imagination of young readers, be they toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary students or those in their early years foundation stage (EYFS). Available in PDF format, each of these tales is not only printable and fun to read but also offers good learning opportunities with its educational content and moral lessons.

Our selection covers a broad range of narratives, including famous classics and fairy tales that have stood the test of time, as well as newer tales that have quickly become favourites. Whether you are a parent looking for a cozy bedtime story to tell, or an educator searching for a lively read-aloud for story time, you will find something delightful in this collection to fit your needs. These stories, suitable for both boys and girls, ensure that every child has an opportunity to see themselves reflected in the narrative.

We also understand that sometimes reading isn’t enough, and that’s why we have included stories with audio accompaniments. The audio versions not only make the tales more immersive, but they are also a great way for children to develop their listening skills.

Reading stories online is not just about keeping kids engaged; it’s about sparking their love for reading, teaching them valuable life lessons, and most importantly, fostering a tradition of shared story time that can help them wind down and prepare for sleep.

In a world where screen time is often associated with mindless entertainment, this collection offers a refreshing perspective. It allows technology to play a crucial role in children’s education and learning, and does so in a way that is accessible, enjoyable and meaningful. So, as autumn leaves start to fall, let’s dive into the world of storytelling and experience the joy of reading these amazing autumn stories for kids. Happy reading!

Top 30 Fall Stories For Kids

  1. Bart The Bear Hibernates: In this heartwarming tale set in the autumn season, Bart the brown bear prepares for hibernation in the mountain forest. With a belly full of salmon and berries, Bart bids farewell to his forest friends, including Squirrel and Fox, who have their own winter preparations. As the temperature drops, Bart settles into his cozy den for a long, peaceful sleep. With dreams of exciting forest adventures, Bart embraces the beauty of autumn and eagerly awaits the arrival of spring.
  2. The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes: Timmy and Goody Tiptoes, two diligent squirrels, work tirelessly to gather and store nuts for the winter. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when a mischievous bird leads to chaos among the woodland squirrels. Timmy finds himself trapped in a tree, while Goody faces her own challenges. With the help of a friendly chipmunk, Timmy eventually reunites with his wife and they secure their precious nut-store. Amidst a playful and whimsical narrative, this delightful tale highlights the industriousness and resilience of these charming woodland creatures during the autumn season.
  3. The Squirrel Family: enjoys their carefree days in the forest until they realize that the season is changing. With the impending cold weather and scarcity of food, the family must collect enough nuts to survive the winter. While the diligent squirrels work tirelessly, Budge, who is accustomed to playing and laziness, runs away and gets trapped. In a display of bravery, Budge escapes and returns home to a warm welcome. Realizing the importance of hard work and family, Budge becomes the hardest worker of all. This delightful story teaches the value of perseverance, responsibility, and the warmth of familial love amidst the changing seasons of autumn.
  4. The Leaf Dresses: On a blustery autumn day, the wind carries an important message to the trees, signaling that it’s time for them to prepare for hibernation. The trees pass on the message to their leaves, and a joyous celebration ensues. The leaves dress up in vibrant colors, with the maple donning red, the poplar choosing yellow, and the oak displaying a mix of brown and red. As the wind whisks away many of the leaves in a playful dance, a few remaining maple leaves decide to protect the flowers beneath the tree, spreading beauty and warmth throughout the winter. One of these leaves finds its way to a school where it brings joy to the children, reminding them of the vibrant colors and wonders of autumn. This whimsical tale captures the essence of autumn’s magic and the importance of cherishing nature’s beauty.
  5. Uncle Wiggily And The Mushroom: In this thrilling autumn adventure, Uncle Wiggily and his friend, the prickly porcupine, find themselves facing danger on their quest for fortune. They encounter a menacing snake and narrowly escape its clutches thanks to the porcupine’s quills and a clever mushroom that lifts Uncle Wiggily out of harm’s way. With the help of a heroic policeman, the friends ultimately triumph over the snake and continue their journey, realizing the importance of sticking together through challenging times. This tale showcases the excitement and resilience found in autumn adventures, reminding readers of the power of friendship and courage in the face of adversity.
  6. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin: In this charming autumn tale, Nutkin the red squirrel and his companions venture to Owl Island to gather nuts and present offerings to Old Brown, the owl who resides there. Nutkin’s impertinence and riddles test the patience of Old Brown, but the other squirrels diligently collect nuts and offer gifts. However, Nutkin’s mischievous behavior eventually leads to a dramatic encounter with Old Brown. Despite his escape, Nutkin loses his tail in the process, forever bearing a reminder of his daring adventure. This delightful story captures the whimsy and lively spirit of autumn, reminding readers of the importance of respect and the consequences of mischief.
  7. The Gingerbread Man: This classic tale of the Gingerbread Man brings a delightful touch of autumn to our list of stories. The story follows the adventures of a lively gingerbread man who escapes from the oven and eludes various pursuers, including an old couple, barn shredders, lawnmowers, a cow, and a pig. With each encounter, the gingerbread man boasts of his ability to outrun them all. However, his confidence wanes when he meets a cunning fox who proves to be quicker and devours the gingerbread man. This cautionary tale reminds us of the fleeting nature of life and the consequences of overconfidence, offering a whimsical twist to the autumn storytelling collection. Was this response better or worse? Better Worse Same
  8. Jack Frost’s Cards: Rudolph, a young boy who lives on the side of a mountain where stories of fairies and goblins abound. One night, Rudolph is awakened by a Goblin who invites him to a revel in the mountains. As Rudolph joins the goblins, he witnesses their important task of turning all the trees and bushes brown for the arrival of Jack Frost’s cards. However, the forest animals voice their concerns, requesting a delay in the fall so they can gather enough food and enjoy a longer sleep. The goblins, considering the animals’ pleas, decide to hold back the cards for two weeks. Rudolph learns valuable lessons about nature and the changing seasons while gaining the gratitude of the animals and the assistance of the goblins in repairing his roof. This whimsical autumn story brings a touch of magic and wonder to our collection of captivating tales.
  9. Uncle Wiggily’s Halloween Fun: Join the lively Halloween festivities with Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends in this delightful autumn story. As the night falls and the moon rises, the animal children eagerly don their masks and costumes for a thrilling Halloween adventure. Uncle Wiggily becomes an elephant, while Sammie and Susie Littletail transform into a witch and a cat. With their stuffed-stocking trunk, tickling bear, and other whimsical disguises, they embark on a magical journey in Uncle Wiggily’s car. Amidst the revelry of tin horns, rattling instruments, and colorful paper raining from the sky, a real bear unexpectedly joins the party, causing a moment of excitement before Munchie Trot, the pony boy dressed as a policeman, comes to the rescue. Laughter and joy fill the air as the animal children, accompanied by Uncle Wiggily, celebrate their Halloween adventure with hot chocolate and fond memories, eagerly anticipating the next day’s new adventure.
  10. The God Of Spring And The God Of Autumn: Delve into a mythological tale of love, rivalry, and the changing seasons in this enchanting story of the Gods of Spring and Autumn. In a time when gods walked the earth, a king’s daughter known as the Most Beloved in the World captures the attention and admiration of many suitors. Even the God of Autumn and the God of Spring vie for her affections. When the God of Autumn fails to win her over, his younger brother, the God of Spring, steps forward with a simple and pure heart. With the help of his loving mother, the God of Spring adorns himself in a wisteria robe and captures the princess’s heart. However, the God of Autumn’s anger and jealousy threaten their happiness, but a powerful enchantment by the God of Spring’s mother ensures their safety and marks the eternal cycle of joy in spring and melancholy in autumn. This captivating story unveils the origins of the seasons’ contrasting spirits and resonates with the magical essence of autumn.
  11. Prince Autumn: Embark on a journey through the changing seasons with the tale of Prince Autumn and his bittersweet farewell. Clad in a magnificent cloak of red, green, brown, and yellow, Prince Autumn stands atop the hills, blowing his horn to herald the arrival of his reign. As he blows, the land responds, trees tremble, birds fall silent, and the heather bursts into glorious purple bloom. The seasons transition as Prince Autumn passes the torch to Prince Summer, and together they traverse the valley, ensuring a seamless handover. However, as Prince Autumn bids his final goodbye, the chill of winter looms, and he prepares the land for its impending arrival. The vibrant hues of autumn paint the landscape, leaves fall, berries ripen, and Prince Autumn’s horn sounds its melancholic refrain. A beautifully poetic story capturing the essence of autumn’s splendor and the changing of seasons.
  12. Changing Seasons: Transport yourself to a magical forest where the enchanting beauty of autumn unfolds. In this faraway land, the trees undergo a captivating transformation as summer gives way to fall. The vibrant green leaves turn into a breathtaking display of gold and red, gently swaying in the wind’s embrace. As the days grow shorter, the forest bids farewell to the cheerful flowers and welcomes the arrival of fall. Children frolic in the leaves, cherishing the fleeting moments before the winter’s arrival. The forest embraces a serene stillness as nature prepares for the cold season. Yet, amidst the quietude, there is hope and anticipation for the coming spring. Covered in a soft blanket of snow, the forest rests, knowing that the golden and red trees will return, and the joyous laughter of children will fill the air once more, whispering, “Spring is here.” Immerse yourself in the magic of this tale and experience the wonder of autumn’s ever-changing beauty.
  13. Hilda’s Mermaid: In a cozy coastal cottage, little Hilda encounters a magical friendship that forever changes her perspective. While her sailor father is away, Hilda’s curiosity leads her to the mysterious arrival of a mermaid during a stormy night. The two share tales of their respective homes—the enchanting underwater kingdom of the mermaids and Hilda’s earthly abode. As the mermaid departs, leaving behind traces of seaweed, Hilda cherishes the memory and eagerly awaits the whales’ spouts, a sign that her newfound friend will return. This heartwarming tale highlights the beauty of unexpected connections and the enduring bond between land and sea.
  14. A Surprise: In the enchanting tale of Mr. Chipmunk and the hidden acorns, the magic of autumn unfolds. As Mr. Chipmunk gathers a stash of acorns for the coming winter, the acorns themselves overhear his plans and eagerly await the transformative arrival of spring. Through the cold winds, falling leaves, and gentle embrace of snow, the acorns slumbered until the warm sun awakened them. Bursting through their shells, they discovered a world adorned with vibrant flowers, lush green grass, and the joyous songs of birds. Mr. Chipmunk, puzzled by the unexpected growth, marvels at the beauty before him, unaware of the role he inadvertently played in nurturing the little oaks. This whimsical tale reminds us of the wonders and surprises that autumn can bring, and the resilience of nature’s cycles.
  15. The Green Willow: Tomodata and the Green Willow, the beauty and tragedy of love in autumn unfold. Tomodata, a loyal samurai, embarks on a mission for his Daimyo, only to find himself lost in a fierce storm. Seeking refuge, he stumbles upon a humble cottage on a hill, where he is welcomed by an old woman and her captivating daughter, the Green Willow. Despite his noble duty, Tomodata falls deeply in love with the enchanting girl. Unable to resist their connection, they escape together and live in bliss for three years, until a heartbreaking fate befalls Green Willow. Devastated by her loss, Tomodata wanders as a holy man, haunted by memories and reciting poignant poetry. Years later, he encounters the ruins of the cottage and laments his love lost, forever touched by the bittersweet echoes of autumn’s love story.
  16. The September Storm: In the unforgettable tale of the Great September Storm, a small town by a broad river is faced with a ferocious tempest that wreaks havoc on the coast. Captain Jacob, a seasoned sailor, anxiously braves the storm to check on the safety of his ship tied to the wharf. With fierce winds, howling rain, and rising tides, the ship’s anchor proves insufficient, and it begins drifting perilously towards the dock. Captain Jonathan and the railroad crew rush to secure the ship, facing treacherous conditions and challenging circumstances. Through their valiant efforts, the ship is ultimately saved, albeit with minor damage, marking the Great September Storm as one of the most formidable and memorable tempests in two decades.
  17. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: an elf who loses his smile, the Halloween festivities take a delightful turn. After a prank gone wrong, Twinkling Feet finds himself without his infectious smile, a devastating predicament for an elf who loves to dance. Determined to reclaim his joy, Twinkling Feet embarks on a quest to find his lost smile before midnight, seeking help from Jack O’Lantern and the Happy Little Witch. Amidst the laughter of children and the discovery of a mysterious creature, Twinkling Feet’s laughter returns, and he joyfully reunites with his fellow elves in the magical fairy ring. This enchanting story reminds us of the importance of laughter and the resilience of the spirit, even during the autumn celebrations of Halloween.
  18. The Little Pumpkin: we witness the journey of a pumpkin as it grows on a vine in a field. Filled with a desire to become a Jack-o’-lantern and not disappoint Mother Vine, the Little Pumpkin worries about its future. However, the wise wind and sun advise the Little Pumpkin to focus on being the best version of itself. As autumn arrives, the Little Pumpkin matures into a beautiful golden pumpkin alongside its siblings. When children visit the field to find the perfect pumpkin for their Thanksgiving feast, they are captivated by the Little Pumpkin’s size, color, and shape. Chosen as the centerpiece Jack-o’-lantern, the Little Pumpkin realizes its dream and brings joy to the gathering. In the end, the Little Pumpkin’s inner beauty shines bright, making Mother Vine proud and creating cherished memories for all.
  19. A Halloween Story: Babette and Anton, the children of a poor lumberjack, embark on a magical Halloween adventure. When Babette expresses her desire to experience the joy of Halloween, her brother Anton promises to arrange a small party. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when their Jack-o’-lantern is stolen by a mischievous rat, and their pursuit leads them to a forest filled with animated vegetables. Joined by witches, singing frogs, and a friendly pumpkin, they dance and revel in the Halloween festivities. Eventually, the vegetables return to the earth, leaving the children with bags of gold as a reward for their Halloween adventure. With newfound wealth, their family’s fortune changes, and they live happily ever after. Each year, they continue to celebrate Halloween and cherish the black cat that brings them luck.
  20. Rainbow And Autumn Leaves: the animals of Canada held a Great Council and desired to explore the heavens. Turtle, the wisest among them, embarked on a journey to the skies and decided to stay there, sending his offspring to Earth. The animals grew jealous of Turtle’s happiness and sought to join him in the heavens. Deer, eager to see Turtle, approached Rainbow for assistance. Rainbow promised to take Deer to the heavens in winter, but failed to keep his word. Finally, Rainbow fulfilled his promise, leading Deer to Turtle’s abode. The animals, worried about an impending new race of beings, decided to follow Turtle’s advice and join him in the heavens. However, Bear was angry with Deer for leaving without warning, and a fierce battle ensued between the two. Their wounds stained the Rainbow path, giving rise to the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. Since that time, Bear and Deer’s descendants have remained divided, never finding peace as they once did.
  21. The Elf Knight: Inside a gray stone castle, Janet, a beautiful maid, listens to an old nursemaid’s tale about Elf Land and the haunting Elf Knight named Tam Lin. Despite the nursemaid’s warning to avoid the enchanted moorland, Janet ventures there on Halloween and encounters Tam Lin. He reveals that he has been trapped in Elf Land and can only be rescued by a brave maiden who proves her courage in three ways. Janet accepts the challenge and, on Halloween night, waits at Milescross to confront the Fairy Queen and her knights. She successfully identifies Tam Lin and holds onto him despite the Fairy Queen’s attempts to transform him. In the end, Janet frees Tam Lin, and they marry, living happily ever after.
  22. The Courteous Prince: a Prince falls in love with a girl beneath his rank, much to the disapproval of the King. Determined to separate the lovers, the King seeks the advice of an old witch who cryptically declares that the girl’s enchantment can only be broken by courtesy. When the Prince finds himself seeking shelter in an abandoned hunting lodge on Halloween night, a ghostly figure appears and requests a bed of heather. The Prince courteously fulfills the request, unknowingly breaking the girl’s enchantment and revealing her true form. They are reunited and happily married, proving that courtesy triumphs over all obstacles.
  23. The Pumpkin Giant: terrorizes the kingdom, causing fear and destruction. The king promises knighthood to anyone who can defeat the giant, but it is a humble man named Patroclus and his son, Aeneas, who unexpectedly bring an end to the Pumpkin Giant’s reign. As a reward, they are invited to the royal palace, where they introduce the delicious taste of giant head cakes made from pumpkins. The king recognizes their bravery and generosity, granting them knighthood and a place in the palace. Aeneas eventually marries the princess, and the kingdom celebrates the triumph over the Pumpkin Giant by engraving a poem in his honor. Pumpkin pies become a cherished treat, ensuring the Pumpkin Giant’s legacy lives on.
  24. The Maker of Rainbows: In the somber village of Twelve-Trees, plagued by poverty and despair, a mysterious old man with a magical wheel brought hope and joy to the children by transforming tears into rainbows. He even turned Crazy Sally, a tormented old woman, into a beautiful young girl. The skeptical villagers, however, dismissed his enchanting abilities. When he mentioned a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and set off to find it, the villagers followed in search of newfound prosperity. Yet, the old man vanished, leaving the villagers empty-handed but forever impacted by the magic of rainbows. The children, however, cherished the memory and the hope they had found.
  25. The Chestnut Boys: Mother Nature nurtures three baby boys, the Chestnut boys, in their cozy burr house throughout the warm days of summer. As autumn arrives, the Wind and mischievous Jack Frost entice the boys to come out and play, but they quickly realize the outside world is colder and harsher than their sheltered abode. Longing for warmth and comfort, they call out to their mother and she covers them with the colors of autumn and a blanket of snow, putting them back to sleep until the arrival of spring. The whimsical story captures the essence of autumn and the cycle of nature’s rest and renewal.
  26. The Kind Old Oak: As winter approached, the little violets expressed their fear of the cold to the old oak tree. In response, the oak assured them not to worry and to trust in its care. The violets closed their eyes and went to sleep, knowing they were safe. The oak lovingly covered them with its falling red leaves, shielding them from the harsh winter. The violets slumbered peacefully until the arrival of spring, when the warm rains awakened them once more. This tender story depicts the protective and nurturing spirit of autumn, as the old oak tree shelters the delicate violets, allowing them to bloom again with the coming of spring.
  27. The Windflower’s Story: In a garden, the Windflower piqued the curiosity of the Rosebush, Pansies, and Hollyhock, who believed she held a deep secret. The little Windflower revealed that her true name was Anemone, created by a goddess in memory of a lost loved one. She shared that her family, although numerous and beautiful, considered her the plainest. The Windflower explained that the Wind fell in love with their family, opening their blossoms and carrying them along. The Windflower’s departure with the Wind left the others in awe and wonder, realizing they could never truly understand the quiet and modest ones. This enchanting tale showcases the beauty and mystery of autumn’s delicate flowers, revealing hidden stories and connections with the elements.
  28. The Sleeping Apple: a little apple nestled among the tree’s green leaves, seemingly asleep. A child, eager for its company, called out and pleaded for the apple to come down. The sun and a bird tried to awaken it, but to no avail. Finally, the wind blew strongly, shaking the tree and startling the apple awake. It fell into the child’s apron, much to their delight. Grateful for the wind’s help, the child expressed their gratitude. This whimsical story highlights the magic and joy of autumn, where even the smallest encounters can bring delight and gratitude.
  29. Wait And See: a baby beech tree questions its purpose and wonders how it can be of use in the world. Patiently, the mother tree advises it to wait and see. The little tree goes through different stages, from pretty flowers to green prickly things, and eventually to fallen brown prickly things. Feeling discouraged, it believes it will never be of any use. However, when the landowner’s children come by and gather the beech nuts, they reveal the tree’s true purpose. The beech nuts are treasured by the landowner’s mother, bringing joy and fulfillment to the baby beech tree. It learns the valuable lesson that waiting and trusting in its inherent nature will ultimately lead to finding its unique purpose in the world.
  30. Sparrow’s Search For The Rain: set in a coastal village, a proud and beautiful maiden with a serious nature attracts suitors who fail to amuse or interest her. Angered by her dismissive remarks, the young men conspire with Whirlwind, a mischievous being, to shame her. As a result, Whirlwind and his blind companion, Rain, are banished from the village. Their absence causes great distress, with the land suffering from drought and withering vegetation. Various animals and birds are sent on a quest to find them but fail. Finally, a small Sparrow successfully locates the wanderers in a lush and peaceful place. He urges them to return, and upon their arrival, the land rejoices with wind, rain, blooming flowers, and flowing streams. In gratitude for the Sparrow’s success, the people vow never to harm or hunt Sparrows again. This tale illustrates the interconnectedness of nature and the importance of valuing and respecting all creatures, even the seemingly small and insignificant.

In conclusion, autumn offers a distinctive backdrop for storytelling, with its rich colors, early nights, and unique atmosphere. Our collection of 30 best autumn stories for kids to read online for free offers a harmonious blend of education, fun, and life lessons. Printable and complete with captivating pictures, each story, be it a short tale, a famous classic, a modern narrative or a fairy tale, is a doorway to a realm of imagination and learning. Available in easy English, and some with audio accompaniments, these stories promise to keep children engaged, entertained, and edified, regardless of whether they are toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary students, or those in the EYFS.

Remember, the right story can turn bedtime into an adventure, story time into a journey of discovery, and reading into a lifelong love. So, let’s use this autumn to embark on a journey of shared reading, to help our children fall in love with books, and to impart life’s valuable lessons through stories. Whether read aloud or quietly savoured, whether a tool for learning or a prelude to sleep, let each story in this collection foster a lasting appreciation for the written word in our children. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, let’s gather our little ones around, download these stories, and turn every night into an unforgettable autumn story time.