A Mother Goose Halloween

Once upon a Halloween night, in the land of Mother Goose, things were a bit different than in the ordinary world. Mother Goose, known for her long print dress and tall, pointed black hat, was the one who ruled this magical place. She lived here with eight special children, who were just as fascinating.

Let me introduce you to them. There were four girls – Bo Peep, Marjorie Daw, Nancy Endicott, and Miss Muffet. They always dressed in beautiful print dresses, white aprons, and straw hats, looking just like little dolls. Then there were four boys – Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty, Tommy Tucker, and the Knave of Hearts. Boy Blue always wore a suit of blue, Humpty Dumpty, a chubby child, wore a tan suit and a red tie. Tommy Tucker dressed in an ordinary play suit, and the Knave of Hearts wore a suit decorated with many paper hearts.

On this special Halloween night, Mother Goose gathered all of her children together. The girls stood to her right, and the boys to her left.

“My dearest children,” she began, “Halloween is a jolly time in our land. Witches, elves, and goblins visit us just as they visit other lands. But tonight, I want you to share some of your own Halloween tales.”

Bo Peep, a usually quiet girl, said with a giggle, “When Halloween comes to our land, I don’t tend to my sheep. Instead, I search for the sneaky elves that appear everywhere.”

Boy Blue, who was always up to something, admitted, “I don’t dare sleep on Halloween night. What if a black cat woke me up rudely? No, I stay awake and complete my tasks, honest and truly.”

Marjorie Daw, who usually moved slowly, surprised everyone by saying, “I may be slow, but when I saw a great, white ghost chasing me over the lawn, I raced away with remarkable speed.”

Humpty Dumpty, ever the joker, chortled, “I have a great time during Halloween. I play so many silly tricks that they keep me laughing all year round.”

Mother Goose nodded, “You see, my children really do enjoy themselves during this time. They love the glory of October and always have a tale to tell.”

Tommy Tucker, known for his songs, sang out, “I love to sing during supper, breakfast, and dinner. And when Halloween comes, I know so many funny things to do.”

Little Nancy Endicott, always the diligent one, said, “I work hard during Halloween, lighting up each Jack-o’-lantern’s funny face. I wouldn’t exchange my place even for the throne of a queen.”

And then there was Little Jack Horner. “Halloween season is my favorite,” he said with a smile. “Because nothing pleases me quite as much as a piece of rich pumpkin pie.”

Miss Muffet, usually scared of spiders and wasps, bravely said, “No spiders or wasps scare me now, but I do find black cats and owls intriguing. It’s fascinating to see goblins and elves flitting everywhere and witches sailing on high.”

Finally, Mother Goose concluded, “My children are much like all of you. They enjoy the same things, play the same games. So when you think of us, think of happy folks, enjoying life, just like you.”

And so, in the land of Mother Goose, they spent their Halloween, full of laughter, stories, and delicious pumpkin pie, awaiting the next Halloween to come with more thrilling adventures.