Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories

Most children love bedtime stories to read online. They are a way to wind down after a busy day and to get ready for sleep. Bedtime stories online can be short or long, silly or serious. They can be about anything that interests your child.

If you are looking for ideas for sleep stories, ask your child what he or she would like to hear about. You can also look for kids stories that are specifically designed for bedtime reading. These books often have soothing illustrations and simple, calming stories.

Some parents like to make up their own bedtime stories to read aloud. This can be a quick, fun way to bond with your child and to create a special sleep story that is just for him or her. But of course we also recommend using the sleepy time stories on our website.

Whatever type to fall asleep you choose, make sure to read it in a calm and gentle voice. This will help your child to relax and to drift off to sleep.

All our stories and fairy tales are for free and available as audiostory, pdf (to print) and ebook (to download).