Stories For 7 Year Olds

Stories For 7 Year Olds

Welcome to the Top 81 Stories for 7 Year Olds – a fantastic collection of stories perfect for kids to read online! This amazing treasure trove of short, easy, and fun tales is designed especially for children at bedtime, story time, or any time they need to unwind, relax, and just simply enjoy themselves. Our impressive line-up is available in a downloadable, printable PDF format that’s completely free for your convenience. Each story comes alive with beautiful pictures that will captivate boys and girls alike while they follow the engaging narratives.

Reading these marvelous stories to children will not only prove educational and enjoyable, but also be a perfect way to bond with them, help them build their vocabulary, and set the stage for a lifelong love for reading. This incredible compilation includes everything from timeless classics to exciting new tales, with options for kids to read along with an accompanying audio feature or for the whole family to gather around and listen to the fascinating bedtime stories. In addition, there’s no need to worry about content because each story has been thoughtfully crafted, taking preschool, kindergarten or elementary students’ early years of learning into account – catering to toddlers and older children alike.

These enchanting stories span over a wide range of genres, including fairy tales, adventures, moral-driven narratives, and more. Our comprehensive collection of night time stories is the ideal way for kids to fall asleep with a good book in their hands. Parents or educators can rest assured knowing that the stories in this collection are geared specifically towards the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), making them perfect for young, growing minds.

So let your child’s imagination soar to new heights with these lovely stories for 7 year olds. Encourage them to embark on a journey of learning, excitement, exploration, and fun while unlocking the magical world of storytelling. Happy reading!

Top 81 Stories For 7 Year Olds for kids to read online:

  1. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: The story tells of Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter who discovers the secret hideout of forty thieves. He takes some gold but his greedy brother Kassim finds out and goes to the hideout where he is killed by the thieves. Ali Baba finds Kassim’s body and with the help of his servant Morgiana, hides the truth from the townspeople. The thieves later try to seek revenge on Ali Baba by disguising themselves as an oil merchant and killing him in his sleep. But Morgiana saves the day by killing the thieves with hot oil. In the end, Ali Baba is grateful to Morgiana and allows her to marry his son while the secret of the cave is passed down for generations.
  2. The Fir Tree: The story is about a young fir tree in a forest who wants to grow up as fast as he can. Despite being surrounded by beauty and life, he is unhappy and longs to be bigger like the older trees he admires. During Christmas, the young tree is cut down and taken to a home where he is decorated with ornaments and lights. However, after the festivities, he is discarded and forgotten in an attic, left alone to think about his youth in the forest. Eventually, he is chopped up and used for firewood. The story emphasizes the importance of appreciating the present and enjoying the journey of life.
  3. Brother and Sister: In this story, Brother and Sister run away from their wicked stepmother and come across a forest where the water has been bewitched by the stepmother, causing Brother to turn into a deer. Sister ties a ribbon around the deer’s neck and they find an empty house to live in. When the king goes hunting in the forest, he discovers Sister and falls in love with her, taking her to his castle where Brother is also allowed to come along. The stepmother tries to kill Sister but is caught and burned at the stake, causing Brother to turn back into a human. The story ends with Brother and Sister living happily ever after.
  4. Hans in Luck: This story is about a man named Hans who receives a large piece of gold and makes a series of trades with people he meets along his journey, including trading the gold for a horse, then the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig, and finally the pig for a goose. He eventually trades the goose for a rock and loses it when it falls into a well. Despite losing his last traded item, Hans remains happy and continues to whistle his way back home to visit his mother.
  5. King Trushbeard: The story is about a beautiful but arrogant princess who makes fun of all the men who want to marry her. Her father gets angry and forces her to marry the first beggar who comes to their door. They are sent away from the castle and live in poverty, where the princess learns humility through hard work. The story ends with the beggar revealing himself to be King Thrushbeard, whom the princess had previously ridiculed, and he forgives her and they get married.
  6. One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes: The story is about a girl named Two Eyes who was mistreated by her mother and sisters for looking like other people. A wise woman gives her a goat that only she can see, which gives her unlimited food. Her jealous sisters discover her secret and trick Two Eyes into revealing it, leading to the goat’s death. Two Eyes buries the goat and a wondrous tree grows in its place, which she climbs to collect golden apples and catches the attention of a knight. She marries him and becomes happy, but also forgives her sisters when they come to her for help.
  7. The Pied Piper of Hamelin: The story is about a strange man who promises to rid the village of a rat infestation for a reward, and he does so by playing his flute. When he demands his reward, the mayor refuses to pay him, so the man takes revenge by leading the village’s children away with his music, never to be seen again. The villagers believe that the children were taken to Transylvania and are now the descendants of the people there who speak German. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  8. Rumpelstiltskin: A poor miller’s daughter is taken to a room full of straw by the king and is commanded to spin gold from it overnight, or face death. A small man appears and offers to complete the task for her in exchange for her necklace. The king becomes greedy and gives her larger and larger amounts of straw to spin. Each time the small man appears, he helps her for a price, until finally, the girl is queen and bears a child. The small man returns to claim the promised child, but gives the girl a chance to keep the baby if she can guess his name. Finally, she learns his name from a messenger and saves her child.
  9. The Goose Girl at the Well: In this fairy tale, a young man helps an old woman carry her heavy load through the forest. As a reward, she gives him a box with an emerald that leads him to a princess who has been banished to the forest. With the help of an old gooseherd, the king and queen are reunited with their daughter, and the old woman disappears after giving the princess tears of pearls. It is unknown if the young man and the princess married, but it is likely.
  10. The Queen Bee: In this fairy tale, three brothers go on an adventure to a castle where an old man sets them three tasks to deliver the castle. The youngest and kindest brother, Simpleton, completes the tasks with the help of the ant and duck communities, as well as a queen bee, and wins the heart of the youngest and sweetest princess. This story highlights the importance of being kind and helpful to others.
  11. The Twelve Brothers: This fairy tale is about a queen who gives birth to a girl and her husband wants to kill their twelve sons so that the girl will inherit everything. The brothers flee into the forest and swear to kill all girls they encounter. The girl grows up to be sweet and beautiful and goes looking for her brothers. They are eventually reunited, but the girl turns them into ravens when she inadvertently smiles while picking flowers. The brothers are transformed for seven years until finally their sister marries a king and is accused of witchcraft. When her brothers appear to defend her, she finally speaks and tells the truth. They all live happily ever after.
  12. The Wishing Table: The story is about a tailor who sends his three sons away to learn a trade. The oldest son is given a table that produces delicious food when commanded; the second son is given a donkey that produces gold coins when commanded, and the third son is given a club that beats anyone deserving of it when commanded. When the first two sons are robbed of their gifts, the youngest son uses his gift to retrieve them. They return home with their gifts, and the family lives happily ever after.
  13. The Town Musicians of Bremen: The story follows an old donkey who runs away from his abusive owner and sets out to become a town musician in Bremen. Along the way, he meets an old dog, cat, and rooster who also wish to escape their unhappy lives. They eventually stumble upon a cottage occupied by robbers and use their musical talents to scare them off, taking up residence in the home. The Bremen Town Musicians decide to stay put and live there happily ever after.
  14. Pinocchio: The story is about Gepetto, an old shoemaker, who created a wooden doll named Pinnochio, who came to life. Pinnochio wanted to go to school but sold his reading book to attend a puppet show and later turned into a donkey for skipping school. Pinnochio was eventually saved from predators by a fairy and reunited with his father after being swallowed by a shark. He was then turned into a real boy by the grateful fairy.
  15. Riquet with the Tuft: This is a story about a queen who had an ugly but smart baby, named Riquet with the Tuft. A neighbouring queen had two daughters, one beautiful but dumb and the other very ugly but clever. Riquet met the eldest daughter, who was sad, and made her laugh. She promised to marry him and shared her cleverness with him. Later, she forgot her promise and almost married a handsome prince, but remembered her promise and married Riquet instead. She used her gift to make him the most gorgeous man of all.
  16. Cinderella: This story is about a kind-hearted girl named Cinderella who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. With the help of a magical hazel tree and a little white bird, Cinderella gets a beautiful dress and goes to the royal ball. She dances with the prince but has to leave before midnight, leaving behind a glass slipper. The prince tries the slipper on every girl in the kingdom until it fits Cinderella. They get married and live happily ever after. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  17. Pippo: An old beggar gives his sons a sieve and a cat as inheritance. The eldest uses the sieve to make money, while the youngest is initially upset but then discovers that the cat is remarkably clever and manages to get gifts for the king through her hunting trips, making him want to meet her owner. The cat tells the king that Gagliuso cannot come to meet him, and when Gagliuso finally arrives, the king welcomes him with a feast. The king later asks the cat for assistance in arranging his daughter’s marriage with Gagliuso and agrees to pay the cat in return. The wedding and dowry make Gagliuso wealthy, but he forgets the cat, who then leaves him.
  18. Rapunzel: In this story, a man and a woman live next to a wicked witch who grows delicious rapunzels in her garden. The woman develops a craving for them while pregnant, so her husband goes to pick some for her. The witch catches him and allows him to take as many rapunzels as he wants but only on the condition that he gives her his child when it’s born. The child is eventually born a girl, named Rapunzel, and when she’s twelve, the witch locks her up in a high tower. A prince hears her singing and falls in love, visiting her every night until she agrees to marry him. She asks him to bring a silk ribbon each time to braid a ladder. The witch eventually discovers this and cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, sending her far away. The prince comes to the tower and is confronted by the witch, who pushes him out the window, leaving him blind. He eventually wanders to the woods and hears Rapunzel’s song again, where they reunite and break the witch’s curse. They live happily ever after with their twins.
  19. The Three Princes And The Princess Nouronnihar: In this story, a sultan has three sons who all want to marry his niece, Princess Nouronnihar. The sultan creates a challenge to send each son far away to bring back the most special thing, and whoever succeeds will win the princess’s hand in marriage. The eldest son finds a flying rug, the middle son buys an ivory tube that allows him to see things up close from far away, and the youngest son buys a plastic apple with healing powers. When they return home, they find out that Princess Nouronnihar is terribly ill and close to death. Using their special items, they race to save her. The sultan then challenges his sons to shoot an arrow as far as possible, and the son who shoots the furthest will win the princess’s hand in marriage. The wedding is celebrated a few days later with much splendor.
  20. The Little Match Girl: The story is about a poor little girl who, on a freezing cold last evening of the year, sells matches to make some money. She is alone, hungry, and struggles to keep warm. She uses the matches to light a fire and has several visions of warmth and beauty before she freezes to death. The next morning, people find her with a smile on her face, frozen to death, and no one knows the beautiful things she experienced in death with her grandmother. The story ends with hope for a bright new year. An ebook version can be downloaded for offline reading.
  21. The Little Mermaid: The story is about a little mermaid who dreams of the world above the water and falls in love with a prince. When the prince’s ship sinks during a storm, she saves him and takes him to shore, but also makes a deal with a sea witch to trade her voice for legs so she can be with the prince. The deal has a painful catch, and if the prince marries someone else, she will turn into foam on the sea. The prince ultimately marries someone else, and the little mermaid refuses to harm him even when given the chance by her sisters, causing her to turn into a floating creature. She learns that she can still earn an immortal soul by doing good deeds for 300 years.
  22. The Nightingale: In this Chinese tale, an Emperor becomes fascinated with the beautiful singing of a nightingale in his palace garden. He invites the bird to sing for him every night, but becomes distracted when he receives a golden bird that he thinks is more impressive. The fake bird eventually breaks, leaving the Emperor gravely ill and alone. However, the nightingale returns to sing for him and nurse him back to health, promising to continue singing every day in secret and helping the Emperor become a better ruler. A downloadable ebook version of the story is available.
  23. The Red Shoes: The story is about a poor girl named Karen who receives a pair of red shoes from a shoemaker after her mother’s death. Karen goes to live with an old lady and receives beautiful new clothes. One day, Karen sees a princess wearing red shoes and decides she wants a pair. Karen buys the shoes against the old lady’s wishes, and when she wears them to church, she can’t stop dancing. The shoes take control of her, and Karen can’t stop dancing until she seeks help from the executioner to remove the shoes. Karen learns her lesson and lives a good life with wooden feet. The story teaches a lesson about the dangers of envy and pride.
  24. The Snow Queen: A story about an evil troll who made a mirror that showed only the ugly and bad things, which broke into countless pieces that, if in someone’s eye or heart, turned everything cold and heartless. Two children named Kay and Gerda lived in opposite houses until Kay got affected by a splinter and his heart became ice; then, he disappeared with the Snow Queen, becoming emotionless. Gerda, unable to find Kay, went into long journeys to find her friend, and with tears that made his heart thaw, warmth that his heart needed defeated the cold of the Snow Queen.
  25. The Swineherd: This story is about a handsome prince who wants to marry the emperor’s daughter. He sends her the most beautiful rose and a nightingale that can sing beautifully, but the Princess is not pleased with these gifts. The prince disguises himself as a swineherd and creates magical instruments that the Princess wants, but he demands kisses from her in exchange. When the Emperor catches them, he throws them out of his castle, and the Prince reveals himself to be the swineherd. He leaves the Princess, saying that she didn’t want an honest Prince, but she did kiss a swineherd for a little instrument, and he walks away, leaving the Princess alone in the rain.
  26. The Wild Swans: This story is about a king with eleven sons and one daughter named Elize. The wicked queen cast a spell on the eleven princes, turning them into swans and sending Elize to live on a farm. When Elize grew up and returned to the castle, the queen sent her away disguised, but she ran into a dark forest in search of her brothers. She found them and learned how to save them from the curse. Elize worked tirelessly to create jumpers from nettles that could free her brothers, but was captured and accused of witchcraft. On the day of her execution, she finished the last jumper in time and threw them on her brothers, freeing them from the curse. The king saw that he had made a mistake and embraced Elize.
  27. Jack and the Beanstalk: The story is about a curious boy named Jack who receives magic beans from an old man in exchange for his cow. His mother is angry but Jack still plants them, and they grow into a beanstalk that reaches the clouds. Jack climbs the beanstalk and meets a fairy who tells him about a castle owned by his late father that has been taken over by a giant. She instructs him to retrieve a hen that lays golden eggs and a talking harp. Jack successfully accomplishes this, and with the help of the fairy, he scares away the giant’s wife and reclaim his castle. The story teaches the lesson that if you truly believe in magic, it can come true.
  28. Prince Darling: In this fairy tale, a king’s kindness is tested when a fairy appears to him as a bunny in need. The king is given the opportunity to make a wish for his son, and he chooses for him to be a good person. Upon the king’s death, the fairy gives the son a special ring that pricks him every time he behaves badly. The son’s behavior doesn’t improve and he becomes a cruel ruler. The fairy punishes him by transforming him into various animals until he learns to be kind. He ultimately becomes a better person, saves a girl, and regains his throne.
  29. The Happy Prince: A little swallow meets a golden statue of a prince who is crying, and learns that the prince used to live in a castle and never cared about the outside world. Now as a statue, he sees all the misery of the town and wants to help. The prince asks the swallow to bring his ruby and sapphire to a worried mother and a hungry writer respectively, and eventually gives away all his gold leaf to the poor. The swallow stays with him until it dies, and both are chosen to live happily ever after in God’s golden town and paradise.
  30. Dick Whittington And His Cat: The story is about a poor orphan boy, named Dick Whittington, who wishes to go to London. He gets a job at a rich merchant’s house, but the chef is mean to him. With the help of a kind lackey and the merchant’s daughter, Alice, he manages to buy a cat to chase away the rats in his attic. The cat becomes famous and Dick becomes very wealthy. He falls in love with Alice and becomes Lord Mayor of London, using his wealth to help the city. He and Alice live happily ever after.
  31. Father Frost: In this story, a girl named Natasha lives unhappily with her stepmother and stepsisters who make her do all the hard work. Her stepmother wants her to marry Father Frost, a personification of winter, and sends her to a forest to wait for him. He appears, asks if she is warm enough, and uses his scepter to warm her. Her clothes change into beautiful clothes and her purse turns into brilliant gems. Her stepsisters try the same thing, but they are mean to Father Frost and instead of getting gems they are left in the forest to freeze. Natasha eventually finds a nice man and they live happily ever after.
  32. Sinbad the Sailor: The story is about a hardworking man named Sinbad the Porter who took a break at the house of a rich merchant where he met Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad the Sailor shared his amazing adventures on his seven travels, and the porter listened in awe. After Sinbad the Porter listened to all seven stories, Sinbad the Sailor gifted him a large amount of gold, and he no longer had to work hard. They became friends, and they both lived happily ever after.
  33. The Adventures of Florian: The story is about a girl named Isabella who, after her father’s death and being left in poverty, disguises herself as a boy named Florian and works for a wizard in a castle for several years. Upon leaving, the wizard gives Florian three gifts: a necklace, a key, and a sphere. Florian meets Prince Florizel and joins his company to find his true love, which happens to be the prince. The wicked witch kidnaps the prince and turns everyone in the company to stone, but Florian manages to escape with the help of one of the gifts and eventually rescues the prince from the witch’s castle. The story ends with Florizel and Isabella getting married and living happily ever after.
  34. The Origin of Rubies: A spoiled prince persuades his mother to board an abandoned ship and they set sail on an adventure, during which they come across a vortex and discover rubies floating in the water. The prince takes a ruby, but his mother warns him not to. Upon arrival at the capital city of a king, the prince sells the ruby to the king for a low price because he doesn’t understand its value. However, the daughter of the king is not satisfied with just one ruby and demands more. The prince sets off on another adventure to get more rubies and discovers a beautiful, young woman with a separated head, from whose head the rubies flowed. He accidentally drops a gold rod on her head, which rejoins her head and body, and they fall in love. The prince marries the woman from the ocean and the king’s daughter, and they live happily ever after.
  35. The Yellow Dragon: The story is about a boy named Woe who invites a yellow horseman and his four servants to his home. Woe and his father are surprised when they discover that the guests are not human, but are actually the yellow dragon, the spirit of storms, and his followers. The following day, a storm hits the area, but Woe’s home is miraculously left unscathed. The yellow dragon gives Woe a scale and disappears. Later, the emperor employs Woe as a magician due to the magical properties of the scale, and Woe and his family enjoy a new life of prosperity and happiness. The story underscores the importance of being kind and hospitable to strangers.
  36. Mother Holle: The story is about a hardworking girl who falls into a well and finds herself in a magical world where she works for an old woman named Mother Holle. Despite missing her family, the girl works hard and is rewarded with a shower of gold when she leaves. Her lazy sister tries to do the same but fails because of her laziness, and is covered in tar instead of gold as punishment. The story conveys the message that hard work always pays off, and laziness is never rewarded.
  37. Battle of Frogs and Mice: This story is about a party thrown by the frogs, where they invite a prince of mice who becomes friends with the frog King Puff-jaw. However, during a trip across the lake, the frogs accidentally cause the mice prince to drown, which causes a war between the mice and the frogs. In the end, with the help of the lobster army, the frogs are able to defeat the mice and regain the land they had lost years ago. Peace is restored between the two groups.
  38. The Six Servants: In this story, a prince falls in love with a beautiful princess, who is guarded by her angry and challenging mother. The prince sets out to win the princess’ hand in marriage and meets six servants along the way who have unique skills to help him. With their assistance, the prince completes the challenges set by the queen. However, the princess remains doubtful, and she tells the prince he must withstand standing in fire for three days. The servants help him once again, and the princess finally marries the prince, believing he is a pig keeper. After a while, the prince reveals his true identity, and they live happily ever after.
  39. How The Birds Got A King: In the story, “How the Birds Got Their King”, the birds live a happy and carefree life until one bird suggests that they need a king. After much debate, the birds decide that the one who can fly the highest will be king, and the eagle wins. However, a small bird with no name, who had hidden between the eagle’s wings, flies even higher and becomes king. The other birds, angry at being tricked, decide that the one who can poke the deepest in the ground will be king. The little bird uses trickery to become king once again, but the other birds trap him in a mouse hole and plan to starve him to death. However, the owl guarding him falls asleep and the little bird escapes. From that day on, the bird is known as the “Winter King”, and the owl is scared to show himself during the day.
  40. The Golden Goose: The story is about three sons; the youngest called Simpleton, who on his way to chop wood for his family meets a gnome and shares his food and drink with him. As a result, the gnome gives him a goose with gold feathers as a reward. On his journey home, Simpleton meets many people who get stuck to the goose’s golden feathers. He later becomes the husband of a princess, who he makes happy again with the help of the gnome, who gives him a ship that can sail on water and drive over land. Finally, Simpleton becomes king, and he and the queen live happily ever after.
  41. The Water of Life: The Water of Life is a story about a king with three sons, where the youngest sets out to find the water of life to save his father. While on his journey, he gets cursed by a dwarf and later saves three kingdoms. However, his jealous older brothers steal the water of life and present it to their father, leading to the youngest brother being unjustly punished. The story ends with the youngest brother being vindicated and rewarded after proving his worth.
  42. My Lord Bag of Rice: A Japanese warrior named Fujiwara Hidesato encounters a gigantic dragon while crossing a bridge and chooses to climb over it. After he crosses, the dragon transforms into a human who asks Hidesato to help kill his arch-enemy, a monstrous centipede. The warrior agrees, and together with the dragon king, they concoct a plan. Hidesato uses his last arrow with some human saliva and manages to kill the centipede. As a reward, Hidesato is offered four gifts, including a bag of rice that refills itself and a pan that cooks any food put into it. Hidesato becomes known as My Lord Bag of Rice due to these magical items.
  43. The Three Sillies: In this story, a farmer’s daughter becomes afraid of a hammer hanging in the basement, thinking it could fall on her future son’s head if she were to get married. The entire family becomes upset, including her boyfriend, who finds their reaction silly and goes on a journey to find bigger fools. He encounters a woman putting a cow on her roof to graze, a man struggling with pants, and a group of villagers trying to lift the moon out of a pond. The man decides to return home and marry the farmer’s daughter because there are much bigger fools in the world.
  44. The Old Woman and Her Pig: The story is about an old woman who buys a pig from the market and tries to take it home over a steep hill. She meets a series of animals and objects who refuse to help her until finally a cat agrees to kill a rat in exchange for milk from a cow. With the rat’s help, the woman is able to complete her journey and return home.
  45. The Christmas Masquerade: The story is about a Christmas masquerade party where all the kids are given costumes. A new shopkeeper arrives in the city and offers amazing costumes. The kids love it, and they attend the party dressing as their favorite character. But something goes wrong, and the kids get stuck in their costumes, acting like their characters. The mayor and council visit a wise woman who advises them to give the kids a spoonful of castor oil, but it doesn’t help. The mayor’s daughter remembers the cherry man who lived outside the city, and he helps remove the curse, which the shopkeeper had put on the costumes. The shopkeeper agrees to release the kids, but with two conditions, that the mayor passes a law to distribute stockings with gifts to all poor kids, and that the cherry man marries the mayor’s daughter. The curse is lifted, and the law is passed, and the cherry man marries the mayor’s daughter, and they live happily ever after.
  46. Toinette and the elves: Toinette is a girl who wishes to be beautiful, rich, and kinder. She hears a sob in the forest, and it leads her to encounter an elf named Thistle who has a rose thorn stuck in his robe, which Toinette removes. Thistle offers Toinette some fern seeds that she can use to become invisible, but she must leave her window open that night for Thistle to return and give her the seeds. The next day, Toinette completes her chores invisible to her family, which leads her to reflect on her behavior towards them. She decides to be kinder to her siblings and becomes happier. Toinette becomes visible again and shares a surprise with her siblings. The story ends with an elf named Thistle asking Toinette to make some broth with fern seeds.
  47. A Christmas Carol: The story is about a wealthy miser named Ebenezer Scrooge who despises Christmas and all those who celebrate it. One night, he is visited by three ghosts who take him on a journey through his past, present, and future. Witnessing his past mistakes and the suffering of others causes Scrooge to change his ways, becoming a kind and generous man who begins to understand the meaning of Christmas.
  48. The Lost Years: A king and his subjects lived in comfort and peace until small trolls appeared, kidnapping people. The king banned activities and sought help from an evil wizard, who gave a potion to make people invisible to trolls. The potion failed and the wizard continued to deceive the king, banishing those who didn’t drink his potions. The king became ill and regretted enforcing his restrictions, and a fairy appeared promising to grant him one last wish to enjoy life. The king died, and the subjects returned to their activities without fear, even with the occasional troll attack.
  49. The Young Crab and His Mother: The story is about a mother crab who tells her son to walk straight forward with his toes turned out, but when he asks her to show him how to do it, she realizes that she can only walk sideways like her son. She falls on her nose when she tries to turn her toes out. The story teaches the lesson that parents must lead by example and not just give directions. An ebook of the story is available for download as a PDF.
  50. Belling the Cat: In this story, a group of mice wish to find a way to protect themselves from their enemy, the cat. After discussing various plans, a young mouse suggests hanging a bell on the cat’s neck so they can hear her coming. The older mice, however, question who will carry out the plan. The story highlights the importance of having a practical solution to a problem rather than just an idea.
  51. The Eagle and the Jackdaw: The story is about a Jackdaw who saw an Eagle carry a lamb and thought he could do the same with a Ram. However, he got stuck in the wool and was caught by the Shepherd. The Shepherd clipped the Jackdaw’s wings and gave it to his children, who laughed and asked what kind of bird it was. The Shepherd replied that the Jackdaw thinks he is an Eagle. The story teaches the lesson that it is better to know one’s limitations. The reader can download an ebook version of the story to read offline.
  52. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: On Christmas Eve, Maria is given a Nutcracker by her godfather Dr. Drosselmeyer. But her brother Frederic broke it, and Maria repaired it with a ribbon from her hair. That night, Maria hears strange noises and witnesses a battle between the Nutcracker and an army of mice led by the Mouse King. After defeating the Mouse King, the Nutcracker takes Maria to the Candy Kingdom, but nobody believes her story. Later, at an older age, Dr. Drosselmeyer’s nephew, who was revealed to be the Nutcracker, returns and marries Maria.
  53. The Boy And The Filberts: In this story, a boy puts his hand into a pitcher to get some filberts but grabs too many and cannot get his hand out. His mother advises him to let go of some of the filberts to free his hand and suggests he may have more another time. The message of the story is to be satisfied with what you have and not be greedy. An ebook download for the story is available.
  54. The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf: A Shepherd Boy becomes bored while tending his flock and decides to trick the villagers into coming to his aid by pretending a wolf is attacking his sheep. He does this a few times, tricking the villagers each time. When a real wolf attacks, the boy cries for help, but the villagers do not believe him and so the wolf kills many of his sheep. The story teaches the lesson that lying has consequences and people may not believe you when you actually need their help.
  55. Hercules And The Wagoner: The story is about a Farmer who is stuck in a rut on a muddy road with his wagon and horses. Despite cursing his bad luck and calling for help, he makes no effort to free his wagon. Suddenly, Hercules appears and advises the farmer to help himself before asking for assistance. When the farmer puts in effort to move the wagon, it becomes lighter, and he rides away content and with a valuable lesson learned. There is also a link to download the story in PDF format.
  56. The Kid And The Wolf: In this story, a young kid is left on a roof by a herdsman for safety. The kid sees a wolf and begins to taunt and insult him. However, the wolf remained calm and explained that the kid’s action was merely a result of his position on the roof. The story ends without any harm coming to either the kid or the wolf. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  57. The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse: The story involves a country mouse who visits her town mouse cousin and is served delicious food. A sudden appearance of a cat and dog makes them dash and hide, and the country mouse returns to her simple life in the country, realizing that peace and security are better than luxury and dainties that come with fear. The story highlights the importance of contentment with what we have and shows how seeking more can lead to dangerous consequences.
  58. The Fox And The Grapes: In this story, a fox becomes obsessed with a bunch of grapes he sees hanging high above him. He attempts to jump and grab them several times, but fails each time. Frustrated and defeated, the fox decides that the grapes probably aren’t even worth it and walks away. The story ends with a downloadable PDF version for offline reading.
  59. The Bundle Of Sticks: The story is about a Father who had a family of quarreling Sons. He gave them a bundle of sticks to break together to show how unity is strength. When they couldn’t break it, he gave each of them a stick to break alone, which they were able to do easily. The Father then explained that if they helped each other and stayed united, they would be invincible, but if they were divided, they would be vulnerable.
  60. The Oxen And The Wheels: This story is about a pair of oxen who are pulling a heavily loaded wagon along a muddy road. Despite their hard work, they do not complain. However, the same cannot be said for the wheels of the wagon, which creak and groan loudly at every turn, making the oxen’s work harder to endure. The oxen eventually get fed up and ask the wheels why they are complaining so loudly, pointing out that the weight is on them, not the wheels.
  61. The Lion And The Mouse: The story is about a lion who is about to kill a mouse that runs across his nose, but the mouse pleads with him to be spared and promises to repay him one day. The lion is amused but decides to let the mouse go. Later on, the lion gets caught in a hunter’s net, and the mouse helps him escape by gnawing through the ropes. The lion realizes that even a small mouse can help a big lion. There is a link provided to download the story as an ebook.
  62. The Gnat And The Bull: In the story, a gnat lands on the horn of a bull and apologizes before leaving, but the bull didn’t even know the gnat was there. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  63. The Plane Tree: Two travellers sought the shade of a Plane Tree to rest, where they complained about it being useless since it didn’t produce any fruit. The tree responded, calling them ungrateful for enjoying its cooling shade without recognizing its value, just as humans tend to forget their blessings.
  64. The Farmer And The Stork: In the story, a group of Cranes invite a Stork to a field to feast on newly planted crops. However, the Farmer who owns the field catches them in a net, and the Stork, who is innocent and did not plan on stealing, pleads with the Farmer to let him go. The Farmer refuses, stating that he caught the Stork with the other birds and therefore must share their punishment. The story ends without resolving whether or not the Stork escapes the Farmer’s punishment.
  65. The Birds, The Beasts, And The Bat: The Birds and the Beasts engaged in a fierce war due to their long-standing grudges against each other, resulting in many casualties on both sides. The Bat family, being a shrewd and political race, initially stayed neutral, but when they saw the tides turning against the birds, they switched sides to side with the beasts, prompting the Birds and Beasts to unite and drive them away as punishment for their deceit. Since then, the Bat family only ventures out at night and takes shelter in deserted ruins and dark towers.
  66. The Sheep And The Pig: A shepherd captures a fat pig in a meadow, and although it squeals and struggles, he takes it to the market to be sold for bacon. The sheep in the pasture are amused at the pig’s behavior and ask why it’s making such a fuss. The pig claims that the shepherd only wants wool when he takes a sheep, but with the pig, he wants bacon. A downloadable eBook of the story is available.
  67. The Travellers And The Purse: Two travelers walking along the road found a filled purse. The first man who picked it up wanted to keep it for himself, while the other suggested they share it. As they argued, a group of people with clubs came down the road, and the first man panicked. The other traveler suggested he stick to his “I” since he wanted to keep the purse only for himself. The story doesn’t end well for the greedy traveler.
  68. The Lion and the Donkey: The story tells of a Lion who walks proudly through a forest, only to be insulted by an Ass. The Lion chooses not to engage in a fight and walks away quietly, refusing to give the fool any attention. The story teaches a lesson about the importance of choosing one’s battles wisely.
  69. The Frogs Who Wished For A King: The story is about a group of frogs who were tired of governing themselves and wished for a king. Jupiter gave them a king in the form of a log, but he proved to be a useless ruler. The frogs then begged Jupiter to give them a better king, and he sent them a crane who ate them up. In the end, Jupiter scolded them and told them they only had themselves to blame for their misfortunes. The story can be downloaded as a PDF to read offline or print.
  70. The Hares And The Frogs: The story is about a group of timid hares who considered dying instead of living in fear. Along the way, they encountered some frightened frogs and realised that things weren’t so bad after all because there were creatures more afraid than they were. The story is available for download as an ebook in PDF format.
  71. The Fox And The Stork: The Fox invites the Stork to dinner but serves soup in a shallow dish that the Stork cannot eat from. The Stork invites the Fox to dine with him and serves food in a tall jar with a narrow neck, which the Stork can access with his long beak, but the Fox cannot. The Stork calmly suggests that they shouldn’t play tricks on each other. The story has downloadable ebook format.
  72. The Wolf And The Goat: A wolf tries to trick a goat into coming down from a cliff so he can eat her by pretending to be concerned for her safety. The savvy goat doesn’t fall for it and sees through the wolf’s true intentions. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  73. The Peacock: The story tells of how the Peacock received its beautiful feathers and how it became too weighed down by their splendor to fly. The Peacock initially begged the goddess Juno for the feathers to distinguish himself from the other birds, but soon discovered that the very thing that made him stand out was also his downfall. The story concludes with a message about the dangers of vanity and the importance of being humble.
  74. The Crow And The Pitcher: The story is about a thirsty Crow who finds a pitcher with water but can’t reach it because of the pitcher’s narrow neck. The Crow solves the problem by dropping small pebbles and raising the water level so he can drink. The story comes with a downloadable PDF ebook to read offline or print.
  75. The Fox And The Lion: The story is about a young fox who, after seeing a lion in the forest, initially runs away in fear. However, with each subsequent encounter, the fox becomes braver until they finally greet the lion with confidence. The story is available for download as a PDF ebook.
  76. The Lion and the Donkey: In this story, a lion and an ass go hunting together. They come across a group of wild goats hiding in a cave and make a plan to catch them. The ass is supposed to go into the cave and make a lot of noise, scaring the goats out for the lion to catch. The plan works perfectly and the ass comes out of the cave proudly, boasting about how he scared the goats. However, the lion sees through the ass’s arrogance and makes a sarcastic comment about how he would have run away if he didn’t know the ass’s kind.
  77. The Dog And His Master’s Dinner: In this story, a faithful dog carries his master’s dinner every day. The other dogs in the neighborhood notice and try to steal the food, but the dog guards it faithfully. One day, all the dogs in the neighborhood confront him and make him feel ridiculous. The dog drops the basket and allows the other dogs to divide the rest of the food.
  78. The Rat And The Elephant: In this story, a proud rat walking along a highway meets a grand procession led by the King riding an elephant. The rat envies the attention the elephant receives and boasts about his own importance. But when the royal cat spots him, the rat realizes he is not as significant as he thought. The story teaches a moral lesson about the danger of pride and the importance of humility.
  79. The Boys And The Frogs: A group of boys are throwing stones into a pond where a family of frogs live, causing the frogs to tremble in fear. The oldest and bravest frog puts his head out of the water and begs for the boys to stop, explaining that their play is causing harm to the helpless frogs. A downloadable ebook of the story is available.
  80. The Dog And The Oyster: The story is about a dog who loves eggs and eventually becomes so greedy that he swallows them whole. One day he mistakes an oyster for an egg and eats it too, only to discover that not all round things are edible. It causes him a lot of pain, and he learns a valuable lesson from it. The story is available for download as an ebook in PDF format.
  81. The Monkey And The Cat: In this story, a cat and a monkey who are friends try to figure out how to get some chestnuts roasting on the fire. The monkey convinces the cat to do the work, repeatedly eating all the chestnuts as soon as the cat pulls them out. As a result, the cat burns her paw and ends up with no chestnuts. The moral of the story is that sometimes it’s better to do things yourself rather than relying on others.

In conclusion, the Top 81 Stories for 7-Year-Olds provide a delightful and captivating reading experience for young readers online. These tales are filled with unforgettable characters, engaging adventures, and important life lessons that spark their imagination and foster a love for reading. By exploring this diverse collection, children are encouraged to grow as readers, thinkers, and compassionate individuals, making these stories not only entertaining but instrumental in their personal and academic development. Dive into this enchanting world of stories, and embark on a literary journey that will leave a lasting impression on every young reader’s heart and mind.