15 Minute Stories

15 Minute Stories

Welcome to our Top 51 15 Minute Stories for kids to read online! This collection is perfect for children who are looking for engaging and entertaining stories to read at bedtime or anytime they want to explore a world of imagination and learning. With a mix of classic fairy tales and new exciting stories, our compilation offers the best quality stories for both boys and girls. Carefully curated with the early years in mind, these stories are suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary students.

We understand the importance of bedtime stories in a child’s life, and that’s why we’ve made them available in several accessible formats, including PDF, free online reading, downloadable and printable. Our 15 Minute Stories are packed with fun illustrations and pictures to help kids’ understanding and keep their interest. And for those who might need a little extra help, we also offer audio versions to make story time more interactive and to enhance the English language learning experience.

The importance of 15 Minute Stories lies in their ability to engage young minds while also providing a way to develop important early reading and learning skills. These short tales are designed to keep your little one’s attention and are perfect for devoting quality time with your children to tell exciting stories every single night. Our collection includes popular and famous stories with moral values and educational lessons woven into their fabric, ensuring that each reading session is not only entertaining but also beneficial to their overall development.

So, let your kids fall asleep every night with our delightful collection of 15 Minute Stories, and watch them grow with the magic of words. Join us for story time, and let us be a part of your child’s learning journey as they embark on countless reading adventures through our beautiful, fun, and loveable tales. Happy reading!

Top 51 15 Minute Stories for kids to read online:

  1. Snow-white and Rose-red: The story is about two sisters named Snow-white and Rose-red who are like the two rose-trees in their garden one having white roses and the other red. They were good children and often found gathering berries in the forest. One evening, a friendly bear visits them and asks if he can warm himself by their fire. Eventually, they become close friends. The bear leaves during the summertime to guard his treasure from the wicked dwarfs. Snow-white and Rose-red later come across the dwarf, who has hooked his beard on a tree while trying to split it. They cut it to free him, but he’s ungrateful. The girls later encounter him again with his valuable stones, which the bear comes to steal. The bear reveals himself to be a prince, and Snow-white marries him while Rose-red marries his brother. The dwarf, who had stolen the treasure, is killed by the bear.
  2. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, a beautiful and intelligent girl was sought after by many suitors, but she refused them all because she thought they had small minds. This angered the young men of the village, who sought to break her proud spirit. They enlisted the help of Whirlwind, a man who could make himself invisible, to play a wicked prank on the girl, leaving her ashamed and embarrassed. In retaliation, the girl’s father banished Whirlwind from the village. However, Whirlwind’s best friend, Rain, who was blind, insisted on leaving with him, leading to a long absence of wind and rain. The village people sent many animals and birds to find Whirlwind and Rain, but it was little Sparrow who succeeded by following a down-feather. Sparrow informed Whirlwind and Rain of the troubles in the village, and they agreed to return. After their return, the flowers bloomed, the grass was green again, and the streams flowed once more. The Sparrow-people now know when rain is coming and make a great hub-bub to signal its approach, and they are not hunted or killed by the Indians as a sign of respect for finding the Rain.
  3. The kite that went to the moon: In “The Kite that Went to the Moon,” Tom and Anna make a large kite, but it won’t fly. Tom becomes upset, but he and Anna embark on a journey to find out why the kite won’t fly. They meet a little old man who gives them a magical cake, and an elf who takes them to the moon to retrieve the kite, which was caught in a tree. The Lady of the Moon scolds them for bringing the kite to her country, but Tom and Anna return home riding on the kite and have a great story to tell their friends.
  4. The Silent Princess: In ancient Turkey, a prince who loved to play was cursed by an old woman, who said he would fall in love with the silent princess. The prince became seriously ill, and his father allowed him to set out to find the silent princess. After a difficult journey, he arrived at the palace of the silent princess, who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world. However, she would only speak to the man who could make her speak three times. With the help of a nightingale, the prince managed to engage the princess in conversation three times and won her heart.
  5. Zlatovlaska with the golden hair: In this story, a king is given the ability to talk to animals after eating a magical snake. His cook, who also eats a piece of the snake, gains the same ability and is later sent on a mission to find a princess with golden hair. With the help of some ants, birds, and a gold fish, the cook succeeds and completes three tasks to win the princess’s hand in marriage. However, the king becomes jealous and kills the cook. The princess uses magical water to revive him and he becomes the new king, marrying the princess and living happily ever after.
  6. The bad little goblin’s New Year: In this New Year’s story, we meet Midnight, a nasty little goblin who loves playing pranks on the woodland creatures. When he finally gets chased away and finds himself in a human household, he discovers the joy of friendship and helping others. Transformed into a dancing golden flame, he spends his days spreading happiness and warmth to everyone he meets, including the birds, rabbits, and squirrels he once tormented. As the children in the house celebrate the New Year, they join in with Midnight’s refrain of “Happy New Year!” and delight in the newfound magic he brings to their lives.
  7. Alice in Wonderland: Pig and Pepper: Alice is lost and suddenly st
  8. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: In “The White Hare and the Crocodiles,” a hare living on the island of Oki in Japan longs to go to the mainland across the sea in Inaba. One day, he sees a crocodile and tricks it into forming a bridge with its companions so the hare can cross. Once on the other side, the hare taunts the crocodiles for their foolishness, but the crocodiles take revenge by pulling out all of his fur. A kind man later tells the hare to bathe and then roll on kaba flowers to make his fur grow again. The man turns out to be a fairy named Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto, who is seeking Princess Yakami’s hand in marriage. As the hare predicted, the princess chooses Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto, and they marry.
  9. The raspberry worm: In this story, two sisters, Lisa and Aina, go into the woods to pick raspberries but get lost when trying to find their way back. They end up discovering an entire raspberry kingdom and save the life of the raspberry king who rewards them with a magical sleep and breakfast the next morning. The king was apparently a raspberry worm once a century, and during that time, he could be killed easily. The girls were given gifts of bracelets and a diamond breast pin, and the big sister was gifted a basket of raspberries, which she used to make jam. Otto, the brother, received a message from the raspberry king to never harm helpless creatures.
  10. What the Clock Told Dolly: In this story, Dolly Dimple is sitting by a fire in a large hallway with an old clock. The clock begins talking to her, telling her about the history of telling time, from using sticks and sundials to the invention of the first clock without a pendulum. The clock then shares its own life story and imparts some wisdom to Dolly, reminding her to keep her hands busy, to do right, and to learn something every day from everyone. When Dolly’s brother interrupts her, she remembers the clock’s advice to be quiet and keep the story to herself.
  11. Romeo and Juliet: The story is about the ill-fated love between Romeo, the son of the Montagues, and Juliet, the daughter of their sworn enemy, the Capulets, which led to tragic consequences. Romeo attends a party, hoping to see his beloved Rosaline and forget about his unrequited love, but instead, he meets Juliet. They instantly fall in love and get married secretly, but their families’ feud, combined with several unfortunate events, leads to their tragic end. Eventually, the Montagues and Capulets make peace and build statues to honor Romeo and Juliet.
  12. Graciosa and Percinet: In this story, a beautiful and kind princess named Graciosa is being forced by her father to marry an ugly and mean duchess named Grognon for the sake of wealth. Graciosa meets a fairy prince, Percinet, who falls in love with her and helps her through many trials. After Grognon tries to kill her, Graciosa escapes through a magical door and finds herself in a beautiful garden where she marries Percinet and lives happily ever after.
  13. The Yellow Dwarf: This story is about a queen who is afraid to lose her only beautiful daughter, Bellissima, so she spoils her. The princess becomes notoriously demanding and wants to marry a smart and handsome prince. The queen seeks the advice of a fairy but needs to pass guarded lions to reach the witch. She meets the Yellow Dwarf and promises him the marriage of Bellissima to marry him. The princess sees the fairy because she is worried about her mother’s health and loses her cake, meeting the dwarf too. She promises the dwarf to marry him, but both the queen and princess fall unconscious and wake up at home. The princess agrees to marry the King of the Gold Mines but is challenged later by the Yellow Dwarf, and they eventually marry. The Desert Fairy interrupts their wedding and takes the princess to the Castle of Steel, where she is held captive by the Yellow Dwarf. The king is enchanted by the Desert Fairy and is held captive by her in a cave. He attempts to escape with the help of a mermaid but is killed by the Yellow Dwarf. The tale concludes with the princess dying of sorrow next to the king, and the mermaid transforms them into two intertwined palm trees.
  14. The Good Little Mouse: In this story, a queen is kept captive by a cruel king after her husband, the king, was killed. She gives birth to a beautiful daughter but is at risk of being killed once the child is born. The queen is helped by a fairy who tests her kindness and rewards her with magical abilities. The baby is eventually taken by a powerful and cruel fairy named Cancaline. Years later, the daughter becomes a turkey-herder and is set to marry the ugly and cruel prince. However, she discovers her true identity and is saved by the help of the good fairy and her mother. The evil prince and king kill each other, and the princess is crowned queen with the help of her handsome prince.
  15. The Princess on the Glass Hill: A farmer’s meadow is mysteriously stripped bare every year on St. John’s Eve. On the day before the next St. John’s Day, the farmer sends each of his three sons to sleep in the meadow’s barn in order catch the thief ruining the grass. The eldest two sons are too scared to stay, but the youngest, Assepasser (nicknamed for his dirty appearance), not only stays but also catches a horse stealing the grass. Over three consecutive nights, horses with copper, silver and golden armor visit the meadow. Assepasser uses a tinderbox to control the horses and stash them away. Later, a towering glass hill is erected, and men from all around come to compete for three apples, the hand of a princess in marriage and half the kingdom. Assepasser’s brothers join in, laughing at him for not taking part. With the armor of the golden horse and his own ingenuity, Assepasser climbs the glass hill, receives the golden apples and wins the princess as his bride.
  16. The Strange Witch of Willowweed: The story is about a brave boy named Kit who sets out to rescue a princess who is locked up in an enchanted forest. Along the way, he meets a helpful witch who provides him and others with valuable advice. When he finally finds and rescues the princess, she admires his bravery, and they get married. With the moral of believing in oneself, the story ends with a party and the witch preparing for her next visitor.
  17. Under the Willow Tree: The story is about two children who play together in their gardens, under an old willow tree. They hear a story from a candy man about two gingerbread figures who fall in love but don’t speak to each other and eventually break. One of the children, Knud, falls in love with his childhood friend, Joanna, but she goes to become a famous singer. Knud travels to see her but is heartbroken when she only sees him as a friend. He then travels around and dreams of the gingerbread figures, Joanna, and the willow tree before freezing to death in a snowstorm.
  18. Princess Miranda and Prince Hero: In this story, the princess of a green island is besieged by an evil king from the Underground Kingdom. She calls upon a brave prince whom she had dreamt about to help her. His journey takes him to an old woman in a primeval forest who instructs him to find an egg with the life of the king. After overcoming monstrous obstacles, the prince manages to defeat the king and marries the princess, along with her ladies-in-waiting and their beloved officers.
  19. Robinson Crusoe: Friday Rescued from the Man-eaters: In this story, a man living alone on an island sees five canoes on his side of the island, inciting fear that he may be under attack. He watches as thirty men from the canoes roast meat and two men are laid on the ground to be killed. One tries to escape and runs towards the man’s abode. The protagonist saves him, kills the two pursuers, and gains a loyal assistant and companion he names “Friday”. The man teaches Friday everything he knows and is grateful to have such a loyal and intelligent companion.
  20. The Adventure of the Daughter of the King of Ireland: The story is about Hettel, the young king of Denmark, who wishes to find a wife. His counselor suggests Hilda, daughter of King Hagen of Ireland, who is matchlessly beautiful, but King Hagen is cruel and proud. Despite this, Yarl Wate and his companions embark on a mission to ask for Hilda’s hand in marriage. They successfully bring her back to Denmark, but King Hagen and his warriors follow and a battle ensues. Eventually, the kings make peace, and Hilda and Hettel’s wedding feast continues for twelve days.
  21. The story of the Norse about how everything began: This is a Norse creation myth about how the world was created. Before the world was made, there was only a great gaping dim gap full of waves. North of it lay the House of Mist, a dark and somber land, and south of it lay the House of Fire, a land of burning heat. One day, when the gulf was full to the brim, a great mass of icy frost, warmed by the flames of the House of Fire and frozen by the cold air of the House of Mist, came to life and the giant Ymir was born. From Ymir came a race of evil giants and from the gods that opposed them, the world as we know it was formed. The story ends with the creation of the first humans, Ask and Embla, and the planting of the Tree of Life.
  22. The Black Bowl: The story is about a poor girl with a black bowl on her head who, after the death of her father, is left with her dying mother. Her mother tells her to keep the black bowl on her head and will give her wealth in the future. With the bowl, the poor girl sets out to find work and is taken in by a farmer after a wandering minstrel tells him about her tears. She works for the farmer until a young man falls in love with her and they get married. The black bowl, which was supposed to bring the poor girl wealth, explodes on her wedding day, revealing a shower of jewels, but the groom tells her that he loves her for who she is.
  23. The Teakettle: In this story, a priest finds a teakettle that turns out to be enchanted and transforms into a badger, causing chaos in the temple. The kettle is sold to a kettle maker, who becomes the tea kettle’s best friend and eventually starts a show with it, becoming rich and famous. The tea kettle retires and requests to be given to the Morinji temple as a sacred treasure, and is worshipped as a saint. The story highlights the power of friendship and the value of hard work.
  24. The Three Piglets: The story is about three little pigs: Browny, Whitey, and Blacky. Browny loves mud and rolls around it all day long. Whitey is greedy, always looking forward to her dinner, and often tries to get the best pieces for herself. Blacky is smart, friendly, and always well-mannered. Their mother, who knows the dangers of the Fox, wants to secure their future before she dies by building them each their own homes. Browny chooses a house of mud, Whitey a house made of cabbage, and Blacky a house of brick, just as their mother advised. Despite their mother’s warning against the Fox, Browny and Whitey fall prey to his cunningness. However, Blacky, with his intelligence and wisdom, outwits the Fox and saves his siblings. In the end, they live happily in Blacky’s house, grateful for his sensible decisions, while Browny and Whitey learn their lesson and abandon their foolish ways.
  25. The Green Willow: The story is about a young samurai named Tomodata who is chosen by his Daimyo, the warlord of Noto, for a mission of trust. Tomodata must deliver a message to his lord’s destination as quickly as possible while overcoming many obstacles along the way. On his journey, he seeks shelter in a cottage where he meets a beautiful young girl called Green Willow, and they fall in love. However, he realizes that he must fulfill his mission and leaves Green Willow behind. After three years of being together, Green Willow suddenly falls ill and dies. Tomodata became a holy man who continues to remember his love for Green Willow.
  26. The Rose Elf: The story is about a tiny Rose Elf who lives in a rose bush. The Elf falls asleep outside and cannot get back into his home in a closed rose. He decides to sleep in the honeysuckle bush, where he overhears a couple’s farewell kiss. Unfortunately, the girl’s Angry brother kills the man and buries him. The Rose Elf crawls into the Angry Brother’s hair and witnesses everything. The Elf then shares the story with the dead man’s lover, who plants a jasmine twig with the dead man’s head in a flowerpot. Eventually, both the girl and the Angry Brother die due to the Flower Souls’ revenge. The Rose Elf’s story reminds us that there is a story behind every flower and that a creature can live under every flower petal, capable of telling the tale.
  27. Allerleirauh: The story is about a good King who promised his dying wife that he would remarry someone as beautiful as her. His daughter looked just like her mother and the King fell in love with her. The daughter, aided by a Protective Fairy, asked the King to make three impossible mantles, which he did, including one made of his own donkey’s fur. His daughter then ran away and worked as a servant at an inn, concealing her true identity. The King eventually discovered her and they got engaged. The Princess sent messengers to her old home to tell them that she was okay and her father reconciled with her. In the end, she married her fiancé, and her father married a beautiful queen, and all lived happily ever after.
  28. The Brave Little Tailor: The story begins with a little tailor buying some jam from a farmer’s wife. He then creates a belt with the words “Seven in One Blow” and meets various giants. The little tailor tricks and defeats them all, gaining the reputation of a brave hero. He then marries a princess and becomes a king. However, when his secret of being a mere tailor is exposed, he creates a plan to keep his position and scares off his enemies with his heroic reputation.
  29. The City Under the Sea: The story is about a merchant who is sent on a mission by the king to find a precious emerald. The merchant’s two older sons attempt the same mission but do not return. The youngest son then sets out to find the emerald and discovers an underwater world where his brothers are married to princesses. He also finds the emerald and rescues his father from the king’s imprisonment. He uses the emerald’s power to overthrow the king and everyone lives happily ever after.
  30. Little Dorothy and Toto: Dorothy and Toto are wandering through the wild and magical hills of Oz when they come across a sign warning of the dangerous Crinklink. Suddenly, a ferryman appears and offers to take them across a lake. Dorothy agrees, but the ferryman turns out to be giant Crinklink himself, who kidnaps her and forces her to wash his dirty dishes. Meanwhile, the Wizard of Oz has been watching and decides to play a trick on Dorothy to teach her a lesson. Disguised as Crinklink, he scares her but ultimately reveals himself and they all return safely to the Emerald City.
  31. The Story of Speckle: The story is about a hen named Speckle who sits on her nest of eggs in a wooden box in the barn, keeping them warm and caring for them day and night. She is visited by other farm animals, a farmer, and even a swallow, who bring her food and water and praise her for her devotion to her nest. After twenty-one days, ten baby chicks hatch from the eggs, and Speckle is overjoyed to finally have her own little ones to care for. She and her chick travel out of the barn and explore the farm while she clucks happily and the chick chirps back in answer. The story ends with a happy moment between Speckle and a barn swallow, who celebrates the hatching of her own chicks as well.
  32. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Council with the Munchkins: In this story, a young girl named Dorothy is carried away from her home in Kansas by a cyclone and lands in a strange and marvelous land full of talking animals and peculiar people. She is greeted by a group of Munchkins who thank her for killing the Wicked Witch of the East and freeing them from years of bondage. Dorothy is confused by their praise, as she is just an innocent little girl, but soon discovers her silver shoes are imbued with a mysterious charm. The Witch of the North tells her she must venture to the City of Emeralds to seek the help of the Great Wizard, so Dorothy begins her journey down the Yellow Brick Road.
  33. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow: In this story, Dorothy sets off on a journey to the City of Emeralds, seeking help from the Great Oz to return to Kansas. Along the way, she meets a Scarecrow who wishes for intelligence. She promises to ask Oz for his help, and they travel together towards the Emerald City. Toto, initially unfriendly towards the Scarecrow, warms up to him quickly. They encounter some dangers, but the Scarecrow proves to be a valuable companion. Dorothy also spends a night at the house of a wealthy Munchkin before heading towards the Emerald City.
  34. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Rescue of the Tin Woodman: In this story, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and Toto are on their way to the Emerald City to seek help from the Great Oz. They stop at a cottage in the forest where they meet the Tin Woodman who had been rusted in place for over a year, and they help him by oiling his joints. He tells his sad story of how the Wicked Witch of the East enchanted his axe to harm him until he became a man made of tin. The Tin Woodman joins their group in hopes that the Great Oz can give him a heart, as he was left with no love after his heart was lost. Later, the group encounters a road blocked by trees, but the Tin Woodman chops a passage through. Dorothy worries that they are running out of food, but knows that getting back to Kansas and Aunt Em is more important.
  35. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Deadly Poppy Field: In this excerpt from a classic story, Dorothy and her companions continue their journey towards the Emerald City. They build a raft to cross a river but end up being carried downstream. The Scarecrow is left behind, but a Stork helps rescue him. The group walks through a meadow of poppies, which make Dorothy and her dog fall asleep. They are carried away from the poppies, but the Lion succumbs to the flowers and falls asleep too heavily to move. The friends leave him there and hope he will wake up someday. Finally, Dorothy is left on the soft grass to wake up from her sleep.
  36. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Guardian of the Gate: In this story, Dorothy and her friends journey towards the Emerald City to meet the Great Oz. On the way, they encounter a dangerous field of poppies and are saved by field mice. They finally reach the city gate, where the Guardian warns them of the power of Oz and gives them glasses to wear. The Guardian then takes them to the Palace of Oz, after which Dorothy and her friends hope to receive the things they were seeking.
  37. Naughty Jocko: In this story, a mischievous monkey named Jocko causes chaos and trouble for a family and their community. Despite their attempts to control him, Jocko continues to cause mischief until he meets an unfortunate end. However, the family learns to use Jocko’s behavior as a cautionary tale to keep young Neddy in line. The story emphasizes the dangers of not properly controlling pets and the importance of responsibility and discipline.
  38. The Skipping Shoes: A little girl named Kitty was given a pair of new shoes by her mother, but Kitty didn’t want to wear them. However, when Kitty wished the shoes were like Jack the Giant Killer’s seven-leagued boots, the shoes suddenly came to life and whisked her away on errands. Along the way, Kitty realized that the shoes have a mind of their own and can make her do things she wouldn’t normally do. Later, the shoes took her to Fairyland where she could understand the voices of animals and insects. The day ended as the midsummer day came to a close and Kitty returned to her normal shoes, but she learned valuable lessons from her adventure.
  39. Cockyloo: The story is about a group of chickens in a barnyard, led by their king, a rooster named Cockyloo. Cockyloo is a brave and helpful rooster who takes care of his family and alerts the others of potential danger. Despite the rivalry between him and his jealous brother, Peck, Cockyloo still tries to help and be kind to him. Later on, he saves the lives of the chickens from robbers and robbers from falling into a well. In the end, Cockyloo dies, but he is remembered as a hero and a symbol of bravery as his likeness is made into a weather vane.
  40. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: Uncle Wiggily helps a freckled girl who hates her freckles learn to love them. He leads her to a bird’s nest filled with freckled eggs and shows her how beautiful they are. The girl walks away realizing that freckles are not something to be ashamed of.
  41. Uncle Wiggily and the Camping Boys: Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty spot white boys in the woods making a “snow house” in summer. However, it was actually a tent, and the boys were camping. When it starts raining, the bunnies become worried for the boys, and Uncle Wiggily gets Sammie Littletail the rabbit boy, Toodle and Noodle the beavers, and Grandpa Whackum, the oldest beaver, to help create a ditch to drain the water. The boys wake to find that they had been helped and put out food for the animals as a thank you.
  42. The Gift of the Magi: In this short story, a young couple is struggling financially on Christmas Eve, and each decides to sell their most prized possession to buy a gift for the other. Della sells her long hair, which Jim loves, to buy him a chain for his pocket watch, while Jim sells his watch to buy combs for Della’s hair. When they exchange gifts, they realize the sacrifice the other has made and cherish their gifts even more. The story ends with the narrator comparing the couple to the magi, the wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus.
  43. The Old Oak Tree’s Last Dream: In this story, an old oak tree tells a day-fly about the shortness of its life, but the day-fly is content with its short but happy life. Later, the oak tree dreams of reaching higher and higher and having all the plants and creatures of the wood grow with him. The dream ends with a storm that uproots the tree, but the hymns sung on Christmas morning provide a sense of peace and hope. The story reflects on the fleetingness of life and the beauty of embracing each moment.
  44. The Enchanted Boat: A king wants his daughter to marry his new wife’s son, Tito, in hopes that he will make a good king. The princess does not want to marry him and runs away on an enchanted boat to a castle where a prince has been turned into a leopard by a witch. The prince tells the princess that only a princess can help him, and she goes on a quest to find a golden root. She succeeds, and the prince turns back into a human and asks for her hand in marriage. They return to the princess’s father’s kingdom, where they find that the queen and her son have been ruling unkindly. The prince sets things right, and he and the princess get married. The enchanted boat and the lake disappear, leaving only a stone seat with a golden flower bush and a gold and bronze eagle statue at the end of the castle garden.
  45. The Ogre: The story tells of a simple young man named Antonio who becomes the servant of an ogre and acquires a magic donkey that produces treasures, a tablecloth that does the same and a stick that can beat anyone. Antonio repeatedly has trouble when he entrusts these items to a deceitful innkeeper who steals from him. However, Antonio eventually gets the treasures back and arrives home with them.
  46. The Green Cat: The old witch Betto is angry that she wasn’t invited to a village fête, so she calls down so much rain that the celebrations are ruined. Hans, who is to be married during the fête, hears from a frog that the only way to stop the rain is to find a green cat guarded by a dwarf and bring it to old witch Betto. Hans finds the cat and brings it to Betto’s cave. The cat transforms into a princess who was engaged to a prince, and Betto turns into a rock. The prince had been turned into a frog by Betto and couldn’t return home for help. Gretchen and Hans are married, and they all live happily ever after.
  47. Reynard’s Scheme: In this story, Reynard, a fox, is concerned that farmers are putting out traps to catch him and his fellow woodland creatures. He decides that they must stop stealing food from the farms. Reynard convinces all the animals to form a “Good Club” and promises them a surprise party. However, Woody Chuck sees Reynard sneaking out with a bag and reports it to the other animals. They catch Reynard returning with a bag of farm animals and vegetables and confront him. Reynard claims that he was bringing them food for the party, and the animals forgive him, decide to have the party that night, and rename the club the “Good Food Club.”
  48. Princess Marzell: The story is about a King and Queen who allowed their spoiled daughter, Princess Marzell, to choose her own husband. A servant named Michio, who aims to become a king himself, seeks the help of a witch by giving her a large sum of gold. The witch transforms Michio into a handsome prince and instructs him to make Princess Marzell fall in love with him. Though the King and Queen were hesitant about Michio, Princess Marzell marries him anyway, but he later betrays her by leaving her in a forest and pretending that she had died. Eventually, Princess Marzell is found by her father’s servants, and Michio is never heard of again. Princess Marzell never marries again and becomes a great ruler in her own right.
  49. How Old Witch Neda Stole the Moon and the Sun: In this story, an old witch named Neda brushes away the little rain clouds that the stars use for veils. The stars get angry and attack her, causing her to accidentally capture the moon and sun which she keeps locked up in a closet. A small star volunteers to rescue them and succeeds by tricking the witch with the help of the other stars. As a reward, the witch’s broomstick is turned into stars that make up a big cross and the little star shines the brightest. The stars are once again safe from the old witch.
  50. The Golden Chain: In this story, a Prince and Princess plan to marry, but a wicked witch curses the Prince, turning him into a lion. The Princess insists on marrying him anyway and they leave to live in a cottage. The Princess must find a magical golden chain to restore her Prince. She goes on a journey and meets maidens who help her weave the chain. She returns home, places the chain on the lion’s neck, and he transforms back into a Prince. They live happily ever after.
  51. The Lost Fairy: A fairy falls in love with a handsome mortal and decides to become mortal through the help of an old witch. Her fairy Queen and sisters search for her, but she elopes with the mortal and hides her past from him. When her fairy Queen discovers her, she touches the fairy-girl with her wand, turning her into a white rabbit. The peasant that the fairy had married comforts the rabbit and later brings her back to the old witch, who advises that the rabbit must be asked by a mortal to marry. The peasant offers to marry the rabbit, and the old witch blesses them. The rabbit turns back into a mortal and becomes the wife of the peasant. They discover a baby in a magical shoe that the rabbit had kept, and the witch becomes the baby’s godmother.

In conclusion, the Top 51 15 Minute Stories for kids to read online offer a fantastic assortment of captivating and engaging tales, specifically tailored to entertain young minds and ignite their imaginations. These short stories create wonderful opportunities to introduce children to the joys of reading while also teaching them important lessons about life, friendship, and self-discovery. Remarkable characters and vibrant worlds come to life, inspiring creativity and fostering a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling in the next generation of readers.