Playing Halloween Elf

Once upon a time, in a small village where six friends lived, they all felt a bit sad. Hallowe’en was coming, and their older siblings didn’t let them participate in any of the fun. They always considered them too young to join in.

“Aw, I wish we could go out and celebrate Hallowe’en,” Ted grumbled. He was the most adventurous among the friends.

“Me too,” agreed Ray, “Every time, Frank and Fred head off to their Hallowe’en pranks, and I am left behind.”

Rob, the third in the group, added, “My Mama promised me that I could join this year if Roy, my brother, agreed to take me. But he wouldn’t! He said he couldn’t be bothered with a ‘kid’ tagging along.”

“Only five years older, and he acts like he’s an adult!” Ted exclaimed, to which Ray added, “But five years is quite a significant difference.”

Nevertheless, they decided that in three years, they would go out by themselves, without the need for their older siblings.

Soon, their sisters, May, Eva, and Ida, joined them. The boys told them about their frustration, and surprisingly, Ida and May had the same story. Their older sister had left them behind to have some Hallowe’en fun with her friends.

“They said they were going to find out who’ll be their husbands through some fun Hallowe’en rituals. And they warned us we would see ghosts and goblins if we didn’t stay away,” May added.

Suddenly, a brilliant idea popped into Eva’s mind. “How about we become ghosts or gnomes ourselves and scare them?” she suggested.

“Or even better,” Ray pitched in, “we could be goblins. They are mischievous, and that seems more fun.”

Ida wasn’t a fan of the mischievous part, though. She suggested, “How about we become fairies instead? But then, May reminded her that only the naughty fairies were out on Hallowe’en night.

“I’d rather be an elf,” May announced, and this idea lit a spark in everyone’s eyes.

“Yeah, let’s play Elf,” Rob agreed enthusiastically, “We all can think of something good to do and then do it. Like little elf spirits helping people.”

Everyone loved this idea, and they started thinking about the kind deeds they would do. Ida, who decided to be an elf named Floss, wanted to help a lady by doing the dishes while she was putting her baby to bed. Rob, now named Flitter, wanted to fill an old lady’s woodbox when she wasn’t looking. Ted, with his new elf name Prancer, planned to help an aunt cover her plants, and so on. They all had a mission to complete.

Excited and bubbling with joy, the friends then discovered that there was even an Elf Party waiting for them at Rob’s Grandma’s house if they finished their deeds on time. Their Mammas had all agreed to let them attend the party.

“Oh, how wonderful!” Ray exclaimed. “Let’s hurry up and do our Elf deeds!”

Everyone agreed, and they all rushed off on their missions, promising to meet at the Elf party once they were done. They might have missed out on the Hallowe’en pranks, but they created their unique, heartwarming celebration. This Hallowe’en turned out to be the best one they had ever experienced, filled with kindness, joy, and a special party.