Audio Stories

Audio Stories

Welcome to our remarkable collection of Top 100 Audio Stories for kids to read online. Our selection is composed of short, amusing tales from the best award-winning authors that will tickle your funny bone and spark your imagination. From adventure stories, moral lessons to festive themed tales, there’s something for every child to enjoy.

These stories are perfect for children from preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grades to read aloud and enjoy. Available in English, each story has been meticulously created with captivating illustrations and pictures that enhance the reading experience. Our unique collection includes a fantastic array of bedtime stories that will whisk children away to dreamland with their adventurous and enchanting plots.

The beauty of audio stories is their convenience and effectiveness in fostering a love for reading amongst children while also helping them to learn in an engaging way. These narrated tales offer a unique experience compared to traditional reading. They nurture listening skills, improve pronunciation, and boost comprehension while also enhancing imagination and creativity in children.

Some children may prefer the immersive and dynamic aspect of these stories, some might use them as a learning tool, others might appreciate the chance to rest their eyes while still enjoying a good tale. In our diverse collection, you’ll discover a vast treasure of tales, from funny stories for toddlers, to intriguing tales for older kids.

Enjoy our selection of narratives either as free read-aloud books, ebooks ready for download, or pdf formats that can be easily printed at your convenience. Now, journey into a world of stories where lessons are learned, adventures are had, and laughter is just a page away.

Top 100 Audio Stories for kids:

  1. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: In a city in Persia, Ali Baba witnesses a group of forty robbers and their secret hideout. He takes some gold but his brother, Kassim, learns about it and goes to the cave alone, only to be killed by the robbers. Ali Baba’s maid, Morgiana, cleverly conceals Kassim’s death and saves Ali Baba from the vengeful robbers. Ali Baba is grateful and allows Morgiana to marry his son, and they all live happily ever after.
  2. The Fir Tree: Once upon a time, a young fir tree in a forest wished to grow quickly and become majestic like the older trees. However, when it was cut down and brought inside a home for Christmas, the tree was eventually discarded and burned in a fireplace. It realized that it had not appreciated its earlier days and the joy that it could have found in its youth. The story ends with the tree’s realization and its ultimate fate.
  3. Brother and Sister: After their mother’s death, Brother and Sister suffer under their cruel stepmother. They decide to run away and end up in a forest. However, the stepmother has bewitched all the water, transforming those who drink it into animals. Brother becomes a deer, but Sister cares for him and they find an empty house to live in. On a hunting party, Brother is wounded but manages to escape. The king hears about this and goes to the cottage, where he falls in love with Sister. They live happily in the castle, and when the stepmother plots against them, she is burned at the stake, resulting in Brother becoming human again. They all live happily ever after.
  4. Hans in Luck: After working hard for seven years, Hans decides to visit his mother and asks his boss for his paycheck. Instead of money, his boss gives him a large piece of gold. Along his journey, Hans trades the gold for a horse, then trades the horse for a cow, then trades the cow for a pig, and finally trades the pig for a goose. Each trade seems lucky at first, but Hans eventually realizes that he has been cheated and ends up with nothing but a heavy rock. However, he is relieved when the rock falls into a well, freeing him from its weight.
  5. Hansel and Gretel: A poor family plans to abandon their children in the forest because they cannot afford to feed them. Hansel, the older sibling, cleverly leaves a trail of white pebbles to find their way home the first time. The second time they are abandoned, Hansel uses breadcrumbs, but they are eaten by birds. The children stumble upon a house made of bread, sugar, and pancakes, but it belongs to a wicked witch who plans to eat them. They outsmart the witch and return home with riches.
  6. King Trushbeard: Once upon a time, there was a king with an arrogant and beautiful daughter who ridiculed every man who wanted to marry her. The king, fed up with her behavior, made her marry the first beggar who came to the door. They were sent out of the castle and she soon realized the error of her ways. She had to learn how to do everything herself and faced many hardships. Eventually, she met and married King Thrushbeard, who turned out to be the beggar in disguise. They lived happily ever after, and the princess learned her lesson about arrogance.
  7. Little Red Riding Hood: Once upon a time, a sweet little girl named Little Red Riding Hood went to visit her sick grandmother in the forest. On her way, she encountered a wolf who tricked her and ate her grandmother. When Little Red Riding Hood arrived, she noticed something strange and questioned the wolf disguised as her grandmother. Eventually, a hunter came and saved them by cutting open the wolf’s belly. They filled the wolf’s belly with stones, and everyone was happy and safe. Little Red Riding Hood learned her lesson and promised to always stay on the path and listen to her mother.
  8. One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes: This is a story about three sisters: One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes. Two Eyes is treated poorly by her mother and sisters because she looks different. A wise woman gives Two Eyes a magical goat that provides her with food. However, her sisters discover the secret and the goat is killed. Two Eyes buries the goat and a tree with golden apples grows from its burial place. Two Eyes marries a knight and invites her sisters to live with her in the castle. They all live happily ever after.
  9. The Pied Piper of Hamelin: A German town called Hamelin is overrun by rats, so a strange man offers to rid the city of the pests for a price. He uses his flute to lure the rats away and into a river. However, when the townspeople refuse to pay him the agreed-upon amount, he leads all the children of the town away as well. The fate of the children remains unknown, but it is believed that they may have ended up in a region of Romania.
  10. Rumpelstiltskin: A poor miller’s daughter is tasked with spinning straw into gold by the king, with her life on the line. A mysterious little man offers to help her in exchange for her prized possessions. After successfully completing the task, the little man returns to claim her firstborn child unless she can guess his name. With the help of a messenger, she discovers his name is Rumpelstiltskin, and he vanishes forever.
  11. Snow White: Once upon a time, a queen wished for a child who was white as snow, red as blood, and black-haired. Her wish came true with the birth of Snow White. After the queen’s death, the new queen, driven by jealousy, plotted to kill Snow White. However, the hunter spared her life, and Snow White found shelter with seven dwarfs. The queen disguised herself and tricked Snow White into eating a poisoned apple, but she was eventually awakened by a prince’s kiss. The stepmother’s fate remains uncertain, but Snow White and the prince lived happily ever after.
  12. The Goose Girl at the Well: An old woman in the forest asks a young man for help carrying heavy baskets. As he complains, she adds more weight and sits on his back. In return for his help, she gives him an emerald. He later discovers it matches a tear from a princess who was sent into the forest by her angry father. The young man goes in search of the princess and finds her transformed into a beautiful young woman. The old woman reveals herself to be a witch and reunites the princess with her parents. The princess is rich with the tears she cried, and the old woman disappears, leaving behind a palace. It is unknown if the young man and princess married.
  13. The Queen Bee: Once upon a time, two princes set out on an adventure but were cruel to animals they encountered. Their younger brother, Simpleton, disagreed with their actions and showed kindness instead. As they reached a castle, they were tasked with challenges to save it. Simpleton succeeded by receiving help from ants, ducks, and a queen bee. He married the princess and became king, while his brothers married the older sisters.
  14. The Sleeping Beauty: Once upon a time, a king and queen had a baby girl after a prediction from a frog. However, an angry fairy cursed her, saying she would prick herself on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep. The princess eventually did prick herself and slept for 100 years until a prince woke her with a kiss. They got married and lived happily ever after. You can download the ebook of the story or check out some related tips on Amazon.
  15. The Twelve Brothers: Once upon a time, a king and queen had twelve sons and were expecting a thirteenth child. The king ordered that the twelve sons must die if the new baby was a girl. The youngest son, Benjamin, discovered the plan and devised a plan for the brothers to flee. The story follows the journey of the brothers and their reunion with their sister, who had been separated from them. The sister eventually breaks a curse and saves her brothers, leading to a happy ending for all.
  16. The Wishing Table: This is a story about a tailor who sends his three sons away to learn trades. The oldest son receives a table that magically produces food, the second son receives a donkey that produces gold coins, and the third son receives a club that can give beatings. The sons encounter an innkeeper who tries to steal their magical items, but the third son uses his club to get them back. In the end, the sons return to their father with the magical table and donkey, and they all live happily ever after.
  17. The Town Musicians of Bremen: An old donkey, tired of working for a miller, sets off to become a town musician in Bremen. Along the way, he meets a dog, a cat, and a rooster who also join him on his musical adventure. When they stumble upon a house of robbers, they scare them away with their loud noises and decide to settle in the house instead of continuing to Bremen. They live happily there for many years.
  18. Pinocchio: Once upon a time, an old shoemaker named Gepetto discovered a piece of wood that came to life as he started carving it into a wooden doll named Pinnochio. Pinnochio wanted to go to school and learn so he could earn money to buy his father a new coat. However, he got distracted and sold his book for a puppet show ticket. Pinnochio was tricked by con men, but was saved by a fairy. He promised not to lie, but his nose grew when he did. Pinnochio ran into more trouble, turning into a donkey and being sold. With the help of the fairy, he escaped from an enormous shark and reunited with his father. The fairy, grateful for Gepetto’s generosity, turned Pinnochio into a real boy and they lived happily ever after.
  19. Riquet with the Tuft: Once upon a time, a queen gave birth to an ugly baby boy named Riquet with the Tuft. However, a good fairy assured the queen that he would be loved for his beautiful personality. The fairy also gave Riquet the ability to make the person he loved most as smart as him. Meanwhile, in a neighboring kingdom, a queen had twins, one beautiful but dumb and the other ugly but smart. Riquet and the smart princess met in the woods, and he made her laugh. She promised to marry him and, as a result, gained his cleverness. However, she forgot about her promise until she saw preparations being made for Riquet’s wedding. Realizing her mistake, she apologized and expressed her love for Riquet’s kind and smart personality. She used her gift to make him the most handsome prince, and they got married the next day.
  20. Bluebeard: In this story, a wealthy man with a blue beard is desperate to find a wife. Despite warnings about his previous wives disappearing, one neighbor agrees to marry him. He goes away on business, giving her keys to all the rooms except one forbidden room. Curiosity gets the better of her, and when she opens the room, she finds the bodies of his previous wives. In a panic, she locks the door, but her husband finds out and tries to kill her. Luckily, her brothers arrive just in time and kill him instead. She inherits his wealth and eventually marries a kind man who helps her forget her past.
  21. Cinderella: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and kind girl named Cinderella. After her mother’s death, her father remarried and Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters treated her poorly. Despite this, Cinderella remained good-hearted and received help from a magical bird. When a prince held a three-day party to find a bride, Cinderella’s stepmother initially prevented her from attending. However, with the bird’s assistance, Cinderella managed to attend the ball and capture the prince’s attention. After losing a glass slipper, the prince searched for its owner and discovered that Cinderella was the one. They married and lived happily ever after.
  22. Little Thumbling: Little Thumbling, the youngest of seven sons in a poor woodcutter’s family, hears his parents’ plan to abandon the children in the forest due to lack of food and money. He cleverly leaves a trail of pebbles to find their way back home. After a second attempt to abandon them, the children find shelter in a house occupied by a giant. Little Thumbling saves his brothers by switching their crowns with the giant’s daughters’ sleeping caps. They escape, tie up the giant, and retrieve his money, bringing prosperity to their family. The giant regrets his actions and vows never to harm children again.
  23. Pippo: An old beggar gives his sons a sieve and a cat as their inheritance. The cat helps the younger son, Gagliuso, by stealing fish and presenting it as a gift to the king. The king becomes intrigued and wants to meet Gagliuso. However, when Gagliuso can’t make it, the cat arranges for him to receive clothes from the king and a feast. The cat then convinces the king’s servants that Gagliuso owns vast amounts of wealth in Lombardy. As a result, the king offers a marriage proposal, and Gagliuso becomes wealthy and leaves with his wife. However, Gagliuso forgets about the cat and the cat leaves, stating that Gagliuso expects everything from others and doesn’t take responsibility for himself.
  24. Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp: In a land far away, Aladdin and his mother lived in poverty after his father passed away. One day, a stranger claiming to be Aladdin’s uncle rewarded him with gifts and took him to a mountain where a magical treasure awaited. Aladdin obtained a lamp but refused to give it to the stranger, who locked him in a cave. Using a ring, Aladdin summoned a genie who helped him escape. With the genie’s power, Aladdin and his mother escaped poverty and lived happily. Aladdin fell in love with the daughter of the sultan, and after overcoming obstacles, they lived happily ever after.
  25. Rapunzel: Once upon a time, there lived a couple next door to a wicked witch. The woman, who was pregnant, had an intense craving for the delicious rapunzels growing in the witch’s garden. The husband ventured into the garden to pick some for her and was caught by the witch. In exchange for the rapunzels, the witch demanded that the couple give her their child when it was born. The witch took the baby girl, named Rapunzel, and locked her in a tower. Years later, a prince heard Rapunzel’s beautiful voice and visited her in the tower. They fell in love, but their secret meetings were eventually discovered by the witch, resulting in Rapunzel’s hair being cut off. The prince, blinded by the witch, wandered the forest until he heard Rapunzel’s voice again. Her tears restored his sight, and they lived happily ever after with their twins in the prince’s kingdom.
  26. The Three Princes And The Princess Nouronnihar: In this story, a sultan in India has three sons who all want to marry their beautiful cousin, princess Nouronnihar. The sultan creates a plan to choose the most special item brought back from a far away country. One prince brings a magical rug, another a glass tube that lets you see anything up close, and the youngest prince brings a plastic apple with healing powers. When they all meet, they use their gifts to save the princess’s life, but the sultan decides to choose the son who shoots his arrow the furthest to marry the princess.
  27. Little Claus and Big Claus: In a village lived two people with the same name, Big Claus and Little Claus. Little Claus tricked Big Claus and became rich, while Big Claus suffered the consequences of his own actions. Eventually, Little Claus ended up with a herd of magical water cattle, and Big Claus met his demise.
  28. Little Ida’s Flowers: Little Ida’s flowers were wilting, but her cousin told her they had been to a ball the night before. He said that flowers come to life and dance in the evenings. Intrigued, Ida put her flowers in her doll’s bed and waited. Late at night, she discovered that her mother’s flowers had indeed come alive and were dancing joyfully. The next day, the flowers were gone, but Ida knew to bury them in the garden so they could bloom again next summer.
  29. The Little Match Girl: On a freezing cold night, a poor little girl walks the streets with no shoes. She has matches in her apron and tries to warm herself by lighting them. Each match brings her a vision of warmth and happiness, but they quickly burn out. Eventually, she lights all the matches to stay with her grandmother, and they ascend to a joyful place together. The next morning, the girl is found frozen, but her spirit is at peace.
  30. Sandman: The Sandman visits children while they sleep, giving them wonderful dreams. He tells a different story to a little boy named Hjalmar every day. Each night, Hjalmar goes on a new adventure, from exploring a beautiful garden to attending Mouse weddings. On the seventh night, the Sandman introduces Hjalmar to his brother, Death, who rewards good students with a beautiful story. Hjalmar learns not to fear Death, as long as he has a good report card.
  31. The Emperor’s New Clothes: In this story, there is an emperor who loves new clothes. Two swindlers convince him that they can make an invisible fabric that only stupid and dishonest people cannot see. The emperor gives them money, but they make nothing and keep the money for themselves. When the emperor and his subjects pretend to see the clothes, a small child reveals the truth – the emperor is actually naked.
  32. The Flying Trunk: A poor boy inherits a magical flying trunk and uses it to visit a princess in a distant land. They fall in love and plan to marry, but the trunk is destroyed and the boy can never return to the princess.
  33. The Little Mermaid: This is a summary of “The Little Mermaid”: The story is about a young mermaid who longs to explore the world above the water. She rescues a prince from a shipwreck and falls in love with him. In order to be with him, she makes a deal with a sea witch to trade her voice for legs. Although she lives with the prince, he ultimately marries another princess. The little mermaid sacrifices herself to become a daughter of the air in hopes of earning an immortal soul.
  34. The Loveliest Rose in the World: In a castle with a beautiful garden, a queen is dying and a wise doctor says she can be saved if given the most beautiful rose in the world. People search for this special rose, but it is not found in fancy gardens or graveyards. Finally, the queen’s son reads a story about true love and the queen’s cheeks turn rosy, symbolizing the most beautiful rose. This rose of love brings happiness and eternal life.
  35. The Naughty Boy: Once upon a time, a kind poet welcomed a poor, cold, and wet little boy into his home. The boy, named Amor, seemed innocent but turned out to be mischievous. He shot an arrow at the poet’s heart and disappeared, revealing his true nature. From then on, Amor would trick and shoot arrows at unsuspecting people. The story warns others to be cautious of the naughty Amor.
  36. The Nightingale: In ancient China, an emperor discovers the enchanting singing of a nightingale in his garden. He becomes obsessed with the bird’s beautiful voice until he receives a golden bird that can sing continuously. However, when the golden bird malfunctions, the emperor becomes gravely ill. It is the return of the nightingale’s song that brings him back to health, and the emperor learns to be a better ruler with the bird’s help. They keep their relationship a secret. The story highlights the power of true beauty and the importance of humility and genuine connection.
  37. The Princess and the Pea: A prince searches for a real princess to marry but has no luck. One stormy night, a girl claiming to be a princess arrives at the castle. To test her, the queen puts a pea under a pile of mattresses and blankets for the girl to sleep on. The next day, the girl complains of bruises from the uncomfortable bed, proving she is a real princess. The prince marries her, and the pea is later displayed in the Royal Museum.
  38. The Red Shoes: A poor girl named Karen receives a pair of red shoes and goes to live with a wealthy lady. She becomes jealous of a princess with even fancier red shoes and eventually buys a pair of her own. However, the shoes take control of Karen, forcing her to dance uncontrollably. She eventually seeks help from an executioner, who frees her from the shoes. Karen returns to a simple life in the city, never again pursuing material possessions.
  39. The Snow Queen: Once upon a time, an evil troll created a mirror that made everything look ugly and bad. The mirror shattered, and a boy named Kay was affected by its shards, causing him to become cold and mean. His friend Gerda embarks on a journey to find and save him from the Snow Queen. After many trials, Gerda succeeds in melting Kay’s frozen heart and they return home as grownups, but with the same love in their hearts.
  40. The Steadfast Tin Soldier: A boy receives a box of tin soldiers for his birthday, one of which is missing a leg. The soldier falls in love with a dancer figurine and goes on an adventure, facing dangers such as a rat and a fish, before being reunited with the boy. The soldier finally asks the dancer to marry him, but they both end up in a woodstove. However, they are together forever and leave behind a beautiful tin heart. Downloads of an ebook version of the story are available.
  41. The Swineherd: In this story, a handsome prince wants to marry the emperor’s daughter but she is not interested. He disguises himself as a swineherd and creates magical instruments to get her attention. The princess eventually falls for his tricks but when she discovers his true identity, it’s too late. The prince rejects her and leaves her alone in the rain.
  42. The Thorny Road of Honour: This text discusses the challenges faced by individuals who have achieved greatness throughout history. It highlights the struggles and hardships they endured, including ridicule, imprisonment, and even death. However, their legacies live on, and their contributions to history are celebrated long after their passing. The text mentions notable figures such as Socrates, Ferdowsi, Salamon de Caus, and Joan of Arc as examples of individuals who overcame obstacles on their path to honor and recognition. It emphasizes the importance of perseverance and the potential for eternal glory.
  43. The Tinderbox: A soldier encounters a witch who promises him riches if he retrieves a tinderbox from a tree. He finds the tinderbox along with chests of money guarded by dogs. After killing the witch to keep the tinderbox, the soldier discovers that he can summon the dogs using the tinderbox to obtain more money. He eventually uses the tinderbox to rescue a princess and defeat his enemies, becoming the new king and marrying the princess.
  44. The Travelling Companion: After the death of his father, Johannes embarks on a journey and meets a magical traveling companion. Together, they encounter a treacherous situation in a church and Johannes bravely intervenes to protect a man being attacked. Continuing their adventures, they arrive in a city where the evil princess poses riddles to potential suitors. With the help of his companion’s dreams, Johannes successfully solves the riddles and marries the princess. In the end, the traveling companion reveals his true identity as the man Johannes helped in the church and bids farewell. Johannes and the princess live happily ever after.
  45. The Ugly Duckling: A duckling hatches from an egg and is deemed ugly by the other animals on the farm. He is bullied and ostracized, so he leaves and lives alone in a swamp. Eventually, he discovers that he is actually a swan, and he finds happiness and acceptance among his own kind. The story ends with the once-ugly duckling realizing he is beautiful and being admired by others.
  46. The Wild Swans: A king’s 11 sons are turned into swans by their evil stepmother, but their sister Elize is determined to save them. She must make 11 jumpers out of nettles and throw them over the swans to break the curse. Despite many obstacles, including being mistaken for a witch and imprisoned, Elize perseveres and saves her brothers, except for the youngest who still has one wing. In the end, the king realizes his mistake and embraces Elize. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  47. Thumbelina: A woman plants a special barley grain and it grows into a tulip with a tiny girl inside, named Thumbelina. She is taken by an ugly toad but escapes with the help of fish and a butterfly. She then encounters a beetle who abandons her, and she finds shelter with a field mouse and a mole. Thumbelina cares for a injured bird and in return, it helps her find happiness with a flower angel. She receives wings and marries the angel.
  48. Jack and the Beanstalk: Jack, the son of a poor farmer, meets an old man who gives him magic beans in exchange for his cow. Despite his mother’s anger, Jack plants the beans and a massive beanstalk grows overnight. Jack climbs the beanstalk and discovers a castle that belonged to his father. With the help of a fairy, Jack retrieves a chicken that lays golden eggs and a talking harp from the castle. He escapes from a giant and cuts down the beanstalk, reclaiming his castle. The story highlights the power of belief in magic.
  49. Prince Darling: This story is about a kind-hearted king who saves a bunny during a hunt. A fairy tests his kindness and grants him a wish for his son, Cheri. The king asks for his son to become a good person. Cheri receives a magical ring that pricks him when he behaves badly. However, he becomes cruel and loses the love of a girl named Zelie. Cheri is transformed into different animals as punishment, but eventually learns his lesson and saves Zelie, returning to his true form. He becomes a good ruler, and the ring hardly bothers him anymore.
  50. The Happy Prince: A little swallow encounters a golden statue of a prince, who is shedding tears. The prince explains that he was once happy living in a castle, but now, as a statue above the town, he sees the misery and suffering of the people. The prince asks the swallow to help those in need by bringing them pieces of his statue, sacrificing its own well-being in the process. Eventually, the swallow dies at the prince’s feet, and God rewards their selfless acts, taking them to live happily ever after in paradise.
  51. Bart The Bear Hibernates: The story is about Bart, a brown bear who lives in the mountain forest. It’s his last day of hunting before hibernation. Bart eats lots of food to prepare for the long winter sleep, with salmon being his favorite. He says goodbye to his forest friends and settles into his cozy den for hibernation, looking forward to waking up in spring.
  52. The Three Little Bears: This is a story about three bears who live in the forest. They each have their own porridge, chairs, and beds of different sizes. One day, while they are out, a little old woman enters their house and helps herself to their porridge, breaks one of their chairs, and falls asleep in one of their beds. When the bears return home and discover what has happened, the old woman is startled and runs away. They never see her again. The story ends with some download links and affiliate tips.
  53. Dick Whittington And His Cat: The story is about a poor orphan boy named Dick Whittington who dreams of going to London. He arrives in the city and finds work in the kitchen of a rich merchant. With the help of a kind servant, he learns to read and write. Dick also befriends the merchant’s daughter, Alice, and saves her from various mishaps. Despite facing hardships, Dick manages to buy a cat that helps him get rid of rats and mice in his room. Eventually, Dick is given the chance to join a ship’s crew, and his cat saves the king and queen from a rat infestation. As a reward, Dick is given a fortune and becomes Lord and Mayor of London. He uses his wealth to contribute to the city’s development and lives happily ever after with Alice.
  54. Father Frost: Once upon a time, a young girl named Natasha lived with her stepmother and stepsisters, who treated her poorly. Her stepmother arranged for her to marry Father Frost, and Natasha waited in the wintry forest until he appeared. Father Frost rewarded her kindness with beautiful clothing and precious gems. However, when her stepsisters mistreated Father Frost, they were left to freeze. Natasha’s life improved, and she eventually found happiness with a kind man.
  55. Sinbad the Sailor: Sinbad the Porter, a hardworking man, complains about the unfairness of life until he encounters Sinbad the Sailor, a wealthy man with a similar name. Sinbad the Sailor shares the stories of his seven remarkable travels, and the porter is amazed. After each story, the porter receives a generous amount of gold. On the seventh day, the porter realizes the sailor’s hardships and apologizes. They become friends and live happily ever after. Downloads of the ebook are available for offline reading.
  56. The Adventures of Florian: Once upon a time, a brave girl named Isabella disguised herself as a boy named Florian in order to find work. She ended up working for a wizard in a castle inhabited by demons. After years of loyal service, Florian decided to leave and found a job with a prince named Florizel. They encountered a wicked witch who turned everyone to stone except Florian and Florizel. Florian used his magical gifts to save the prince and defeat the witch, and they lived happily ever after.
  57. The Flying Dutchman: In a storm-ridden harbor, a determined captain defies Easter traditions and sets sail with his crew despite the dangerous conditions. As the ship departs, it transforms into a ghost ship with fiery red sails and a burned hull. The legend of the Flying Dutchman is born, a ship said to sail the seas forever, terrifying those who encounter it. Nobody knows if the crew has found peace, but the ship hasn’t been spotted in many years.
  58. The Frog, Fox, Lion and Deer: In a forest, a Frog challenges a Fox to a race. The Frog tricks the Fox and wins, causing an argument between them. The Lion and the Deer get involved, but the Lion and the Fox plot to catch the Deer. The plan fails, and the Lion becomes determined to catch the Deer. The Deer tricks the Lion multiple times, eventually leading to the Lion’s death. The Fox is sad, but the Deer is happy to finally live in peace.
  59. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom: In a village by the river, two old men named Upstream and Downstream put fish traps in the river. Upstream, being selfish, had no luck, while Downstream’s trap was full of fish. They swapped traps, and Downstream’s trap contained a dog instead of fish. Downstream and his wife cared for the dog, which grew big and strong. One day, the dog spoke and led Downstream to a pot of gold. Upstream, jealous, borrowed the dog but treated it poorly. The dog led Upstream to a pot of trash instead of gold. Upstream killed the dog, causing Downstream and his wife great sorrow. They buried the dog and a tree grew from its grave. Sitting under the tree, Downstream heard the dog’s voice and made a mortar from the tree. The mortar doubled the amount of rice, but Upstream destroyed it when he tried to use it. Downstream collected the ashes and, as they blew into a garden, the trees bloomed. He showed this to the king and was rewarded. Upstream, full of envy, tried to do the same but failed and was thrown into jail.
  60. The Origin of Rubies: A spoiled prince and his queen mother set sail on an abandoned ship and discover rubies in the sea. The prince takes one ruby but throws the rest back. Later, the king’s daughter sees the ruby and wants more. The prince goes on another journey and finds a palace at the bottom of the ocean, where he meets a beautiful woman whose head is separated from her body. He accidentally reunites them and they run away together. The prince marries both the ocean woman and the king’s daughter, and they live happily ever after.
  61. The Yellow Dragon: Once upon a time, a boy named Woe welcomed a mysterious and powerful yellow dragon and his four servant winds into his home. The dragon prophesied a great storm, and when it arrived, Woe and his family were protected while the rest of the country was flooded. As a token of gratitude, the dragon gave Woe a scale and, later, the scale brought luck and magical abilities to Woe. The emperor recognized Woe’s power and invited him to be a magician at the palace. The story highlights the importance of kindness and hospitality towards strangers.
  62. The Pack of Ragamuffins: A Rooster and a Hen go on a trip to Nutmountain to find ripe nuts. They encounter a duck, a pin, and a needle along the way and offer them a ride. They stay at an inn where they eat and trick the innkeeper before fleeing. The innkeeper realizes he was deceived and vows to never trust promises again. The story ends with downloadable PDF options for offline reading.
  63. The Big Sausage: In a city suffering from a great famine, the wise elders decided to lift the spirits of the people by making a giant sausage from the town treasury. The ingredients were brought from afar, and the butchers worked diligently to create this extraordinary sausage. A festive event was held, and the citizens were filled with joy as they enjoyed the abundance of food. The story of the big sausage of Königsberg continues to be told to children, symbolizing hope and overcoming hardship.
  64. The Elephant and the Tailor: This story is about an elephant in South East Asia who would stick its trunk through the windows of houses while being led through the streets. One day, the tailor pinched the elephant with a needle and mocked him. In retaliation, the elephant sprayed the tailor and his employees with dirty water, ruining their expensive fabrics. The townspeople laughed at the tailor and said he got what he deserved. The story teaches the importance of treating everyone, especially elephants, with kindness. There is also another story about an angry elephant who saved a child despite being mistreated by his sitter.
  65. The Land of Cockaigne: The Land of Cockaigne is a delightful land where everything is made of delicious food. The streets are made of cheese, the houses of gingerbread, and the rivers of lemonade. In this land, you can eat roasted chickens that fly into your mouth, and pigs will walk up to you if you want pork chops. The weather is also unique, with honey rain and cream snow. Lazy people are rewarded, and the land is a paradise for the foolish. The only obstacle is a wall of marzipan that must be eaten to enter.
  66. Till Eulenspiegel: In this story, Till Eulenspiegel is a mischievous character who loves to play tricks on people. He dances on a cord above a river, fools people into giving him shoes and boots, pranks thieves by pulling their hair, and shares a philosophical observation about climbing mountains. Despite his antics, Till is always one step ahead and finds a way to outsmart those around him.
  67. Mother Holle: This is the story of a widow with two daughters. The eldest daughter is ugly and lazy, while the youngest daughter is beautiful and hardworking. The mother favors the ugly daughter and makes the youngest daughter do all the chores. One day, while doing her chores, the youngest daughter loses her spinning coil in a well and jumps in after it. She finds herself in a green meadow and encounters Mother Holle, who takes her in and promises to take care of her. The girl works hard for Mother Holle and is rewarded with gold when she leaves. The mother then sends the lazy daughter to do the same, but she is lazy and disrespectful, so Mother Holle sends her back covered in sticky tar.
  68. Baron Munchausen: The story is about Baron Munchausen and his incredible adventures. He tells tales of waking up in a cemetery, flying with ducks to his house, shooting a deer that later had a cherry tree on its head, flying to a castle on a cannonball, climbing to the moon to retrieve his axe, and surviving a fall from the clouds. Despite the challenges, he always manages to return home without trouble. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  69. Genevieve of Brabant: In the story, “Once upon a time in Brabant,” a count’s daughter named Genevieve marries Count Siegfried and they live happily until Siegfried is called to battle. Genevieve is wrongly accused of disloyalty by Knight Golo and is imprisoned, but survives with her child through the help of a loyal girl. Years later, Siegfried discovers his wife and child living in a cave and they are joyfully reunited. They live happily ever after.
  70. The Gnomes: Many years ago, gnomes in the city of Cologne helped lazy bakers, carpenters, winemakers, butchers, and tailors with their work during the night. They would bake bread, cut wood, make wine, prepare meat, and sew clothes. However, when a tailor’s wife tried to spy on them, she scared them away, and they never returned. Now, the people have to do all the work themselves.
  71. Battle of Frogs and Mice: Once upon a time, King Puff-jaw of the Frogs invited a group of strange little men, the Mice, to a party. However, a misunderstanding resulted in the drowning of the Mice. In revenge, the Mice declared war on the Frogs. After a intense battle, the Frogs were victorious with the help of the lobster army, and peace was restored.
  72. The Frog Prince: A princess loses her golden ball in a pond and a frog offers to retrieve it for her in exchange for friendship and privileges. The princess agrees but later regrets her promise and mistreats the frog. However, when she throws the frog against the wall, he transforms into a handsome prince. They fall in love, and with the help of a loyal servant, they return to the prince’s kingdom.
  73. The Ungrateful Son: Once upon a time, a man hid a roasted chicken from his old father because he didn’t want to share it. But when the father arrived, the chicken turned into a duck and stuck to the son’s face. No one could remove it without causing the son pain. Eventually, the son realized his greed and asked for forgiveness. When his father forgave him, the duck turned back into a roasted chicken and they enjoyed their meal together.
  74. The Four Skillful Brothers: A poor man sends his four sons out into the world to learn a trade. The oldest becomes a skilled thief, the second a stargazer with a magical glass, the third a hunter with a perfect gun, and the youngest a cutter with a needle that can sew anything. After four years, they reunite and save a kidnapped princess from a dragon. When they argue over who deserves to marry her, the king gives them each a piece of land instead. They all live happily ever after.
  75. The Six Servants: In this story, a prince sets out to marry a beautiful princess despite the challenges imposed by her angry queen mother. Along the way, he gathers six servants with extraordinary abilities to help him overcome the trials. With their assistance, the prince succeeds in retrieving the queen’s lost ring, consuming a feast, and staying awake while the princess disappears. Eventually, the prince and princess are married, and the servants reveal the prince’s true identity as they live happily ever after.
  76. How The Birds Got A King: In a long time ago, people could understand birds. But now, they no longer understand the screeching and chirping. One day, a cuckoo proposed that birds needed a king, and most birds agreed. They decided the king would be the one who could fly the highest, and the eagle won the competition. However, a little bird without a name flew even higher, claiming to be the true king. The birds didn’t believe him and decided that the king should be the one who could poke the deepest in the ground. The little bird hid in a mouse hole and declared himself the king, but the other birds plotted to trap and starve him. An owl was appointed as guard, but he fell asleep, allowing the little bird to escape. The birds blamed the owl, and since then, owls are scared to show themselves during the day. The little bird, now called the “Winter King,” hides and proclaims himself king in the winter.
  77. The Golden Goose: In this story, a family with three children live near the woods. The two older sons refuse to share their food and get stuck when they try to take a feather from a goose with gold feathers. The youngest son, Simpleton, shares his food with the goose and is rewarded with luck. He takes the goose to an inn, where more people get stuck trying to take its feathers. Simpleton eventually reaches a city, where the king promises to marry his daughter to anyone who can make her happy. Simpleton brings an old man who can eat and drink a lot, and the king reluctantly agrees to the marriage. The old man, who is actually a gnome, gives Simpleton a ship that can sail on water and drive over land. Simpleton marries the princess and they live happily ever after.
  78. The Water of Life: In this story, an old king is ill and his three sons set out to find the water of life to save him. The oldest two brothers are rude to a dwarf they encounter and end up getting stuck in a valley. The youngest brother shows kindness to the dwarf and receives directions to the water. He successfully retrieves it and saves his father, but his jealous brothers steal the water and falsely claim credit. The king orders the youngest son to be killed, but a hunter saves him. Eventually, the truth is revealed, and the youngest son marries a princess and becomes the lord of the kingdom.
  79. My Lord Bag of Rice: A brave warrior named Fujiwara Hidesato encounters a dragon and offers to help him defeat his arch enemy, a centipede. Together, they devise a plan and successfully kill the centipede. As a reward, Hidesato receives four magical gifts: a bell, a bag of rice, a roll of silk, and a pan. These gifts bring him wealth and he becomes known as My Lord Bag of Rice.
  80. The Three Sillies: This is a story about a farmer’s daughter and her boyfriend. When the daughter sees a hammer in the basement, she becomes worried that it might fall on her future son’s head. Her mother and father also become upset and start crying. However, the boyfriend finds their reaction silly and leaves to travel the world. Along his journey, he meets other silly people, including a woman trying to push a cow onto a roof and a man struggling to put on his pants. Eventually, the boyfriend realizes that there are sillier people out there and decides to marry the farmer’s daughter after all. They live happily ever after.
  81. The Rose-Tree: A girl with golden hair is mistreated by her evil stepmother. After the stepmother cuts off the girl’s hair and cooks her heart, a white bird sings a song about the girl’s fate. The bird trades the song for gifts and eventually causes the stepmother’s downfall. The girl’s brother receives the gifts and the stepmother is crushed by a millstone.
  82. The Old Woman and Her Pig: An old woman finds a coin and decides to buy a pig at the market. On her way home, she encounters various animals and objects that refuse to help her get the pig over a hill. Eventually, with the help of a cat and a cow, all the obstacles are overcome, and the old woman returns home. The story is available for download as an ebook in PDF format.
  83. The Gingerbread Man: This is a story about a little old man and woman who baked a gingerbread man. When the gingerbread man comes to life and starts running, he manages to outrun everyone chasing him, including a barn of shredders, a field of lawnmowers, a cow, and a pig. However, when he encounters a fox, he is unable to escape and gets eaten. The story emphasizes the gingerbread man’s boastfulness and the consequences of his arrogance.
  84. The Leaf Dresses: On a windy day in October, the trees received a message from the wind: the days were growing shorter and they would soon go into hibernation. In response, the leaves of the trees gathered together for a big party and dressed up in vibrant colors. Some leaves stayed behind to cover the flowers and bring joy to children, while others were taken by a little girl who spread them out in her classroom.
  85. The Squirrel Family: The Squirrel family lives happily in a beautiful tree in the forest. They enjoy playing with their cousins and chasing each other through the branches. However, when winter comes and food becomes scarce, they must work hard to collect enough nuts. One day, Budge gets distracted and ends up getting trapped by two boys who want to keep him as a pet. With bravery and determination, Budge escapes and returns home to his family, who are overjoyed to have him back. From then on, Budge becomes a hard worker and appreciates the value of helping his family.
  86. The Gnome: In this story, a rich king’s three daughters disappear after taking apples from a special tree. The king announces that whoever brings them back can marry one of them. Three brothers set out to find the girls and encounter a gnome in a castle. The youngest brother outwits the gnome and learns the location of the princesses. He rescues them from a well guarded by dragons and brings them back to the castle. However, his older brothers betray him, but he is saved by the gnome’s magic. In the end, the youngest brother marries the youngest princess, and the fate of the older brothers remains unknown.
  87. The Christmas Masquerade: It was Christmas eve and the mayor had invited all the children in the city to his Christmas masquerade, promising to reimburse the costs for poor children. A new store opened with beautiful costumes, and the children eagerly chose their outfits. However, the next day, the children couldn’t remove their costumes and had taken on the personalities of their characters. The mayor sought help from a wise woman, but she couldn’t provide a solution. Eventually, the mayor’s daughter found the shopkeeper, who agreed to release the children on the condition that a law is enacted to provide gifts for poor children and that the cherry man marries the mayor’s daughter. The costumes were removed, the law was passed, and the cherry man and the mayor’s daughter married to the joy of all the children.
  88. Toinette and the elves: Toinette, a not-so-kind girl, meets a small elf named Thistle who is stuck with a thorn on his robe. Toinette removes the thorn and the grateful elf gives her fern seeds to make her invisible. Toinette becomes invisible but realizes that her siblings don’t appreciate her absence. She decides to be kinder and more loving towards them. The next year, Thistle visits Toinette again and encourages her to try being invisible again. This time, Toinette’s siblings miss her and appreciate her more. Toinette learns the true value of kindness and happiness. She lives happily ever after.
  89. A Christmas Carol: This story is about a miserly businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge who despises Christmas. One night, he is visited by the ghost of his deceased business partner, who warns him of his fate if he continues on his current path. Throughout the night, Scrooge is visited by three spirits who show him his past, present, and future. These haunting experiences awaken his remorse and compassion, leading him to change his ways. He becomes generous and kind, sharing his wealth with those in need and finding joy in the spirit of Christmas.
  90. The Visit to Santa Claus Land: Kate and Brian can’t sleep on Christmas Eve and hear a knock on their window. They meet a talking chocolate who takes them to Santa Claus Land. They explore the garden filled with toys and meet Santa. However, when they try to cross a plank, they fall and wake up in their own beds. They tell their mother about their adventure and she smiles.
  91. The Lost Years: Once upon a time, there was a king who cared for his subjects and ensured their well-being. However, their peace was disrupted by small trolls who made people disappear. The king took drastic measures, but they were ineffective. An evil wizard offered a potion that made people invisible to trolls, but it only worked temporarily. Blaming those who didn’t drink the potion, the king banished them. The cycle repeated, with the wizard taking more from the treasury. On his deathbed, the king realized he hadn’t enjoyed life in years. A fairy appeared and urged him to lift the fear and enjoy life. The king died peacefully, and people no longer lived in fear.
  92. The Wolf and the Kid: A little kid with growing horns thinks he can take care of himself and ignores his mother’s call to come home with the flock. When he realizes he is alone, he becomes frightened of the wolf. But instead of attacking, the wolf agrees to play music for the kid to dance to. The shepherd dogs hear the music and come to the rescue, chasing the wolf away. The story ends with a lesson about staying true to one’s own strengths. Downloads of an ebook version are available.
  93. The Tortoise and the Ducks: In this story, the Tortoise is unhappy with his slow speed and inability to explore the world. Two Ducks offer to help him by carrying him through the air with a stick held in his mouth. However, when the Tortoise boasts about being the King of Tortoises, he loses his grip on the stick and falls to his demise. The story ends with downloadable links for an ebook version of the story.
  94. The Young Crab and His Mother: A young crab asks its mother why it walks sideways, and the mother instructs it to walk straight. However, despite trying, the mother crab is unable to walk straight and ends up falling. The story teaches the lesson that we should accept and embrace our own unique characteristics. A downloadable PDF ebook is also available for offline reading.
  95. The Frogs and the Ox: An Ox accidentally crushes a young Frog while drinking from a pool. The old Frog, unaware of what happened, asks the other frogs about the missing one. They describe the Ox as a giant monster, and the old Frog puffs herself up to show she’s bigger. However, she puffs up too much and bursts. The story teaches the importance of humility. You can download the eBook in PDF format to read offline or print.
  96. The Dog, the Cock and the Fox: A Dog and a Cock set out on an adventure together. They find a tree to spend the night, but in the morning, the Cock crows and wakes up a hungry Fox. The clever Cock tricks the Fox into getting caught by the Dog. The story teaches a lesson about deception.
  97. Belling the Cat: The Mice in this story are afraid of the Cat and want to come up with a plan to know when the Cat is coming. A young Mouse suggests putting a bell around the Cat’s neck so they can hear it and run away. However, an old Mouse points out that the real problem is finding someone brave enough to bell the Cat.
  98. The Eagle and the Jackdaw: In the story, an Eagle catches a lamb and a Jackdaw tries to do the same with a Ram but fails. The Shepherd catches the Jackdaw and teaches it a lesson. The story teaches the lesson of not pretending to be something you’re not. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  99. The Elves and the Shoemaker: A poor shoemaker discovers that magical elves are secretly making beautiful shoes for him overnight. As a result, his business thrives, and he becomes prosperous. One night, he and his wife decide to thank the elves by making them clothes and shoes. The elves are delighted and express their gratitude, but then disappear forever. The shoemaker and his wife continue to live happily ever after.
  100. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: On Christmas Eve, Maria and her brother Frederic receive a Nutcracker doll from their godfather. After an accident, Maria falls asleep and has a dream where the Nutcracker comes to life and leads an army of toys to battle against an army of mice led by the Mouse King. The Nutcracker defeats the Mouse King, and Maria is taken to a magical Candy Meadow. When she wakes up, nobody believes her until she is visited by Dr. Drosselmeyer’s nephew, who promises to return and marry her when she is older. They eventually get married and live happily ever after in the Candy Kingdom.

In conclusion, the Top 100 Audio Stories for kids provide not only entertainment but also immense educational value. They range from adventurous tales, heartwarming narratives to meaningful fables, therefore, catering to diverse interests of children. These easily accessible online stories inspire creativity, enrich vocabulary, and encourage a love for reading and learning in children. Moreover, they carry important life lessons, moral values, and cultural wisdom which contribute to the holistic growth of young minds. Truly, these online audio stories are a joyous and refreshing way to engage kids in entertaining yet constructive activity.