Ellen Robena Field

Ellen Robena Field


Welcome to the Top 12 Ellen Robena Field stories for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is perfect for children who love bedtime stories and learning through reading. Our free online PDF is packed with the best, short, and easy-to-tell stories, complete with beautiful pictures that make them even more enjoyable. Simply download, print, or access the stories with the convenient audio version, and let young learners embark on fun and educational adventures through classic fairy tales, exciting stories, and inspiring morals.

We have gathered the most famous, good, and engaging stories by Ellen Robena Field, suitable for girls and boys who are preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, as well as toddlers and children in their early years (EYFS). These stories have been carefully selected and adapted to suit young readers, ensuring each story captivates their imagination while effectively teaching essential values.

The importance of Ellen Robena Field lies in her ability to create timeless stories that have entertained and educated children for generations. This collection is the perfect way to introduce children to her works and create lasting memories during story time, both at night and during library sessions at school. Her stories also serve as excellent read-aloud options, nurturing important pre-reading and language skills in young children.

Allow Ellen Robena Field’s unique storytelling style and the charming illustrations to keep your child entertained, while you take comfort in knowing they’re building a solid foundation for their future education. This collection is perfect for boys and girls in their early years, including preschoolers, kindergarteners, EYFS, and elementary students, ensuring a diverse mix of stories that will appeal to every child’s preference. Happy reading and sweet dreams!

Top 12 Ellen Robena Field for kids to read online:

  1. The Little New Year: In the story, Maurice is visited by the Little New Year who needs help distributing blessings. Maurice bundles up and goes outside to find a boy in a cart loaded with blessings labelled “Love” and “Kindness.” Together, they deliver gifts to an old man and a sick girl, and wherever they go they make people happy. Maurice is delighted when the New Year brings him a new baby brother and realizes the joy of being helpful. The story emphasizes the endless abundance of love and kindness, as long as people are willing to give it away. Readers can download an ebook version of the story in PDF format.
  2. Mother Nature’s House Cleaning: Mother Nature prepares for the arrival of Spring and her helpers March, April, and May. She enlists March’s help to clean up the post-winter world, using rain to wash away snow and the wind to clear the skies. March also plants seeds, encourages trees to bud, and brings back songbirds to kickstart Spring’s arrival. Mother Nature thanks March for his help and plans to call upon him again for her next cleaning day. A downloadable eBook of the story is available.
  3. How the raindrops and sunbeams helped: Mother Nature sends a message to her helpers, the Sunbeams and the Raindrops, to wake up her sleeping babies and start preparing for a busy summer. The Sunbeams and Raindrops work together to wake up the plants, call back the birds, and help the cocoons open so that the butterflies can come out. As the flowers bloom and the birds sing, everyone is thankful for the arrival of spring, and Mother Nature is pleased with the hard work of her little helpers. The story includes a downloadable ebook (PDF) to read offline or print.
  4. Rock-a-bye baby: A little girl named Helena played with her dolls under a maple tree. Mother Nature sang a lullaby and rocked tiny brown cradles holding leaf babies in the treetop. As the babies grew, they fell out of their cradles and spread green parasols to provide shade. When autumn arrived, the babies went dancing with the wind to meet King Winter. New leaf babies sleep in tiny cradles waiting for Spring to visit Earth and wake each “baby in the tree top.” An ebook is available to read offline or print.
  5. Mr. Frog’s Story: A conversation takes place between the narrator and Mr. Frog who tells the story of his transformation from a tadpole to a frog. Mr. Frog recalls his life cycle, growing from an egg in a globe of clear white jelly to a tadpole with no legs or feet, using his tail to paddle and later growing legs and a long slender tongue to catch insects with. Mr. Frog lives beside the brook with his family and cousins, the toads, occasionally singing to their tadpole children about growing up to be toads and frogs. The story ends with Mr. Frog bidding farewell and jumping back into the brook. A downloadable ebook (PDF) of the story is available.
  6. The Robin: The story is about a person who meets travellers who are birds returning to their previous accommodations and finding new places to live in the North during spring. One bird, Robin Redbreast, visits the protagonist at twilight to show the person his new home and asks for help with lining it with hair and feathers for his eggs. The bird and his mate raise their young in the nest until they are old enough to fly away. The Redbreasts continue to stay in the North for a while before eventually flying toward the Sunny South. The story comes with an ebook download link.
  7. The Lily Sisters: This is a story about three little sisters who lived in a beautiful palace and were taught by Dame Nature to do loving work for the Great King. One of the sisters was always discontented and refused to play with the sunbeams and raindrops. However, the Great King saw how well the two good little sisters tried to do and sent the sunbeams to awaken the palace inhabitants for a crowning ceremony. The two good sisters were crowned with white robes and golden crowns, while the other sister regretted her behavior and eventually faded away. Visitors came to congratulate the sisters, including a little girl named Ruth who shared the story of Easter, and how the Great King’s Son did wonderful work for the people of the beautiful palace.
  8. Nature’s Violet Children: The story is about a colony of violets living on a sunny hill in the woods. One day, a little girl comes to pick some of them, but the violets beg her not to take them away. However, she does take them home, and the violets feel homesick and begin to wither. A canary bird in a nearby cage sings to them, encouraging them to cheer up and make someone happy by blooming. The violets eventually listen to the bird and begin to grow. Mother Nature gives them each a lovely violet cap, and the little girl is happy to see her buds have blossomed, making others happy too.
  9. Baby Caterpillar: A baby caterpillar in a green world grows tired and decides to sleep in a cozy cradle made of a soft, silky blanket. As fall comes, Jack Frost tries to play with the cradle but cannot find the sleepy caterpillar. When winter arrives, King Winter gently rocks the cradle and whispers for the baby to sleep. In the spring, the caterpillar wakes up to a beautiful yellow gown and flies away as a butterfly. Downloads of an ebook version of the story are available.
  10. Buttercup Gold: A man finds a pot of gold and tries to hide it, but on the way, the coins fall out of his bag due to a hole he didn’t notice. When he tries to find his treasure, he discovers that a fairy has turned it into yellow flowers that bring joy to everyone, rich or poor. An ebook (PDF) download link is available for offline reading or printing.
  11. Changing Seasons: The story is about a magical forest where the trees change throughout the seasons. During the summer, the trees have green leaves, the flowers bloom and the animals play. But as fall arrives, the trees turn golden and red, the leaves fall, and the forest becomes quiet as the animals prepare for winter. The story ends with the forest covered in snow, but the children play and laugh, knowing that spring is just around the corner. The article also provides a link to download the story as an ebook (PDF).
  12. The Babies’ Blankets: Mother Nature is concerned about her babies freezing in the cold, and asks Father Winter for blankets. King Winter sends Snowflake and friends to cover the earth in snow, protecting the babies. The children enjoy playing in the snow, not realizing that it is keeping the babies warm.

In conclusion, Ellen Robena Field was an incredibly talented and inspiring children’s author who brought joy to countless young readers through her vivid storytelling and captivating characters. Her legacy lives on in the top 12 stories she penned, which continue to spark children’s imaginations and teach valuable lessons on love, friendship, and perseverance. As you explore the magical world of Ellen Robena Field’s writings, remember the importance of keeping the spirit of wonder alive in your own lives and never stop seeking adventure, no matter where you find it.