Halloween ABC

A is for Autumn, with leaves falling down. Feel them crunch under your feet as you trick or treat around the town.

B is for Boo! that you shout with delight, Scaring friends silly, in the moon’s soft light.

C is for Carve, shaping your pumpkin, With a happy face, that’s beaming and grinning.

D is for Dracula, who comes out at night. With a dark flowing cape and fangs gleaming white.

E is for Evening, when day takes flight, Every corner is filled with fright.

F is for Frankenstein, big and green, He鈥檚 one of the silliest monsters ever seen!

G is for Ghost, floating so high, Giggling and glistening in the moon-lit sky.

H is for Haunted House, so big and scary. Come inside if you are brave, but be very wary!

I is for Imagination, fun and inspiring. It’s what makes Halloween so exciting.

J is for Jack-o’-lantern, with a light that glows with joy. Just place one on your porch, each sweet girl and boy.

K is for Knocking, on doors we go, Kind folks give candies, in the spooky glow.

L is for Laughter, loud and clear. A happy sound during Halloween fear.

M is for Mask, kids wear with delight, Making Halloween a wonderful fright.

N is for Neighbors, doors we knock, As we go trick-or-treating around the block.

O is for Outfit, so frightfully cool, Halloween night, and you rule the school.

P is for Pumpkin, round and bright. We carve a face that shines in the night.

Q is for Quiver, because you’re so scared. But proud you may be, for you dared.

R is for Run, from door to door, Collecting sweets, who could ask for more?

S is for Skeletons, they rattle and clatter, When you hear their bones, you might scurry and scatter.

T is for Trick or Treat, Bags full of candies that are sweet.

U is for Unique, each costume on display, Underneath the lanterns light, on this festive day.

V is for Vampire, flying in the night. In his velvet cape, giving everyone a fright.

W is for Witch, stirring her brew. In her scary cauldron, she cackles 鈥淏oo!鈥

X is for Xylophone, playing a spooky tune. In the bright light of Halloween’s moon.

Y is for Yummy, delicious treats we receive, Chocolates or candies, on the Halloween eve.

Z is for Zombie, quietly strolling at night. He’s searching for brains, but don’t worry, he won’t bite.

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