Two Ghosts

Once upon a time, in a quaint little town, two peculiar friends came to life every Halloween night. They were tall, white ghosts, who, for the rest of the year, resided quietly in the local graveyard.

One Halloween, the first ghost, who we’ll call ‘Whisper,’ decided to venture into the town. Whisper was a playful spirit who loved giving folks a bit of a startle. On this night, he found two small boys playfully throwing pumpkins. Seeing an opportunity for fun, Whisper floated behind them, making eerie noises. The boys, startled by the sudden ghostly sounds, tumbled down in surprise. They scampered away, laughing and chattering about their encounter with the real ghost of Halloween.

Whisper then floated over to a little window where an elderly lady lived with her old black cat. He peeked inside the window, just as the lady was telling her cat a spooky Halloween story. When she spotted Whisper’s ghostly figure outside her window, she gave a startled scream and fainted onto her rocking chair, while her cat jumped high into the air.

Feeling satisfied with his night’s adventures, Whisper moved back towards the graveyard, the place where he felt most at home. After all, it was the proper place for ghosts like him, amidst the silent tombstones and the quiet whispers of the past.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, another ghost named ‘Moan’ began its nocturnal journey. Moan was different from Whisper, always weeping and wailing, his cries echoing through the town. Moan wasn’t trying to scare anyone intentionally, it was just his way of expressing himself. But his mournful sounds often scared the children who were still out and about.

This Halloween, Moan, too, decided to head back to the graveyard, his spectral face set towards the tombstones that he called home. As he approached the entrance gate, he saw the white figure of Whisper floating towards him.

Now, you would think that ghosts wouldn’t be afraid of each other, right? Well, Whisper and Moan hadn’t expected to encounter another ghost that night. Startled by the sight of each other at the graveyard gate, they both screamed, their ghostly voices echoing through the silent graveyard.

“What are you doing here, Whisper?” Moan asked, his voice trembling.

“I could ask you the same thing, Moan!” replied Whisper, looking equally surprised.

They both looked at each other, then burst out in laughter. Even ghosts could have funny encounters on Halloween night!

And so, the two ghosts, having had their fill of adventure, settled down in the graveyard, swapping stories and enjoying the peaceful night. From that Halloween onwards, they decided to explore together, making their spooktacular appearance a cherished tradition of the little town.

And the children in town, they knew, every time they heard a playful whisper or a mournful moan, it was just their friendly neighborhood ghosts, Whisper and Moan, celebrating their favorite night of the year. They’d giggle and huddle a little closer, their Halloween made all the more exciting by the two gentle ghosts.