Secret Halloween

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, when Grandma was a young maiden of sixteen, the world was quite like it is today. Young hearts were curious and full of dreams, not very different from yours, dear child.

Grandma had a friend named Prudence, a sprightly girl brimming with mischief and enthusiasm. Grandma’s family were very serious people, Quakers, who wanted her to be dignified and serene. But the two young hearts were full of spirit and adventure, hiding their mischief behind their innocent smiles.

One autumn, they learned about the magical charm night called Hallowe’en, when witches flew across the moon, and pumpkin lanterns glowed bright. They knew their parents would not approve of such mystical matters, but they couldn’t help their burning curiosity. So, they secretly made plans for the Hallowe’en, speaking in hushed whispers and giggling in the corners.

The day arrived and to avoid any suspicion, Grandma decided to go to Prudence’s house to learn a new pattern to tat. Tatting was considered a ladylike and harmless activity, so off she went, with her family’s blessings.

That night, the girls went to bed unusually early, leaving the grown-ups rather surprised. However, sleep was far from their minds as they lay there in the darkness, whispering and waiting. Once the house was silent, and the grown-ups were fast asleep, they crept out of their beds, as quiet as little mice.

Under the cloak of the midnight hour, they stepped out into the open air, holding small mirrors in their hands. They each bit into an apple and recited a charm, all the while stepping backward under the sparkling stars. They hoped that the magic of Hallowe’en would reveal a glimpse of their future husbands.

Now, as Grandma munched down to the core of her apple, she took a look in her mirror and gasped. There, reflecting in the glass was the face of a handsome young man. A year later, she married that very man, and he became your Grandpapa!

As for Prudence, she didn’t have the same luck. For when she looked into her mirror, instead of a handsome man, she saw the face of her grandfather’s old, ugly ram! Startled, she ran away, always a bit frightened of Hallowe’en.

And so, dear child, every Hallowe’en brings with it a little bit of magic and mystery. Even though the thought of seeing an ugly old ram might be scary, remember that it’s just a part of the charm of Hallowe’en, and who knows, maybe one day, you will discover your own magic on this special night.

With that, let’s close our eyes and drift off to dreamland, where adventures and magic are waiting just for you. Goodnight, my little dreamer.