Howard R. Garis

Howard R. Garis

Welcome to the Top 25 Howard R. Garis stories for kids! This fantastic collection of short stories is perfect for children of all ages to read online or download as a free pdf. These bedtime tales have been carefully selected to entertain and educate boys and girls, providing an enjoyable and engaging reading experience. Available in printable formats and with pictures, each story will captivate your child’s imagination and aid in their learning journey.

Howard R. Garis is famous for creating fun, educational stories that have enchanted young readers for generations. His well-crafted tales are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, and children in the early years of their educational journey. These stories, available in English, offer a mix of classic and modern lessons, teaching essential morals through entertaining and adventurous plots.

Reading these stories together will create a special bond between you and your children, whether you’re reading aloud or enjoying the available audio versions. With a wide variety of characters, settings, and storylines, this Top 25 collection is perfect for kids who enjoy longer fairy tales or short, simple stories to tell before bedtime. Ensuring both boys and girls have a good night’s sleep, these stories will become a staple of your child’s bedtime routine, helping them relax and drift off into peaceful slumber.

In addition to being enjoyable, these tales promote literacy skills and stimulate the imagination of toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids. Extend your child’s learning beyond the classroom with a diverse collection of famous Howard R. Garis stories, the perfect addition to any story time session. So, gather your children and dive into this captivating world of adventure, friendship, and valuable life lessons!

Top 25 Howard R. Garis for kids to read online:

  1. Uncle Wiggily’s Halloween Fun: The story is about Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends who are excited to celebrate Halloween. They dress up in costumes and ride around in Uncle Wiggily’s car, having fun with their masks, tin horns, and rattlety-bang-bangs. During their ride, they encounter a real bear who tries to attack Uncle Wiggily but ends up tearing off his stuffed-stocking elephant trunk instead. The animal friends then go out for hot chocolate before heading home. The story ends with Uncle Wiggily having another adventure the next day.
  2. Uncle Wiggily and Puss in Boots: In the story, Uncle Wiggily sets out to buy new rubber boots, and on his way, he meets three cats: Puss in Boots who had lost his boots, a mother cat with three kittens who had lost their mittens, and Cat Mole with a burned petticoat. Uncle Wiggily helps them all by giving Puss in Boots his new boots, and providing the mother cat with red yarn to knit new mittens for her kittens, and Cat Mole with a white flannel patch to repair her burnt petticoat. Later, when the bad Woozie Wolf tries to attack Uncle Wiggily, the three cats come to his aid and save the day.
  3. Uncle Wiggily makes a cherry pie: In the story, Uncle Wiggily meets a hedgehog who is unwell and wishes for cherry pie to feel better. Uncle Wiggily helps him make a cherry pie and teaches him how to remove the pits. They eat the pie with a circus dog who was crying. Uncle Wiggily and the dog spend the night and have more pie the next day. Uncle Wiggily declines an offer to stay for a long time and instead continues his travels to seek his fortune.
  4. Uncle Wiggily’s icicle maker: Uncle Wiggily comes across icicles shaped like rainbows and meets Jack Frost. Jack Frost gives Uncle Wiggily a magic toy to make icicles. Uncle Wiggily uses the toy to make an icicle bridge, icicle ladder, and even icicle clothes sticks to help his friends. However, the bad Fox tries to catch Uncle Wiggily, but he creates a cage of icicles and traps the Fox.
  5. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In the story, Uncle Wiggily is on his way to buy Christmas presents on a snowy day. As he passes by different animal homes, he learns that some children will not be getting presents because their chimneys are clogged with soot. Uncle Wiggily enlists the help of some crows who volunteer to deliver handmade presents that Uncle Wiggily himself gathered from friends to the children through their chimneys without them knowing. The next morning, the children wake up to delightful presents and wish each other a Merry Christmas.
  6. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: In this story, Uncle Wiggily hears a group of boys talking about blowing out the Old Year and waking up the New Year with horns, but feels sad for a poor boy who doesn’t have a horn. So, with the help of his friend Billie the goat, Uncle Wiggily makes two horns by attaching wooden whistles to Billie’s old horns and gives them to the poor boy and his sister as a surprise. The children blow the horns to welcome the New Year, and everyone else in the village does the same with their own horns and whistles.
  7. Uncle Wiggily’s Valentine: Uncle Wiggily makes a valentine in secret for Nurse Jane, but gives it to a sad little girl who can’t afford to buy a valentine for her teacher. Uncle Wiggily finds a unique way of making another valentine. The little girl is thrilled with her gift, and the teacher loves it too.
  8. Uncle Wiggily and the Mushroom: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and the prickly porcupine travel together, and the porcupine recalls how he saved Wiggily from a bear. Despite their lack of luck in finding Wiggily’s fortune, they enjoy each other’s company and encounter a dangerous snake. The porcupine saves them once again, and they take refuge on a growing mushroom as the snake chases them. A policeman comes to their rescue, and Uncle Wiggily learns an important lesson about traveling together.
  9. Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming: Uncle Wiggily decides to take a swim while hopping through the forest. He jumps off the diving board but gets stuck in the mud and needs help from Bully and Bawly, two young frogs. Later, Fuzzy Fox tries to capture Uncle Wiggily to nibble on his ears, but Bully and Bawly come up with a clever trick to save him. They use a diving board as a catapult to throw a rock at the Fox, and Uncle Wiggily and the frogs escape safely.
  10. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: In this story, Uncle Wiggily meets a girl who is unhappy because of her freckles. With the help of some birds and their speckled eggs, Uncle Wiggily shows the girl that freckles can be beautiful, and she leaves with a glad smile. The story teaches the lesson that it’s important to appreciate and love ourselves just the way we are.
  11. Uncle Wiggily’s Fourth of July: Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit gentleman who lives near real boys and girls, is warned by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to be extra careful on the Fourth of July. Uncle Wiggily has forgotten it was the Fourth of July and worries that the real children might try to fasten a fire-cracker to his tail or explode a torpedo under his nose. While hopping through the woods, Uncle Wiggily overhears a sick boy in a hammock talking to his nurse about how he won’t be able to have any fun on the Fourth of July. Uncle Wiggily helps the boy by bringing him green puff balls that burst with a Fourth of July noise when squeezed. The boy enjoys celebrating the Fourth of July with these puff balls and firefly-lightning bugs. Uncle Wiggily is glad the boy liked it and hops home.
  12. Uncle Wiggily’s Picnic: Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends have a picnic in the woods. When it starts to rain, they take shelter and their food stays safe, but the children from another picnic haven’t been so lucky. Uncle Wiggily and his friends make baskets of food and secretly lower them to the children from the trees, making it seem like fairies left them a special lunch. Everyone has a good time and a jolly feast.
  13. Uncle Wiggily and the Camping Boys: Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty discover a group of camping boys in the woods who are in trouble as a result of the heavy rain, with water around their tent. The kind-hearted animals, including Uncle Wiggily and four beavers, dig a ditch so that the excess water runs off and the boys can stay dry. The next day, the boys put out food for the animals to thank them and learn how to properly pitch a tent to prevent water buildup in the future.
  14. Uncle Wiggily at the Seashore: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and a grasshopper go to the seashore to search for the rabbit’s fortune. Uncle Wiggily tries to find gold by digging in the sand, but instead he unintentionally creates a well that fills up with water. A crab pinches Uncle Wiggily’s tail, demanding a thousand pieces of cheese for his supper, but a big wave washes the crab away. In the end, Uncle Wiggily is glad to have his tail and realizes that he doesn’t need gold to be happy.
  15. Uncle Wiggily and the Lobster: The story is about Uncle Wiggily, an old rabbit who is seeking his fortune at the seashore. He is in search of a place to sleep and with the help of his friend, the grasshopper, they look for a suitable spot but can’t find any. The grasshopper eventually suggests Uncle Wiggily sleep under some driftwood on the beach. Later, Uncle Wiggily is almost carried away by a lobster who wanted to have him for dinner. Luckily, a kind man who was out to save anyone in need of help rescues him. In the end, Uncle Wiggily gets to go back to his wood-and-seaweed house and have a peaceful night’s sleep.
  16. Uncle Wiggily and the Clam: Uncle Wiggily, an old rabbit who lives by the seashore, has a scary encounter with a lobster but becomes friends with a grasshopper. Together they search for his fortune that he heard could be found on the seashore. They ask children, clams, and starfish but find nothing until the grasshopper suggests they go bathing. While swimming, a dangerous fish called toggle-taggle holds onto Uncle Wiggily’s leg and tries to take him to his den under the rocks. The rabbit manages to escape with the help of a brave clam. Uncle Wiggily continues his search for the fortune with more adventures ahead.
  17. Uncle Wiggily and the Starfish: Uncle Wiggily is hoppping along the beach looking for his fortune when he comes across a horseshoe crab. The crab cannot help him find his fortune, so Uncle Wiggily takes a nap under some seaweed. A sea spider sees Uncle Wiggily and tries to trap him in a cobweb. The starfish comes to his rescue and Uncle Wiggily thanks the starfish by giving him a piece of pie. Uncle Wiggily thanks the starfish and hurries on to find his fortune.
  18. Uncle Wiggily and the Crab: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes to the beach to find his fortune and meets a “slippery” eel who warns him not to eat the shiny object he found, which turns out to be glass. Later, Uncle Wiggily finds a mysterious card telling him to dig, but it turns out to be a trap set by a wolf. A helpful horseshoe crab tricks the wolf and saves Uncle Wiggily, who thanks him and hops away. Downloads of the story in PDF format are available.
  19. Uncle Wiggily and the Watermelon: Uncle Wiggily and the Slow Snail go on an adventure to find his fortune. When they reach the top of a hill, Uncle Wiggily sees a green thing that he thinks is a football and decides to kick it. Instead, it turns out to be a watermelon. They eat it up and encounter a bear, forcing Uncle Wiggily to hide in the hollowed out watermelon while they roll down the hill. The bear discovers the trick but gets hit in the face with melon pieces, allowing Uncle Wiggily to escape and continue searching for his fortune.
  20. Uncle Wiggily Goes Berry Picking: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Kittie Kat are searching for Uncle Wiggily’s fortune. Along the way, they encounter danger from a wolf, but the red monkey comes to their rescue, disguised as a berry bush. The old lady who helps them find the location of his fortune thanks them by giving them a berry pie.
  21. Uncle Wiggily and the Lemonade Stand: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure in his airship to bring back some honey for Nurse Jane. Meanwhile, two squirrel boys set up a lemonade stand but all the sugar is taken. They decide to sell the sour lemonade anyway but nobody wants it. Uncle Wiggily saves the day by sweetening the lemonade with the honey he bought, and the squirrel boys make enough money to buy ice cream cones.
  22. Uncle Wiggily and the Watering Hose: In this story, it has been hot and dry, with no rain for a long time in animal land and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy is worried her garden will be spoiled, and they will have no strawberry shortcake. Uncle Wiggily Longears goes up in an airship to try and find rain but can’t. He later sees two puppy dog boys using a watering hose to tend their garden, and decides to buy one. He gets a hose for Nurse Jane’s garden, waters, cools down, and rests an ice-wagon horse, who gives him a big cake of ice, making Uncle Wiggily’s home cool. The story ends with rain coming the next day.
  23. Uncle Wiggily and the July Bug: In this story, Uncle Wiggily plans a picnic with his cat friend, but they wish more animals were present. A July bug offers to invite all of Uncle Wiggily’s friends to the picnic and becomes the messenger. After all the animals arrive and finish their lunch, two foxes appear. The July bug saves the day by bumping and banging the foxes with his wings, causing them to run away. Uncle Wiggly thanks his friends and prepares to continue his travels the following day.
  24. Uncle Wiggily and the Campfire: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, is stuck inside a berry bush and needs to find a way out. The bush suggests he dig a tunnel underneath it so he won’t get scratched by the prickly branches. After escaping, he travels to different places looking for his fortune but only finds a tin bank full of pennies inside a cat’s house. When the cat returns, Uncle Wiggily puts the bank back and the cat offers to help him look for his fortune in the woods. They end up camping out and having a close call with a three-headed wushky-woshky, but the campfire Uncle Wiggily built saves them. In the morning, they continue on their journey together.
  25. Uncle Wiggily and the Shell: The story follows Uncle Wiggily, an old gentleman rabbit who is looking for his fortune at the seashore despite being in pain from a previous injury. During his search, he encounters a snail, a hailstorm, and a little crab in need of help, but with the aid of a grasshopper and a pink shell, they all ended up okay. Finally, the grateful rabbit continues his journey alone with a few peanuts the little crab gave him.

In conclusion, the Top 25 Howard R. Garis stories provide young readers with an entertaining and engaging journey through the imaginative world of talking animals, curious children, and mystical lands. Garis’ delightful narratives, cleverly crafted characters, and valuable life lessons have captivated the hearts of readers for generations and continue to inspire a love for reading in today’s youth. By exploring these cherished tales, children are not only drawn into the adventures of Uncle Wiggily, Buddy Boy, and countless others, but also develop a deeper understanding of friendship, kindness, and the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges. Immerse yourself in the timeless magic of Howard R. Garis and experience the joy of storytelling that will forever remain a treasured part of childhood literature.