10 minute stories

10 minute stories

Introducing our fantastic collection of Top 79 10-minute stories for kids to read online! These tales are perfect for children who appreciate a good bedtime story before drifting off to sleep. Our wide range of free, printable, and downloadable PDF stories are specially crafted to suit the needs of kids – making it easier than ever to access and read during story time. This unique compilation offers diverse stories that cater to preschoolers, kindergarten kids, elementary schoolers, EYFS, and toddlers alike.

The importance of 10-minute stories cannot be overstated. They provide an opportunity for kids to engage in educational, short, and fun narratives that are easily digestible in a limited time frame. This makes it simple for children to absorb new ideas, values, and lessons, preparing them for a lifetime of learning. Our stories are designed with pictures and simple language to hold the attention of young readers while fostering their imagination.

Our selection includes classic fairy tales, good moral stories, and modern adaptations that appeal to both girls and boys. Moreover, our online library includes options for audio, English stories, and read-aloud formats to cater to various preferences and needs. These tales support children’s early years of development, making their learning experience more enjoyable. By incorporating this diverse range of stories into their night time routine, children can fall asleep with their minds buzzing with excitement and imagination. So browse through our exceptional collection of 10-minute stories and discover the perfect tale for your next story time adventure.

Top 79 10 minute stories for kids to read online:

  1. The Fir Tree: In this story, a young fir tree in a forest desperately wants to grow up and become as big and majestic as the other trees. After being cut down and brought indoors for Christmas, the fir tree is happy and admired, but is soon forgotten and left to wither away in a corner. The story is a reminder to be present and enjoy the present moment, rather than constantly striving for more and forgetting to appreciate the good things we already have.
  2. The Three Princes And The Princess Nouronnihar: In the story, a sultan in India has three sons who all want to marry his niece, Princess Nouronnihar. The sultan sends each son on a quest to bring back the most unique and valuable item. Prince Houssain buys a rug that transports people anywhere instantly, Ali buys an ivory tube that allows one to see things up close, and Ahmed buys an apple that cures illnesses. They return just in time to save Nouronnihar from a near-death experience, and the sultan decides to have a competition where the son who shoots an arrow the farthest will marry the princess. Ali wins, and they have a grand wedding ceremony. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  3. The Snow Queen: In this story, an evil troll creates a mirror that makes everything look ugly and bad. The mirror breaks and splinters enter the eyes and hearts of people, making them mean and cold-hearted. Kay, a boy, gets splinters in his eye and heart and becomes distant from his friend Gerda. He is then taken by the Snow Queen to her palace, and Gerda sets off on a dangerous journey to rescue him. After meeting various characters and overcoming challenges, Gerda finally reaches Kay and her warm tears thaw his frozen heart, breaking the spell. They return home as grownups but remain the same two little children in their hearts. A PDF ebook is available for download.
  4. Thumbelina: The story is about a woman who gets a little girl from a flower following the old witch’s instructions and calls her Thumbelina. While living with the woman, a toad takes the little girl and wants her to marry her son, but with the help of fish, Thumbelina escapes and sets off on a journey. She goes through adventures with a butterfly, a beetle, and eventually, a mouse who tries to force her to marry a mole. In spring, she meets a swallow who takes her to a warm country where she finds a boy fairy, marries him, and lives happily ever after as Maja. The story ends with the swallow singing their wedding song in Denmark.
  5. Prince Darling: The story begins with a king who is visited by a fairy in the form of a bunny, thanking him for not harming her. As a reward, the fairy offers to grant a wish, but the king asks for his son to become a good person. After the king’s death, the fairy gives his son a ring that stings him every time he misbehaves. Despite this, the prince behaves badly and throws the ring away. He meets a girl named Zelie and asks her to marry him, but she refuses because of his behavior. When Suliman, a wise man, criticizes the prince, he orders his capture. The fairy punishes the prince by transforming him into different beasts, and Suliman becomes the temporary ruler. Eventually, the prince proves himself by saving a man from a tiger and a girl from kidnappers. He is then transformed back into a human and is crowned king with Zelie by his side.
  6. The Adventures of Florian: A girl named Isabella, who had been taught skills typically taught to boys by her father, dressed up as a boy and went to the city looking for work. She met a wizard who hired her to work for him, where she stayed for several years. When she left, the wizard gave her three gifts to keep her safe on her journey to find a new job. She eventually found work with a prince and fell in love with him. When a wicked witch turned them all into stone, only Isabella and the prince, who was protected by one of the gifts, remained unscathed. The witch then sent them to the other side of the world, but Isabella was eventually able to rescue the prince and defeat the witch with the help of the wizard. The prince ended up marrying Isabella and they lived happily ever after.
  7. The Four Skillful Brothers: Four brothers set out on their own paths to find work and learn trades. The eldest became a skilled thief, the second a stargazer, the third a skilled hunter, and the fourth learned a unique cutting art. After four years, they reunited and returned home to their father. When the princess was kidnapped by a dragon, the brothers worked together to rescue her. They returned home safely but couldn’t decide who should marry the princess. The king rewarded them with a piece of land each, and they all lived happily ever after.
  8. The Six Servants: The story is about a prince who sets out to marry an angry queen’s beautiful daughter, despite the challenge of passing three difficult tests. On his journey, he meets six extraordinary men who become his servants. Together, they must retrieve the queen’s ring from the Red Sea, consume 300 cows and barrels of wine, and stand in a room with the princess all night without falling asleep. Ultimately, the prince and his men succeed in all the challenges and the princess marries the prince. However, due to her pride, she forces the prince to stand in a fire for three days. The prince’s servants help him succeed and the prince and princess live happily ever after.
  9. The Water of Life: The story is about a king with three sons who need to find the water of life to cure their father. Despite being rude, the youngest son is the only one who successfully completes the task and saves three kingdoms along the way. However, his older brothers steal the water and claim the credit for themselves, leading to the youngest son’s supposed betrayal. The king orders the youngest son’s death, but a friendly hunter saves him. Eventually, the truth is revealed, and the youngest son is declared the true savior and marries a princess, becoming lord of the kingdom.
  10. The Christmas Masquerade: A shopkeeper with beautiful costumes opens in a town where the mayor has promised to reimburse the costs for all poor children to attend his Christmas masquerade. The night of the party, all the costumes appear to have taken over the children’s personalities, causing chaos throughout the city. Eventually, the eldest daughter of the mayor remembers a smart cherry man and enlists his help to catch the shopkeeper, who lives in a cherry tree. The shopkeeper agrees to free the children from the costumes if two conditions are met: a law is passed ensuring all poor children receive a stocking filled with gifts every Christmas, and the cherry man marries Violetta. The children are freed, the law is passed, and the cherry man and Violetta marry with beautiful wedding gifts left by the shopkeeper.
  11. Toinette and the elves: Toinette is a girl who meets an elf named Thistle, who is stuck on a thorn. After helping him, Thistle gives Toinette some fern seeds that make her invisible. She decides to test them out and realizes her family doesn’t appreciate or respect her. She changes her attitude and becomes kinder towards them. Thistle returns on Christmas Eve with more fern seeds, which Toinette uses to surprise her siblings. Thistle and his elf friends teach Toinette how to make fern seed broth and remind her to always be happy, have a good mood, and be kind for true happiness.
  12. Twelfth Night: The story is about a Duke named Orsino who is in love with Countess Olivia but she despises him. Viola, a young girl who was rescued from a shipwreck, disguises herself as a boy and becomes Orsino’s servant. Orsino sends Viola to Olivia with a message, but Olivia falls in love with Viola instead. Sir Andrew, a rejected lover of Olivia, challenges Viola to a duel, but the fight is stopped by the officers. Meanwhile, Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian, arrives and marries Olivia, not knowing that she mistook him for Viola. Orsino visits Olivia with Viola, thinking Olivia married Viola, and they all reveal their true identities. Orsino falls in love with Viola, and Sebastian and Olivia are happy together.
  13. Pooh And Piglet Go Hunting And Nearly Catch A Woozle: In this story, Piglet and Pooh go on a hunt for a Woozle and get increasingly paranoid about hostile animals joining in. Christopher Robin finds them and points out that they were just following their own tracks in circles. Pooh admits to being foolish and deluded, but Christopher Robin assures him that he’s still the best bear in all the world. Piglet uses this as an excuse to go back home for lunch. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  14. Snow-white and Rose-red: This story is about two sisters, Snow-white and Rose-red, who live with their mother in a cottage near a forest. They have kind hearts and help a bear who comes seeking shelter. They play with him every night until he tells them he must leave to guard his treasure from wicked dwarfs. Later, they encounter the same dwarf in different situations, where they help him but he is always ungrateful and rude. In the end, the dwarf is attacked by a bear who is really a prince under enchantment. The sisters marry the two brothers and share the great treasure found in the dwarf’s cave.
  15. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, a nice old warrior had a beautiful daughter who took no interest in frivolous things and lived a very quiet life, but many suitors desired her hand. She said she would consider only someone who could amuse, interest, and accompany her. Many men tried to win her over but failed miserably. To break her proud spirit and bring her sorrow, the young men of the village went to a great man, Whirlwind, and asked for his help. They knocked her down, and her father banished Whirlwind. Whirlwind and his best friend, Rain, left the village, causing the land to become parched. The animals failed to find them and so, the Chief called on the birds. Sparrow found them, and they returned the next day, bringing rain and wind. Sparrow was praised, and the people promised never to hunt Sparrows for game nor kill them for food or their feathers.
  16. The tears of princess Prunella: This story is about Princess Prunella who is bored and needs a playmate. When her parents invite numerous princes and princesses to come and play with her, she chooses deaf Robert, the son of the court musician, as her playmate. She leaves the castle to find Robert when he declines the offer, and they become friends. However, Robert is not happy at the castle and becomes sadder every day. He tells the princess that he cannot hear her crying, and she gets angry with him. Robert goes on a journey, during which he does something brave, something nice, something foolish, and something wise. When he returns, he kisses the princess’s finger and heals it, and they both live happily ever after.
  17. The Silent Princess: In this story set in ancient Turkey, a prince who has grown up irresponsibly throws a ball at an old woman’s pitcher, but escapes punishment when the woman curses him to fall in love with the silent princess. The prince eventually falls ill and his father permits him to find the princess to be cured. The prince undergoes many difficulties to reach the palace where the princess lives, but a nightingale helps him devise plans to make her speak. The princess, daughter of a sultan, finally speaks three times to the prince and agrees to marry him.
  18. The Snowman: In this short story, a snowman comes to life and is fascinated by the sun and moon. He longs to move and slide like the boys he sees, but the old yard dog tells him he will only learn to move when the sun teaches him. The snowman becomes fixated on the warmth and light of a stove in the house, and when the weather warms and he begins to melt, the dog explains that he had a stove scraper in his body. The snowman disappears, and nobody thinks about him anymore.
  19. Batcha and the dragon: The story is about a shepherd named Batcha who discovers a magical cave filled with precious stones and sleeping snakes. He gets trapped inside overnight and is warned not to tell anyone. After getting back to his wife, he breaks the promise to the old snake and tells a stranger. The stranger reveals himself to be the Wizard of the Mountain and forces Batcha to accompany him to the cave where a dragon flies out and takes Batcha on a terrifying ride. Batcha asks a skylark to take a message to God for help, which saves him from the dragon’s capture. In the end, Batcha is back home, grateful to be alive and reunited with his wife.
  20. Zlatovlaska with the golden hair: This story is about a king who can talk to animals, and how his cook Yirik learns the secret. When the king hears about a golden-haired princess, he sends Yirik to find her, but gives him three difficult tasks to complete before he can marry her. With help from the animals, Yirik completes the tasks and finds the princess. But when they return to the kingdom, the king betrays Yirik and kills him. The princess brings him back to life with special water, but when the king hopes to do the same for himself, it goes terribly wrong and Yirik becomes the new king and marries the princess.
  21. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story is about a nasty little goblin named Midnight who plays pranks on animals, but runs away and hides in a wood after they chase him. He finds himself in a cellar of a house with children, who become his friends and share their home with him. During New Year’s Day, he accidentally reveals himself as a spirit of fire and warmth and becomes the star of the show, bringing joy and happiness to everyone he meets.
  22. The ice king and his wonderful grandchild: The story is about Uller, a fairy who was the patron of boys and girls. He invented skates and sleds and had charge of things in winter. Uller got married to Skadi, a huntress and the mother of his daughters. Uller’s offspring were called the Six White Sisters who later turned into one. They married the fire fairy, Vuur, and had a child named Stoom. Stoom was mischievous and had destructive behavior. However, when used properly and treated well, he is greater than any giant or fairy that ever was.
  23. The snowdrop: The story follows the journey of a snowdrop flower, which grew under the snow and waited for the summer to bloom. It faced harsh winter winds and was eventually plucked by a girl, kissed, then put inside a letter to be sent away. The flower ended up in a book and was later rediscovered by a man who admired its beauty and placed it back into the book.
  24. The animals’ Christmas tree: The story is about how the animals in the forest decided to have their own Christmas tree after learning about the tradition from the swallows. They held a meeting to plan and each animal chose what they wanted to put on the tree. However, the pig chose a pail of mud as his gift, causing an uproar among the other animals who demanded he choose something else. In the end, the animals were able to have their tree and the tradition of hanging little images of animals on the Christmas tree also spread to humans. A downloadable ebook of the story is available.
  25. A Christmas present for mother: In this story, the little prince’s mother wants a jar of rosemary for Christmas. The prince sends his servants to find it, but they can’t, so he goes to an old woman’s house himself. She won’t sell it, so the prince gives her his beloved golden ball in exchange. The little sick child who lives with the old woman loves the ball and talks about it all the time. Later, when the queen receives her gifts, she is delighted to see the jar of rosemary and says it is the best gift she could have received. The prince is rewarded with his mother’s love and affection.
  26. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: Old Mother Bear is knitting a stocking for Santa Claus to fill on Christmas Eve, but when several animals come to her door with no stockings of their own, she quickly gifts them the stockings she has knitted. The animals return the favor by creating a giant stocking for Old Mother Bear, filled with gifts from everyone, including Santa. Old Mother Bear and Santa dance merrily, wearing the socks she knit for him.
  27. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: In this story, Granny and Little Gretchen live in a small log hut on the edge of a forest; they are very poor but Granny works hard to collect twigs and branches to sell. With Christmas approaching, Gretchen hopes for a gift, but Granny tells her they are too poor. On the morning of Christmas, Gretchen wakes up to find a bird in her shoe that needs help, and she spends the day taking care of it and delivering fir branches to an elderly sick man. Gretchen is grateful for a beautiful Christmas and learns that the spirit of giving is more important than receiving gifts.
  28. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In the story, Uncle Wiggily sets out to do some Christmas shopping with Grandfather Goosey Gander, braving the snow and cold. He meets many friends along the way and fills his basket with presents for all. On the way back, he hears of two boys who won’t be getting Christmas presents because their chimney is blocked. Uncle Wiggily has an idea to help, and with the help of some friendly crows, they manage to deliver presents to all the boys and girls who need them, making it a Merry Christmas for all.
  29. The Pomegranate seeds: This story is about a mother named Ceres who had to leave her daughter Proserpina to go tend to the plants on Earth. Ceres warned Proserpina not to go too far into the fields, but Proserpina was lured into the underworld by King Pluto and got trapped there. Ceres searched for her daughter for months and eventually found out where she was from a man named Quicksilver. Proserpina was allowed to return to her mother, but because she ate six pomegranate seeds in the underworld, she had to spend six months of every year with King Pluto.
  30. King Frost and King Winter: King Winter is a wealthy and selfish king who lives near the North Pole. When he sees the beautiful gold and precious stones spread on the trees by King Frost, he sends his fairies to beat off the leaves and gather up the treasure to add to his wealth. King Frost seeks revenge and attacks King Winter’s palace in a battle between the winter and frost fairies. The winter fairies are defeated, and King Winter loses his magic cloak, which the frost fairies use to decorate the trees and make the woods beautiful again.
  31. Prince Winter: The story is about the Prince of Winter who reigns over the land with his cold, harsh eyes and freezing temperatures, causing everything in the kingdom to wither and die. As Winter’s birds and animals suffer hunger and cold, the Prince of Spring arrives with his warmth and music, challenging Winter’s rule and bringing renewed life to the land.
  32. Alice in Wonderland: Down the rabbit hole: In this story, a girl named Alice gets bored and follows a white rabbit with a watch down a rabbit hole. She falls for a long time, passing strange things, until she lands and finds herself in a long hall. She tries to open doors and eventually finds a small door that leads to a beautiful garden, but she can’t fit through it. Alice grows smaller and then larger by drinking and eating things she finds until she finally cries because she can’t reach the key to open the door.
  33. Baba Yaga: This is a story about a couple who wished for a child and their wish was granted through a stick which turned into a boy. One day, a Baba Jaga, a terrible witch, hears the mother calling out to the boy and tricks him into going with her, locking him in a cage to fatten him up. A servant girl goes to search for the boy, ends up working for the witch to find him, and is given advice by a little cat to escape with the boy by rubbing tar on the witch’s eyes while she sleeps. They escape and the cat decides not to help the witch when she wakes up unable to open her eyes. They all live happily ever after, and the story highlights the theme of loyalty and the rewards that come with it.
  34. The Raven: In this Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, a Queen utters a wish to get some peace from her restless daughter causing the child to turn into a raven and fly away. A man hears the raven’s cry and follows her to a wood where she tells him how he can set her free. However, the man keeps falling asleep and fails to rescue the raven, who gives him a ring and a letter before leaving. After much hardship, the man finally finds the golden castle of Stromberg, where the raven is held captive. With the help of three magical items, he gains entry into the castle, frees the raven, and marries her.
  35. Alice in Wonderland: the pool of tears: Alice grows tall, sheds tears that form a pool, and shrinks again. She talks to a mouse in French, which scares it, and tries to talk about cats and dogs, which also scares it. The mouse agrees to tell her why it hates cats and dogs when they reach the shore, which is crowded with birds and beasts that have slipped into the pool.
  36. Soria Moria castle: The story is about a good-for-nothing young man named Halvor who ended up on a strange shore after a sea voyage. He discovered a castle where a princess was being held captive by a troll and was able to rescue her with the help of a magical bottle and sword. This led to a series of adventures where he rescued the princess’ two sisters and eventually married the youngest one. After visiting his parents and telling them about his achievements, he lost the princesses and went on a journey to find them. With the help of magical boots and the west wind, he was able to find the castle where the princesses were at and ended up marrying the youngest one.
  37. Was it the field fairy?: The story is about two orphans, Jack and Nina, who work for a cruel man named Simon in exchange for a roof over their heads and food. One day, Simon tells Jack to take their cow to the butcher, but on the way, Jack is visited by a helpful fairy who offers to help them in a unique way. She suggests changing Simon into a kind man instead of changing the cow’s fate. After a fire accident and the cow coming back home, Simon starts treating Jack and Nina kindly, buying them new clothes, sending them to school, and even giving them a horse and carriage to go to school. Jack thinks that the Field Fairy changed Simon into a kind man, but Nina thinks it was because they were kind to Simon when he was sick and helpless.
  38. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: In this story, there was a young giant named Energy who was very strong but couldn’t get any work done because he was too clumsy. He went to the mountains to rest but couldn’t bear to not help, so he went to the valley and asked for work. A good woman gave him tasks, such as carrying a basket of china or a pitcher of milk, but he failed. She advised him to go to Fairy Skill for help. He followed her instructions and learned skills like weaving and pottery. After some trials, he made a beautiful carpet, cup, and chain, which he gave to the good woman. This helped him become a helper in the world.
  39. Alice in Wonderland: The rabbit sends in a Bill: In this chapter, Alice meets the White Rabbit again who is in search of his fan and gloves. Alice goes to his house to find them, drinks a potion that makes her grow too big and later eats a cake that makes her shrink down again. She runs into a puppy and then encounters a caterpillar smoking a pipe on top of a mushroom. Alice is still determined to find her way to the lovely garden and grow back to her right size. There is a download link provided for the chapter.
  40. The little dog and the big dog: The story is about two dogs, Big Dog and Little Dog, who want to visit the king. Little Dog is noisy and hasty, while Big Dog is calm and thoughtful. They encounter obstacles on their journey, such as a river and a bear, but Big Dog remains brave and finds a way to overcome them. When they reach the king’s palace, Big Dog gets trapped, but Little Dog seeks help and saves him. As a reward, they are invited to a feast by the king and become even better friends.
  41. What the flowers told Martha: Martha visits her grandmother in the countryside and sits on the porch alone while everyone takes a nap. A bee tells her that the flowers in the garden want to talk to her. Martha walks to the Rose Bush, where a rose tells her a story about how it came to have thorns. The Jonquil then tells Martha about Narcissus and why it loves to be near water. The Tulip shares stories about blooming in Constantinople and a land where children look like stuffed dolls. Martha promises to return to hear more stories from the flowers.
  42. Beauty and the horse: The story is about a wealthy merchant with three daughters, one of whom is named Beauty. The merchant leaves to travel, and on his return, he takes flowers from a palace garden, owned by a horse who insists that he brings Beauty to the palace as repayment. Beauty goes to the palace and finds that a horse owns it. The horse turns out to be an enchanted prince, and he asks Beauty to stay with him. She agrees, and they eventually marry, and Beauty’s father comes to live with them.
  43. Clumsy Hans or Jack the Dullard: In this story, two clever brothers try to woo the King’s daughter by preparing speeches for a week. Meanwhile, their less intelligent brother, Jack the Dullard, decides to join in too and rides his goat to the castle. When asked what he has to offer, he shows the Princess a dead crow, an old wooden shoe, and some wet clay. The Princess likes his humorous responses and chooses him as her husband, making him a king.
  44. Alice in Wonderland: A mad tea party: In this chapter of a classic children’s story, Alice encounters the March Hare and the Hatter at a tea party. They are eccentric and rude, offering Alice wine that they don’t actually have and insulting her. The Hatter poses a riddle comparing a raven to a desk, but no one can solve it. They also discuss time and tea, and Alice eventually grows tired of their nonsense and leaves.
  45. The Twelve Huntsmen: The story is about a prince who must fulfill his father’s dying wish to marry a specific woman, leaving his true love behind. His first betrothed sends lookalikes of herself to join his hunting party, but they are discovered to be women. The king’s daughter then restrains them from reacting to spinning wheels to prove their worth as men. Eventually, the prince recognizes his true love when she is almost crushed by sadness at the thought of losing him to another. The prince sends the other bride back home, and the two reunite in marriage.
  46. The Mail-Coach Passengers: On New Year’s Eve, a mail-coach carrying twelve strangers arrived in town. They were the personifications of the twelve months of the year, each with their own unique characteristics and luggage. After the sentry inspected their passports, they were allowed to enter the town to bring gifts and blessings to everyone. The story ends with the captain promising to record the behavior of each passenger on their passport over the next year.
  47. What the Clock Told Dolly: In this story, Dolly Dimple sits by a fireplace in a large, old-fashioned hallway, where she focuses on a tall clock with a glass door and a round face. The clock speaks to her and tells her the story of its life, explaining that before clocks, people told time using sticks and sundials. The clock then shares that its hands broke and it can no longer move properly, but it can still strike, which is a relief to the clock. Dolly is grateful for the clock’s wisdom and advice.
  48. How West Wind Helped Dandelion: The story is about a Dandelion plant with many friends, including sunbeams, raindrops, and birds. She works hard to make seeds, hoping that they will be gathered like garden plants, but no one notices her. West Wind comes and tells her that he will sow her seeds as he travels across the land, and she is happy that her seeds will go far and wide. The story teaches that everyone has the potential to do great things, and even the smallest and plainest of things can have an impact.
  49. Alice in Wonderland: A Mock Turtle: In this story, Alice meets the Duchess and learns the importance of finding the moral in things. However, their conversation is interrupted by the angry arrival of the Queen, who threatens to cut off everyone’s head. Alice is taken to see the Mock Turtle by the Gryphon and learns about his past life as a real turtle, including strange games and a 10-hour school day that lessened over time. The story includes a link to download an ebook version of the story.
  50. How Finn McCool became the leader of the Fianna: The story is about a young man named Finn, whose father was killed by his own tribe who then took their treasure bag. Finn was hidden in the woods and trained by two women who taught him about his heritage and his right to become captain of the Fianna, a group of elite warriors. After defeating a goblin terrorizing Tara, he becomes the leader of the Fianna of Ireland and rules for many years until his death in battle.
  51. Clouds: In this story, Uncle Paul teaches the children about clouds and their various forms. He explains that clouds are essentially fog, but from a distance, they can look impressive and come in different colors and shapes. He also tells them about the different types of clouds, such as cumulus clouds that resemble piles of cotton and can presage a storm, and nimbus clouds filled with rain, among others. Uncle Paul also warns the children about the dangers of getting lost in clouds and emphasizes that the marvels of the clouds can be appreciated from afar.
  52. The Wonderful Dog and the Miraculous Cat: The story is about an old wizard who gets into an argument with the head of a wizarding school and is banned. He finds a cottage and teaches a white dog and black cat all known languages, history, mathematics, dancing, and magic. The animals decide to travel the world to continue their learning and eventually find themselves at the castle of an enchanted king. They go to find the evil wizard who cursed the king but are trapped. However, the old wizard comes to their rescue, and they defeat the evil wizards and break the king’s spell. The story ends with everyone living happily ever after.
  53. Blanca and Rosalinde: The story is about a kind old woman who is visited by an old mother and her two daughters offer her help. After the old mother is served food and drink, she rewards the daughters with justice and fairness. The eldest becomes a queen, but the youngest marries a farmer. The queen visits her sister in the countryside and realizes true happiness lies in a peaceful and contented life. The witch who granted her the wish to become queen appears to explain that being content and happy only requires necessities, and the queen finds happiness with her sister and no longer longs to return to the palace.
  54. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: The story is about a king who falls in love with a princess but is told by a fairy that he must break a curse in order to marry her. The curse can only be broken by stepping on the tail of the princess’s cat, which will turn into an evil wizard. The king succeeds, but the wizard puts a spell on him, saying that his son will be unhappy until he discovers that his nose is too long. After the prince grows up believing that a long nose is a sign of beauty, he falls in love with the princess, but the wizard kidnaps her. A fairy helps the prince rescue her by locking her in a crystal palace, but he realises that his nose is too long to kiss her. He learns to see his own faults and his nose gradually shrinks to normal size. He marries the princess and they live happily ever after.
  55. The White Cat: In this story, a king with three sons gives them a task to find the smallest and most beautiful dog, which will become king after he retires. The youngest prince ends up at a castle inhabited by a white cat who can talk and has other cats as servants. The prince becomes attached to the white cat and enjoys her company. When the year is up, the white cat gives him a seed that contains finely embroidered muslin for the next task, and later transforms into a beautiful princess who was cursed to be a cat until finding a man who looked exactly like her deceased lover. The youngest prince finds his bride and declines the crown, since his wife already has access to six kingdoms. They all live happily ever after.
  56. The Three Princes and Their Animals: Three princes go on a hunt and get a cub each from different animals they spare. They each mark a birch tree in the forest with an arrow before going their separate ways. Later, they unite to defeat robbers and wizardry, and each marries a princess. When they become lost in a forest, they meet an old witch who turns the animals and princes to stone. The youngest prince saves them by threatening the witch, and they happily return home.
  57. The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf: In this story, an old mother pig sends her three piglets out to seek their own fortune. The first two pigs, who build their houses out of straw and sticks respectively, fall prey to a hungry wolf. However, the third pig, who builds his house out of bricks, outsmarts the wolf and eventually eats him for dinner. The story ends with the pig living happily ever after.
  58. Romeo and Juliet: The story is about two powerful families, the Capulets and the Montagues, who are feuding in the Italian city of Verona. Romeo and Juliet, members of the opposing families, fall in love at a banquet, get secretly married, but are torn apart due to the feud and a series of tragic events. Eventually, they die together, bringing about a peace agreement between the families. The story shows the power of love and the tragic consequences of hate and violence.
  59. Goldilocks and The Three Bears: The story is about a little girl named Goldilocks who enters a forest while picking flowers and stumbles upon a secluded house that belongs to three bears. Inside, she tries out their chairs, tastes their porridge, and sleeps in their beds before being discovered by the bears. Startled, she jumps out of a window and runs home, never to return.
  60. The Six Swans: A king lost in a forest is helped by an old woman who offers to guide him out in exchange for marrying her daughter. The king agrees, but after the wedding, his stepmother becomes jealous of his new wife and tricks him into believing that she is a cannibal. The queen is sentenced to burn at the stake, but on the last day of her six years of silence to free her brothers from an evil enchantment, she cries out and is saved by her brothers, now turned back from swans, who fly to her with the six shirts she had made. She proves her innocence, and the wicked stepmother is punished.
  61. The Yellow Dwarf: The story is about a queen whose spoiled daughter, Bellissima, demands a perfect suitor or else she would have his head cut off. The queen seeks advice from the Witch of the Desert who is guarded by lions. On the way, the queen meets the Yellow Dwarf who agrees to help her reach the witch in exchange for marrying Bellissima. The queen agrees, but later regrets it and becomes ill. Bellissima seeks help from the witch to find out why her mother is sick and meets the Yellow Dwarf again. She agrees to marry him under duress but also becomes ill with grief. Bellissima eventually marries the King of the Gold Mines but is confronted by the witch who demands that she marries the Yellow Dwarf. The king challenges the dwarf to a duel, but the witch knocks out Bellissima and the dwarf carries her away. While he holds her captive, the king is captured by the witch but escapes with the help of the mermaid. He saves Bellissima but drops his sword which the Dwarf picks up and kills the king. Bellissima dies of sadness beside her lover, and they are reincarnated as palm trees.
  62. The Good Little Mouse: The story is about a queen who, after being locked in a tower by a cruel king following the death of her husband, gives birth to a beautiful daughter. With the help of a fairy disguised as a mouse, the queen weaves a basket to put her child in and lowers it out the window hoping for someone to care for the baby. The fairy takes the child but loses her to a cruel fairy who later imprisons a girl in a tower. A good fairy finds the girl, brings her to her mother, and helps her become queen. The king and prince of the cruel kingdom are killed while fighting, and the new queen marries a prince and creates a happy ending.
  63. The Dwarves and the Elves: The story is about Odin, Thor, and Frey dealing with mischievous creatures in different parts of the Earth. Odin sends Thor to deal with a three-headed giant from Jötunheim that terrorizes a shepherd boy and his flock of sheep. Odin calls upon the mischievous Dwarves and Light Elves to his palace and demands an end to their pranks, but after they laugh in response, he banishes the worst Dwarves to work in the great central fire of the Earth, while the rest work in mines. The Light Elves are allowed to live among the flowers and play with the wild bees and summer insects. However, they need something to do, so Odin asks Niörd to bring in an instructor for them, and he brings his son, Frey, who claims to know everything about nature. Odin approves of him and appoints him as the Light Elves’ instructor in Alfheim.
  64. The Twelve Dancing Princesses: This is a story about a king who had twelve daughters. They slept in the same room, but every morning their shoes were found to be completely worn out. The king offered his daughters’ hands in marriage to anyone who could solve the mystery, but many failed and paid with their lives. One day, an old soldier met an old woman in the forest who told him how to unravel the mystery. The soldier followed the princesses to a magical place where they danced with twelve princes. He secretly joined them for three nights and discovered the truth. He then revealed it to the king and married the eldest daughter, becoming the heir to the throne.
  65. The Princess on the Glass Hill: There was a farmer who owned a meadow, but every year on St. John’s Eve, the grass was mysteriously stripped bare. The farmer sent his three sons in rotation to guard the meadow, but they all failed. The youngest son, called Assepasser, was able to catch and tie up the culprit, a large horse equipped with different armor every year. Assepasser then won the hand of the princess by climbing a glass hill with slopes as slippery as ice. His two brothers scorned him, but he showed them up by winning the competition and revealing himself as a handsome knight.
  66. The Strange Witch of Willowweed: The Strange Witch of Willowweed is a story about a young boy named Kit who embarks on a journey to prove that he is not a coward. He seeks advice from a witch on how to become brave and learns that the only way to find bravery is by fighting for something worth fighting for. Along the way, he meets a beautiful princess who has been locked away in an enchanted forest, and together they embark on a journey to save her. With the help of the animals in the forest and the witch’s advice, Kit discovers his true bravery and proves that he is worthy of the princess’s love.
  67. Princess Rosette: This is a story about a princess named Rosette whose birth was predicted to cause misfortune to her brothers and who was locked in a tower for her entire life. Her brothers eventually free her, but she declares that she will only marry the King of the Peacocks. They travel far to find him, and on their way back, the governess and boatswain attempt to switch her with a pretender. They throw her and her mattress into the sea, where she floats until she is found by an old man. Eventually, she is reunited with her brothers, and the King of the Peacocks falls in love with her after she is unjustly condemned to death. They all live happily ever after.
  68. The Ram: The story is about a king who loves his youngest daughter, Miranda, but becomes angry with her answers and has his guards leave her in the forest to die. She meets a ram who was once a king and falls in love with him. When Miranda attends her sisters’ weddings, the king locks her in the castle, but she escapes and becomes the new queen. When the ram comes looking for her, he dies at the castle’s entrance. Miranda realizes that she broke a promise to return to him quickly, which cost him his life. The story teaches that life does not always go as planned, and the greatest setbacks often happen when you have what you always desired.
  69. Rubezahl: This is a fairy tale about Rubezahl, the Spirit of the Giant Mountains. He hires himself out to various employers, but they all treat him poorly, so he kidnaps the princess Emma. After she tricks him and escapes with her true love, Rubezahl unleashes his anger with a lightning bolt and disappears into the abyss, earning the name “turnip counter” from the locals. The story ends with Emma’s happy wedding celebrations and a downloadable ebook version of the tale.
  70. The little tadpole: A lizard and a tadpole become unlikely friends, with the tadpole confiding in the lizard his desire to be able to sing like the birds in the surrounding woods. The lizard helps the tadpole in his quest, but things take an unexpected turn when the tadpole begins to grow legs. Eventually, the two friends realise that the tadpole is not really a tadpole at all, but a young frog. The frog bids farewell to the lizard and joins his brothers in the swamp, where he is finally able to sing to his heart’s content  with his new-found voice.
  71. The spring fairy and the frost giants: In this story, the Frost Giants plan to capture the Spring Fairy and steal the basket of golden apples she guards, which give everlasting youth and vigour. They seek the help of Loki, the Prince of Mischief, to capture Iduna and her treasure. Loki betrays Iduna and the Frost Giants imprison her in an ice-palace. The people of Asgard call Loki to bring back Iduna, and he disguises himself as a falcon to rescue her. The Storm Giant follows him, but Loki wins the race back to Asgard with the help of a blaze of fire. The Spring Fairy returns and the basket of golden apples is safe in her hands.
  72. The Adventures of Kobold and Gnome on Saint Nicholas’ Eve: In this story, Gnome visits his friend Kobold in the middle of winter, only to find that he is hibernating. Gnome wakes Kobold up and takes him to his burrow, where he has made a wooden rabbit as a gift for the Forest Ranger’s child. They wait until dark on Saint Nicholas Eve to sneak into the house and leave the gift by the child’s shoe. On their way back, they make too much noise in the chicken coop, alerting the rooster and the chickens, which chase them back to their burrow.
  73. The travels of Prince Flamingo: Mrs. Old Turtle tells the story of Prince Flamingo, a unique white flamingo who is rejected by his family and forced to leave his home. He meets Mrs. Old Turtle who gives him advice and encouragement, and he embarks on a journey to find his true purpose. He eventually becomes Prince Flamingo, an admired and respected advisor to the Emperor, and he falls in love with a princess. However, Mrs. Old Turtle will have to continue the story another time as she has to go abroad for business.
  74. Maya the Bee and the Wonders of the Night: The story follows Maya, a adventurous bee who leaves her hive to explore the world. She meets various creatures, including a mosquito, cricket, and flower elf, who teach her about life and the beauty in everything. Maya’s wish is to learn about humans at their best and most beautiful, and with the help of the flower elf, her wish comes true. The story emphasizes the importance of not judging others and giving everyone a chance to prove themselves.
  75. Hilda’s Mermaid: In this story, a young girl named Hilda lives on the coast and longs to see a mermaid. One stormy night, a mermaid actually appears in her cottage. Hilda offers her food and the two of them talk about what life is like under the sea. The next morning, the mermaid disappears, but Hilda knows that they will meet again someday. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  76. The Pumpkin Giant: In this story, long before the time of pumpkins, there was a bad giant who loved to eat anything fatty. Everyone was afraid of the Pumpkin Giant, including the king and his daughter, who was the fattest princess in the world. The king offered to make anyone a knight who killed the giant, but people were too afraid. Then a man and his fat son threw a potato into the giant’s mouth, causing him to choke and die. They chopped off his head and became famous for their bravery. The family had also discovered that the head was edible and tasted delicious. They shared the recipe with the king, who rewarded them and knighted the father. The family moved to the palace, pumpkins were grown, and the son married the princess. The story ends with a poem being engraved at the entrance to the giant’s castle, and the king paying for it with fifty pumpkin pies.
  77. Why the Stork loves Holland: The story describes how the stork loves Holland and how it became a beloved bird in the country. It tells the story of how the storks were invited to Holland by fairies and how they thrived in the new land, hunting frogs and toads and helping control vermin populations. The storks were welcomed by the people of Holland who passed down stories about their beloved bird through generations. Today, storks are still considered “bringers of luck” in Holland and are celebrated in songs and stories.
  78. Prince Autumn: A beautiful story about Prince Autumn, who stands at the top of a hill blowing his horn to signal the end of summer and the start of autumn. He symbolises the coming of cooler weather, changing colours of trees and plants, and the animals’ preparation for winter. Prince Autumn fulfills his promise to take care of all creatures during the cold months ahead and warns them of winter’s arrival. As the story progresses, Prince Winter comes roaring in, signalling the end of autumn. The story ends with the last horn on Prince Autumn’s lips describing an evergreen plant while he disappears into the storm.
  79. The Frog Princess: In this fairy tale, an old king with three sons proposes that the one who marries a woman worthy of being queen will become the king of his kingdom. The eldest two sons marry beautiful women, while the youngest’s arrow leads him to a lake where he finds a talking frog. The frog reveals that she is actually a princess under a spell and tells the prince how to marry her without anyone realizing she is a frog. When the king holds a contest to decide which daughter-in-law will become the queen, the frog princess provides a beautiful carpet. But when the king demands another test, the frog reveals her true identity and the king orders her frog skin to be burned. The princess disappears, and the prince travels to find her. With the help of an old woman, he successfully breaks the spell and marries the beautiful princess, who becomes queen and helps him rule the kingdom happily ever after.

In conclusion, the Top 79 10-minute stories for kids to read online offer a diverse and engaging collection of narratives that cater to the varied interests of young readers. These tales, designed to capture the imagination and attention of children, encompass themes such as adventure, friendship, values, and challenges, as well as feature an array of colorful characters. Furthermore, the concise length of each story allows for a convenient and manageable reading experience, making it perfect for busy the schedules of both parents and children. Ultimately, this compilation of short stories provides a delightful and educational reading opportunity that fosters a love for literature and ignites the creative minds of young readers everywhere.