Stories For Preschool

Stories For Preschool

Welcome to the Top 93 Stories For Preschool for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is perfect for young children and early learners and includes a mix of classic fairy tales, fun bedtime stories, and educational tales, all designed to captivate and spark the imagination of preschoolers and kindergarten students. Available in pdf, free, online, and downloadable formats, these easy-to-read stories come with pictures, making story time even more enjoyable for boys and girls. Your little ones can listen to some stories in audio format or choose to read aloud with you, turning a simple night time routine into a bonding experience.

Reading stories to preschoolers and toddlers, especially those in early years, is essential for their development and learning. By exposing children to a variety of short, famous stories, they improve their English skills, increase vocabulary, and boost cognitive abilities. From fun stories tailored for girls and boys to classic fairy tales with a moral lesson, each story in our collection carefully caters to the interests of elementary students and early years foundation stage (eyfs) kids. These engaging tales make bedtime more pleasant and help children fall asleep with positive thoughts and excitement for the next story time adventure. Not limited to bedtime, this online library can be used throughout the day to reinforce the importance of reading, helping preschoolers develop a lifelong love for literature. So, tuck in your little ones, download the printable stories, and embark on a literary adventure with the Top 93 Stories For Preschool!

Top 93 Stories For Preschool for kids to read online:

  1. Hansel and Gretel: In this story, Hansel and Gretel, the children of a poor lumberjack and his wife, are taken into the forest and left there by their parents. They find their way back home after Hansel cleverly uses pebbles to mark the path. The parents take them back to the forest again, and this time Hansel uses bread crumbs, but birds eat them. The children then find a house made of sweets and enter it. They are taken in by an old witch who plans to eat Hansel. Eventually, Gretel outsmarts the witch and saves Hansel, and they find their way home with the spoils of the witch’s cottage.
  2. Little Red Riding Hood: This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother is ill, so she goes to visit her with wine and biscuits. She meets a wolf on the way but doesn’t know he is dangerous. The wolf eats grandmother, disguises himself as her and eats Little Red Riding Hood too. Luckily, a hunter comes and saves them by cutting open the wolf’s belly. They fill the wolf’s belly with stones and he dies. In the end, Little Red Riding Hood learns to always stay on the path and listen to her mother. There is also a link to download the story in an ebook (PDF) format.
  3. Snow White: The story is about a queen who wants a child that is white as snow, red as blood, and black-haired. After a year her wish is granted, but she dies. The king marries a beautiful woman who becomes jealous of Snow White’s beauty and orders her to be killed. Snow White escapes and takes refuge with seven dwarfs. The stepmother poisons her with an apple, but a prince revives her with a kiss. They marry and live happily ever after. The download link for the e-book is provided.
  4. Cinderella: This is the story of Cinderella, a kind and beautiful girl who lived with her mean stepmother and step-sisters. She was not allowed to attend a party thrown by the king to find a bride for his son, but with the help of a bird she met under a hazel tree, she got a beautiful dress and went to the party. She danced with the prince but fled before he knew who she was, leaving behind a lost shoe. The prince went in search of the girl whose foot fit the shoe and found Cinderella, whom he married and lived happily ever after with.
  5. Little Thumbling: The story tells of a poor woodcutter’s family during a famine who decides to leave their children in the forest so they won’t starve. The youngest child, Little Thumbling, brings pebbles to guide them home. The parents try to leave them in the forest again, and Little Thumbling brings bread crumbs for the journey but they get eaten by birds. The children find a giant’s house and hide there but are discovered by the giant, who plans to eat them for breakfast. In the night, Little Thumbling switches the crowns with the sleeping caps of his brothers and escapes. The giant chases them through the forest but falls asleep, and Little Thumbling takes the giant’s boots. He goes back to the giant’s house, tricks the giant’s wife into giving him money and returns home. The family lives happily ever after, and the giant promises never to eat another child.
  6. Little Ida’s Flowers: In this story, Little Ida’s cousin tells her that flowers have a ball at night and they dance when humans are asleep. Little Ida tries to see them, and one night she hears soft music from the living room. She walks up and sees all her mother’s flowers dancing in front of her. Later, when the flowers wilt, Little Ida plants them in the garden so that they can come back to life in the summer.
  7. Sandman: This story is about a little boy named Hjalmar who is visited by the Sandman every day. The Sandman tells Hjalmar different stories and takes him on different adventures in his dreams. Each night, Hjalmar experiences something new, such as attending a little mouse wedding, sailing on a big boat during a rainstorm, and meeting the Sandman’s brother, Death. However, if Hjalmar has been naughty, the Sandman will not turn his magic umbrella above his head and he will not dream all night.
  8. The Emperor’s New Clothes: In this story, an emperor who loves new clothes falls for the trickery of two swindlers who claim to be weavers capable of creating a special fabric invisible to dishonest or stupid people. The swindlers take his money and pretend to work on the fabric, but in reality, they produce nothing at all. The emperor sends clever and honest men to look at the clothes, but they see nothing. In the end, the emperor parades naked before his subjects, who pretend to see his nonexistent clothes until a child speaks the truth.
  9. The Flying Trunk: The story is about a wealthy but thoughtless boy who spends all of his inheritance on frivolous things. He is given a flying trunk by a kind old man that he decides to ride himself. He flies to a castle in the land of the Turks, where he sees the beautiful princess, kisses her, and convinces her to accept his hand in marriage. To win the hand of the princess, he is tasked with telling a beautiful fairy tale suitable for both the sultan and sultaness. He tells a story involving living pots, pans, and matches, impressing everyone and winning the hand of the princess. However, upon landing back on the ground after the wedding, he finds that his trunk has been destroyed by fireworks, leaving him unable to return to the princess.
  10. The Naughty Boy: A good-mannered old poet takes in a little boy who is caught in the rain. The boy, named Amor, is given wine and an apple and he looks like an angel. He makes friends with the old poet but then shoots an arrow into the old poet’s heart, revealing himself to be a very naughty boy. Amor uses his bow to shoot arrows at other people and even tricks college students. People are warned to watch out for him. The story comes with a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  11. The Princess and the Pea: A prince searches the world for a real princess to marry but cannot find one. One stormy night, a damp and dirty girl arrives and claims to be a real princess. The old queen decides to test her by making her sleep on a bed made of twenty mattresses and twenty down blankets with a pea under them. The next morning, the girl complains of a terrible night’s sleep due to something hard in her bed that left her bruised, proving that she is a real princess. The prince is thrilled and marries her. The pea is preserved in the Royal Museum.
  12. The Steadfast Tin Soldier: This story is about a one-legged tin soldier that falls in love with a paper dancer. The soldier survives many adventures, including being swallowed by a fish and cooked with it, but eventually finds his way back to the little boy who owns him. Despite the little devil’s interference, the soldier and the dancer end up together forever, and the boy finds a beautiful tin heart with a golden bow. The story is available to download as a PDF to read offline.
  13. The Ugly Duckling: The story is about an ugly duckling who is bullied and ostracized by other animals for being different. He escapes to a swamp where he meets other wild ducks but still feels alone. One day, he discovers that he has grown into a beautiful swan and is accepted by the other animals, including children who feed him bread. The story ends with the duckling feeling grateful for his transformation and happiness.
  14. Thumbelina: The story is about a woman who plants a special barley grain in a flowerpot, giving birth to a beautiful little girl named Thumbelina. After being kidnapped by an ugly toad and almost forced to marry it, Thumbelina escapes with the help of a friendly swallow and finds herself underground with a mole. She later reunites with the swallow, saves its life, and flies away with it to a castle where a boy angel falls in love with her and gives her wings and a new name: Maja. The fairy tale ends with the swallow singing a beautiful wedding song, and it is because of the bird that we know the story.
  15. Bart The Bear Hibernates: The story is about a brown bear named Bart who prepares for hibernation, and eats lots of berries and fish to build up his fat reserves. He says goodbye to his forest friends before settling down in his cozy den. Bart falls into a peaceful slumber during hibernation, and hopes to dream of exploring the forest with his friends.
  16. The Three Little Bears: The story is about three bears, of different sizes, who live together in a forest and eat porridge every morning. One day, while the bears are on a walk, an old woman enters their house and tries their porridge, chairs, and beds. She finds the little bear’s belongings just right and falls asleep in her bed. The bears return home and realize someone has been in their house and used their belongings. They then find the old woman sleeping in the little bear’s bed, waking her up and scaring her out of the house. The story ends with the bears never seeing the old woman again.
  17. The Frog, Fox, Lion and Deer: In the story, a frog challenges a fox to a race and wins by tricking her. When they argue over who won, the lion becomes involved and, with the fox, tries to catch the deer. The deer is too clever for them and tricks them multiple times, eventually causing the lion’s death. The fox is sad, but the deer is happy to finally live in peace. There is a PDF version of the story available for download.
  18. The Pack of Ragamuffins: A Rooster and Hen decide to search for nuts on Nutmountain, but on their way back they meet a duck who accuses them of stealing nuts. The Rooster makes the duck pull their cart and they later meet two hitchhiking pedestrians, Needle and Pin, who they let ride with the promise not to step on their feet. The group later stays at an inn where the Rooster promises the owner their eggs in exchange for a place to stay. The next morning, they flee and leave Needle in the innkeeper’s towel and Pin in his chair. The innkeeper suspects them of the mischief and vows never to trust promises from guests again.
  19. The Big Sausage: In a time of great famine in Königsberg, the wise elders tried to come up with a solution to cheer up the despondent citizens. They decided to use the last of the town’s treasury to make a big sausage, which every citizen would be allowed to share. Butchers made the sausage using pigs and spices brought in from other places, and a big party was held. The citizens ate as much as they could and took home more to sustain them. The story of the big sausage became famous and was told to children, and the following year, a successful harvest ended the famine.
  20. The Elephant and the Tailor: The story is about an elephant in South East Asia that passes by a tailor’s shop every day while going to drink water. The tailor never gives the elephant anything, and one day, after getting pinched with a needle by the tailor, the elephant gets angry and throws dirty water at him. The tailor and his employees get soaked, ruining their expensive fabrics. The town laughs at the tailor for harming the sweet animal. The story teaches us to treat everybody, especially elephants, righteously. The story also tells of an incident in which an elephant saves a child even though the sitter had treated the elephant badly.
  21. The Land of Cockaigne: The story describes a mythical land called the Land of Cockaigne, where everything is made of food and drink, and there are no work or responsibilities. People there can lie in bed and wait for roasted chicken or roasted pig to fly into their mouths. The rivers are made of lemonade or milk, and the weather is different from reality. In this land, people play games like racing and shooting, but the one who crosses the finish line last or misses the target wins. The story concludes with a reminder that one needs a big stomach to eat through a huge wall of marzipan to enter this land.
  22. Baron Munchausen: The story is about Baron Munchausen, a famous personality who shares his unbelievable adventures with a group of people. He narrates how he found himself in a cemetery after tying his horse to a church tower in the middle of winter. He also tells how he caught a flock of wild ducks by tying a piece of bacon to a rope and how he flew with them to his home. Additionally, he shares a story of how he shot a deer with a handful of cherry pits and how a cherry tree grew on the deer’s head years later. Lastly, he talks about how he climbed to the moon to retrieve his axe and used hay to lower himself down after the rope he used broke.
  23. The Gnomes: In this story, set in Cologne in the past, gnomes and dwarfs work hard at night to help lazy bakers, carpenters, winemakers, butchers, and even a tailor. They complete all the work before the owners wake up in the morning. However, after the wife of the tailor interferes in their work, the gnomes disappear forever, and the people have to do all the work themselves.
  24. The Frog Prince: In this classic fairy tale, a princess loses her golden ball in a pond and makes a promise to a frog to become his friend in exchange for the ball’s retrieval. However, after getting her ball back, she forgets about the frog until he shows up at her door, demanding that she keeps her promise. Reluctantly, she allows the frog to join her in eating from her golden plate, sleeping in her bed, and being her companion. After throwing the frog against the wall out of fear, she realizes that the frog transforms into a handsome prince who becomes her true love, with the help of his loyal servant.
  25. The Gingerbread Man: This is a classic story about a gingerbread man who came to life and ran away from an old woman and man, a barn of shredders, a field of lawnmowers, a cow, and a pig. However, he was eventually caught and eaten by a quick-running fox. The story ends with the gingerbread man being completely eaten, and no one ever hearing from him again. There is also a link provided to download the ebook in PDF format.
  26. The Leaf Dresses: In this story, the wind blows hard to deliver a message to the trees inviting them to a big party before going into hibernation. The leaves choose beautiful colours to dress up for the party, and they enjoy dancing in the wind before falling to the ground. One group of leaves then decides to cover the beautiful flowers underneath the tree from the winter, while others are picked up by a little girl and brought to school to be enjoyed by her class.
  27. The Squirrel Family: The story is about a happy Squirrel family who lived in a big, hollow tree in a forest. The family had to collect nuts to survive the winter, but Budge was not used to working, so he played with his cousins and became distracted by a trap set by two boys who wanted to take him home as a pet. Budge escaped and returned home, where his family was happy to see him and made a feast in his honour. Budge learned to work hard, and now he is the hardest working squirrel in the fall. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  28. The Gnome: The story is about a rich king with three daughters who disappear after eating an apple from a forbidden tree in the garden. The king announces that whoever brings his daughters back could marry one of them. Three brothers go to look for the girls and face challenges. Eventually, the youngest brother saves the princesses but his older brothers try to betray him. The youngest brother manages to save himself and marries the youngest princess while the older brothers disappear.
  29. The Visit to Santa Claus Land: In this story, Kate and Brian can’t sleep and hear a knock on their window. They meet a friendly Christmas chocolate who takes them to Santa Claus Land. They explore the garden of Santa and pick out ripe toys. The chocolate then leads them to Santa’s house, warning them not to look down at a plank they must cross. Unfortunately, they fall off the plank and wake up in their beds. They excitedly tell their mother about their adventure. The story is available for download as an eBook.
  30. The Wolf and the Kid: In this story, a young and foolish Kid is left alone in a field when he doesn’t listen to his mother’s call to return home with the rest of the flock. As he begins to fear the approach of a hungry Wolf, the Kid thinks quickly and asks the Wolf to play him a tune so he can dance before his inevitable demise. The music alerts the Shepherd Dogs, who come to the Kid’s rescue and chase the Wolf away. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  31. The Elves and the Shoemaker: A poor shoemaker had just enough leather to make one pair of shoes. He cut the leather and went to bed, but the next morning, to his amazement, he found two perfect shoes on his working table. This went on for a while, and the shoemaker became prosperous. One night, he and his wife hid and saw two little naked men making the shoes. The shoemaker’s wife made clothes for them as a gift, but the little men disappeared after singing and dancing, never to be seen again. The shoemaker and his wife lived happily ever after. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  32. The tale of Peter Rabbit: The story is about four little rabbits: Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. Their mother warns them not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden, but Peter disobeys and eats vegetables until he is chased by Mr. McGregor. After a series of close escapes, Peter returns home and falls ill, but his siblings enjoy blackberries for supper. The story is available for download as a PDF ebook or printable version.
  33. Where the sparks go: In this story, a cat and dog watch sparks from a fire and wonder where they go. The cat thinks the sparks are silly for flying up the chimney, but one spark tells them that they become stars in the sky. The skeptical cat tells the spark that it’s impossible, but the spark refuses to be convinced. Later, when the dog suggests going outside to look for the spark in the sky, the cat agrees to come along.
  34. Mr. Fox cuts the Cottontails: In this story, Mr. Fox invites many animals for a dinner to improve his reputation. Jimmie and Susie Cottontail, however, are late due to having their own dinner and are chased by Mr. Dog into Mr. Fox’s house. The party is ruined, and Mr. Fox blames the Cottontails for not keeping a low profile. From that day on, they are never invited to any dinner parties for fear of being followed by Mr. Dog. The story includes an audio recording and a downloadable ebook.
  35. The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf: The story is about a shepherd boy who gets bored while tending his sheep and decides to play a trick on the villagers by shouting “Wolf!” when there isn’t one. He does this a few times for fun, but when a real wolf attacks the flock, the villagers do not come to his aid because they think he is lying again. The wolf kills many of the boy’s sheep and escapes into the forest.
  36. The Travellers And The Purse: Two men find a well-filled purse on the road, and one of them claims it as his own, insisting he found it and will keep it. His companion argues that they should share the purse, but the first man refuses. When the two men hear a group of people coming down the road, the man who claimed the purse as his own falls into a panic, and his companion reminds him that he did not want to share when they found it and should now take responsibility for it alone.
  37. Jupiter And The Monkey: The story is about a mother monkey who enters her baby into a forest baby show hosted by Jupiter. Though other animals found her baby to be peculiar looking, the mother monkey believed her baby to be the prettiest and the sweetest in the world. The story highlights the love and pride that mothers have for their babies, even if they may not be conventionally beautiful. The story can be downloaded as a PDF ebook.
  38. Uncle Wiggily and Puss in Boots: In this story, Uncle Wiggily decides to buy a new pair of rubber boots, but also takes his old boots to the shoemaker for repairs. On his way home, he meets Puss in Boots, who has lost his own boots. Uncle Wiggily kindly gives him his new boots, and Puss is grateful, telling Uncle Wiggily he can keep his place in storybooks. Uncle Wiggily also meets a mother cat with her three kittens who have lost their mittens, and he offers them red yarn to knit new ones. Later, when the bad Wolf chases Uncle Wiggily, the cats help him by tickling the wolf with knitting needles, stepping on his tail, and pretending to burn him with a hot coal.
  39. Snow-white and Rose-red: The story is about two sisters, Snow-white and Rose-red, who live with their widowed mother in a cottage near a forest. They meet a friendly bear, who often visits them. Later, they rescue a dwarf from a tree and later from a fish line. The dwarf shows his ingratitude, and the girls come across him again with treasure. Finally, a bear (which is revealed to be a king’s son under an enchantment) kills the dwarf, and the girls are rewarded with jewels. Snow-white marries the bear, and Rose-red marries his brother. They share the treasure and live happily with their mother.
  40. Uncle Wiggily makes a cherry pie: The story is about Uncle Wiggily, an old gentleman rabbit, who sets off to seek his fortune after saving a little boy from drowning. He meets Mr. Hedgehog and helps him make a cherry pie, learning that cherries are eaten by throwing away the pit and eating the fruit. After sharing the delicious pie with a circus dog, they spend the night together and have more pie the next day. Uncle Wiggily continues on his journey to seek his fortune, preferring to earn it himself rather than having it given to him.
  41. Santa Claus: This is a festive story about how Santa Claus comes to visit on Christmas Eve, traveling in a sleigh pulled by tiny reindeer with bells on their harnesses. He is described as old but strong, carrying a pack filled with toys for children. Santa Claus arrives quietly to fill stockings with gifts while the children sleep, and children are always delighted to find the goodies waiting for them in the morning. The story emphasizes the joy that Santa Claus brings to the world and ends with a download link to an eBook version of the story.
  42. The kite that went to the moon: Tom made the biggest kite in the village which had a moon and stars painted on it. However, the kite wouldn’t fly to the moon and Tom cried when the other boys and girls laughed at him. Tom and Anna decided to go out into the world to discover why his kite wouldn’t fly. They met a little old man who gave them a magical cake that made them never hungry. They then met an elf who took them to the moon where they met the Lady of the Moon. The Lady of the Moon was not happy that Tom’s kite was there and ordered them to leave. Tom and Anna jumped onto the kite to fly back home and made it back safely.
  43. Uncle Wiggily’s icicle maker: Uncle Wiggily meets Jack Frost, who gives him a magic icicle toy that can freeze water into icicles. Uncle Wiggily uses the toy to help his friends, but he also outsmarts a bad Fox by trapping him in a cage made of icicles. The story showcases kindness, resourcefulness, and quick thinking.
  44. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story is about a nasty little goblin, Midnight, who enjoys playing mean pranks on the forest creatures until they chase him away. After getting lost in the forest, he finds a home in a family’s cellar and becomes a helpful spirit, making lost things appear and drinking milk left out for him. On New Year’s Day, he is mistakenly thrown into the fireplace and transforms into a twinkling golden sprite, dancing in the flames, playing with forest creatures, and spreading joy to everyone he meets. The story ends with the children who gave him a home seeing him dance in the fire and hearing him shout, “Happy New Year, Happy New Year!”
  45. Puss in Boots begins his travels: In the story, a cat named Puss finds a portrait of his father in a picture-book of “Puss in Boots” and decides to call himself “Puss in Boots, Junior” and go on adventures to find his father. He finds a pair of red boots and a cane, and on his way out, saves a little pig stuck in a fence who offers to treat him to lunch. Despite his initial hesitation, Puss goes with the pig, excited for his new adventure. The story ends with a download link to an ebook version of the story.
  46. Puss in Boots junior visits the old woman in the shoe: In this story, a cat wearing boots named Puss sets off on a journey and meets a family of children playing around a shoe-shaped house. The owner, the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe, recognizes Puss as the son of her old friend, Puss in Boots. She invites him in for some broth and a game of tag with the children before he continues on his way. At the end, there is a link to download an Ebook version of the story.
  47. The animals’ Christmas tree: This story is about animals who all want to have their own Christmas tree after hearing stories about it from their different perspectives. They come together to plan and decorate the tree with items they select, but arguments arise about the choice of Christmas presents for each animal. A wise little lamb sacrifices its own desires to bring unity amongst the animals, leading to a happy ending with a different tradition born: humans hanging similar images of animals and birds on their Christmas trees.
  48. A Christmas present for mother: In this story, a little prince whose mother is sick asks her what she would like for Christmas. She asks for a jar of rosemary like the one from her childhood. The prince tries to find it but no one has it until an old woman has one in the city. The old woman agrees to give it for the prince’s golden ball, but when the prince goes to get the rosemary, he gives the ball to the old woman and gets the rosemary. He gives the rosemary to his mother who is overjoyed to receive it.
  49. Puss in Boots junior and the three little kittens: In this story, three little kittens have lost their mittens and Puss Junior offers to help them find them. The kittens agree to help Puss find his father if he finds their mittens. They search everywhere, even the barn where they encounter a mouse and a rat, but eventually find the mittens in the tool closet. The story ends with an ebook download link for offline reading.
  50. What happened Christmas eve: The story takes place on Christmas Eve and describes the excitement of two children, Jessie and Fred, who are waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. They try to catch a glimpse of him by looking out the window and end up discovering a white cat carrying a tiny kitten in her mouth. They take the cats in for the night and are surprised with gifts from Santa Claus in the morning. Fred is particularly happy to receive a live kitten as his present. The story ends with everyone wishing each other a Merry Christmas.
  51. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: Old Mother Bear is busy knitting a stocking for Santa Claus when she is visited by several animals who have no stockings to hang up for Christmas. Despite each animal’s mischievous behavior, Old Mother Bear kindly creates a stocking for each one. When it appears Old Mother Bear will have no stocking of her own, the animals band together to create a surprise stocking for her. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus arrives to fill the stockings, including the one for Old Mother Bear, and he and the grateful animals dance the night away.
  52. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: In this story, Little Gretchen lives in a small log hut in Germany with her elderly grandmother. They are very poor, but Gretchen remains hopeful for Christmas and hopes to receive a toy or gift. However, her grandmother cannot afford any presents. On Christmas morning, Gretchen wakes up to discover a chickadee nestled in her grandmother’s old wooden shoe. Although it is not the gift she expected, Gretchen is happy and appreciative, and she spends the day sharing her good spirit with others.
  53. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In the story, Uncle Wiggily goes out on a snowy, windy day to buy Christmas gifts with Grandfather Goosey Gander. On his way home, he overhears two boys talking about not receiving gifts because Santa Claus can’t come down their chimney due to black soot. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a clever idea to enlist the help of black crows who can fly down the chimney and deliver gifts to the boys as well as other boys and girls whose chimneys are also blocked. The next morning, everyone wakes up to find delightful presents and the land is filled with happy calls of “Merry Christmas!”
  54. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: In this story, Uncle Wiggily worries that a boy’s plan to blow the Old Year out with his Christmas horn might keep the New Year from coming in. When he learns that a poor boy doesn’t have a horn to celebrate the new year, he gets an idea. Uncle Wiggily asks his friend Billie the goat for his old horns, makes them into tooters, and leaves them on the poor boy’s doorstep. The boy and his sister use the horns to celebrate with their friends, and all over the village, horns and whistles welcome the New Year.
  55. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: The story tells of Old Mother Bear who is unhappy with her naughty Bear cubs and fears she cannot have a Happy New Year. As various characters, including Lady Wind and Fairy See-It-All, offer their help, each Bear learns a lesson they need to improve. Boxer learns to be on time, Drowsy-Head to enjoy going to bed, Bruin to pick up and look after his things and Bright Eyes how to be polite. A year later, they return home having learned their lessons and are happy, greeting their mother with, “Old Mother Bear, Happy New Year”. Many children learned from the story and started to say “Thank you” and “If you please,” and became happier as a result.
  56. The Rabbit’s Bride: In this story, a woman and her daughter live in a cabbage garden where a rabbit keeps eating all their cabbages. The woman tells her daughter to drive the rabbit away, but instead, he invites her to his rabbit-hutch three times. On the third visit, she goes with him and cooks bran and cabbage for a wedding feast, attended by all the rabbits. But the daughter is lonely and tricks the rabbit with a straw figure to escape. The story ends with a download link for an eBook version.
  57. Alice in Wonderland: Down the rabbit hole: In this classic tale, Alice sits by a riverbank with her sister bored by the book she is reading and wishing for a story with pictures. Suddenly a white rabbit with a pocket watch rushes by, and without knowing why, Alice follows it down a rabbit hole and into a strange new world. She encounters many strange creatures and solves riddles, shrinks and grows in size, and tries to find a way to get out of this curious world.
  58. How the moon got her face: In this story, the moon used to be dark and gloomy, and complained to the stars and flowers about not being liked. The flowers promised to tell a beautiful girl named Tseh-N’io about the moon. The moon visited Tseh-N’io every night and fell in love with her, and she eventually became his bride and disappeared from Earth. The moon’s face became beautiful like Tseh-N’io’s and now shines softly on the world. An ebook download is also available.
  59. The tale of the fierce, bad rabbit: The story features two rabbits, a bad and a good one. The bad rabbit wants some carrot but takes it without saying please and ends up hurting the good rabbit. Later, a man mistakes the bad rabbit for a bird and shoots its tail and whiskers. The good rabbit watches as the bad rabbit runs away and sees it without a tail or whiskers. Downloads of the story in PDF format are also available.
  60. The snowball: A little boy goes outside to play in the snow, and the snowbirds watch him make snowballs. He makes one large snowball and places it by the fireplace to show his mother. He falls asleep in a rocking chair, and when he wakes up, the snowball has melted, but his mother knows where it went. The story is available to download as a PDF ebook.
  61. The snowman and the boy: A group of children build a snowman, and the youngest boy wishes they had given him a hat. That night, the snowman sneezes and asks the boy to bring him a hat to keep warm. The boy gives him his sailor hat and falls asleep. In his dream, the boy goes on an adventure with the snowman to plead with the Winter King to stop the sun from shining and melting him. The dream ends with the snowman freezing, and the boy wakes up to see the snowman still frozen in the real world.
  62. North Wind’s Frolic: The story is about the King of the Winds and his four children, North Wind, South Wind, East Wind, and West Wind. North Wind is a mischievous troublemaker who causes harm when he goes out to play. The people complain to the King, who punishes North Wind by keeping him prisoner in the castle for the whole summer. The King decides that North Wind is only fit for the winter, when there are no flowers and fruit.
  63. Was it the field fairy?: The story is about two young orphans, Jack and Nina, who work for a hard-hearted man named Simon in exchange for a place to stay. Simon plans to sell their beloved cow, but on the way to the butcher, Jack has a chance encounter with a fairy who changes Simon into a kind and generous man. Simon then becomes a father figure to Jack and Nina, and the three live happily ever after. The story can be downloaded in PDF format.
  64. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: The story is about a clumsy young giant named Energy who is eager to help but can never seem to do anything right. After being rejected by everyone, he finds himself in the mountains unable to rest until he finds work. Eventually, he meets a good woman who sends him to Fairy Skill to learn how to make useful things. Fairy Skill gives him three tasks, and after completing them, Energy returns to the good woman’s home with a beautiful carpet, cup, and chain as gifts. Finally, he has found his purpose and becomes a helper in the world.
  65. The Peacock butterflies: The story is about a plain little butterfly who admires the colorful tail of Mr. Peacock. She wishes she could have a gown with colors like his tail. She approaches him and flatters him to get two tips from his tail to make her dress. Mr. Peacock agrees, and the butterfly gets her beautiful dress. The other butterflies envy her, and they all become known as Peacock Butterflies. This all happened because of the flattery of the plain little butterfly.
  66. Alice in Wonderland: The rabbit sends in a Bill: The story follows Alice as she searches for the White Rabbit’s fan and white gloves, growing and shrinking along the way with the consumption of curious substances. She encounters a puppy, a mushroom, and a caterpillar smoking a hookah, all leading her closer to her goal of finding her way to a lovely garden.
  67. The little dog and the big dog: This story is about two dogs called Little Dog and Big Dog who are good friends, but Little Dog barks at everything while Big Dog only barks when he has something to say. They set out to visit the king, but encounter obstacles along the way such as a river and a bear. Eventually, they manage to find food and shelter before reaching the king’s palace. Little Dog brings help to free Big Dog from a house in the wood where he is stuck. The king rewards them for their journey with a feast and they return home as even better friends.
  68. Alice in wonderland: a caterpillar tells Alice what to do: Alice meets a Caterpillar who interrogates her about her identity and mentions a mushroom with two sides that can make her either larger or smaller. Alice eats from it and changes size, but is soon confronted by a bird who mistakes her for a snake. Alice eats from the mushroom again to regain her normal size and spots a small house, but wonders how she will be able to enter it without alarming its inhabitants.
  69. The plate of pancakes: The story is about a little boy named Karl who wants to take some pancakes to his father who works at a saw-mill, but he has to pass through the Enchanted Wood which is home to fairies and goblins. Karl is tempted by sweet blackberries and forgets about the pancakes, but when his mother fries pancakes again, his grandmother tells him to say “no” three times if someone tries to stop him. Karl successfully brings the pancakes to his father and never has trouble passing through the Enchanted Wood again.
  70. To catch a snowflake: The story is about a little girl named Amy who loved the snow. One day she saw hundreds of unique snowflakes twirling around her and tried to catch one, but each time it would melt in her hand. She learned to appreciate their beauty and was never bored for the rest of the winter. The story ends with a reminder to appreciate the beauty of snowflakes. There is also a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  71. The Making of a Snowflake: This is the story of Dusty, a tiny dust particle who loved to dance and twirl through the air, and Vapor, a beautiful water vapor who loved to float in the sky. They fell in love and spent every moment together, but when the weather grew colder, they cuddled up close to stay warm. Something magical happened, and their love froze into a beautiful snowflake, which allowed them to stay together as one strong and resilient entity, spreading joy wherever they went. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  72. Snowy’s Search for a Twin Snowflake: The story is about a snowflake named Snowy who searches for another snowflake that is exactly like her. Despite her efforts, she cannot find a single snowflake that is the same, but she soon realizes that every snowflake is unique and beautiful in its own way. Snowy makes friends with other snowflakes and learns to celebrate their differences, realizing that it’s not about being exactly the same but about being kind to each other and appreciating one another’s uniqueness.
  73. How Snowflakes Became Beautiful: Two friends, hydrogen and oxygen, wished to be admired like the stars and clouds but didn’t know how to make themselves visible as they were invisible. Eventually, they came up with the idea to form snowflakes with six sides so they would be unique and special as they fell to the ground. People were amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of each snowflake and admired them for their perfect six-sided shapes, allowing hydrogen and oxygen to finally be seen and admired.
  74. The Penguin Huddle: In the story, a group of penguins in Antarctica become unhappy and lonely when the sun disappears for months, leaving the land dark and cold. A wise old penguin suggests they huddle together in a circle, taking turns to protect one another from the cold. Their teamwork and support help them get through the difficult times, and when the sun finally returns, they are grateful for each other. An ebook version of the story is available to download.
  75. The Penguin Family: The story is about a family of penguins living in a snowy community. Mom and Dad go into the ocean to collect food for their little penguin chick and feed it regurgitated food. The baby penguin plays with its friends on land and eagerly waits for the parents to bring back their catch. As it grows, it learns to swim and dive to collect food. The family is content with what they have and is grateful for each other, working together to provide for one another. The story has an accompanying PDF ebook for offline reading or printing.
  76. A Tale of Two Lovers: The story is about a penguin named Perry who wanted to win the heart of Penelope by building the best nest. He searched for the biggest rock in Antarctica to build his nest, but he couldn’t find one that was big enough. Perry tried to enlist the help of a killer whale, but all of them seemed to be interested in eating him. However, he eventually finds a young killer whale named Keith who needed help in impressing a female killer whale. Keith agrees to help Perry build his nest in exchange for Perry’s idea to find the biggest rock in the ocean. They find the perfect rock, and Perry and Penelope live happily ever after in their beautiful nest.
  77. The Lazy Penguin: In the cold land of Antarctica, a lazy penguin named Joe spends his days lounging on ice and mocking other penguins working to feed their chicks. Joe feels lonely and longs for a companion. Eventually, a beautiful female penguin named Lily walks by him, and Joe falls in love with her. Lily questions Joe’s laziness and encourages him to change his ways. Joe takes her advice and becomes responsible, building a nest and feeding his chick. He realizes that responsibility, hard work, and dedication are the keys to true fulfillment, and he will never be his old, lazy self again.
  78. The Fierce Penguin Olympics: In this story, two competitive penguins named Pablo and Polly are preparing to compete in the Penguin Olympics. They both want to win, but only one can earn each gold medal. Throughout the story, they compete in events such as diving, long-distance marching, oiling their feathers, and tobogganing. After the competition ends, one of the older penguins helps them realize that although they may be fierce competitors, they are also very similar and can still be friends and respect each other.
  79. Max’s Quest for Attention: The story is about a dog named Max who feels neglected by his family because they spend too much time behind screens. In an attempt to get their attention, Max begins breaking things around the house, resulting in scolding from his family. However, as time passes, Max’s behavior helps his family realize the importance of spending time with loved ones, leading to positive changes and a newfound appreciation for the things that matter. A downloadable ebook is also available.
  80. Making Santa Smile: In a small snowy village, the villagers wanted to surprise Santa Claus and his reindeer on Christmas Eve by leaving gifts and treats for them. When Santa Claus saw the gifts, he was touched and grateful for the villagers’ kindness. From then on, leaving gifts for Santa became a tradition for the villagers every Christmas Eve to show their appreciation for his joyous presence in their lives. The story is accompanied by a downloadable eBook in PDF format.
  81. The Boy Who Became Santa Claus: This story recounts how Santa Claus, once a young boy named Nicholas, lived in the North Pole with his parents and spent his days playing with his toys and helping around the house. Nicholas was always kind and generous, often giving his toys and sweets to other children and shoveling snow out of his neighbors’ driveway. One day, Nicholas’s parents called him to tell him that he was the perfect person to take over their family business of delivering presents on Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus was born. The story portrays Santa as the same kind and generous person he was as a boy, who continues to bring joy and happiness to children all over the world.
  82. The Grass is Always Greener: The story is about a sheep named Wooly, who is bored with his mundane life of eating grass in the meadow. He moves to the big city and finds a job at a corporation where his colleagues take advantage of him. Disillusioned, Wooly returns to the meadow where he realizes that happiness is found in the simple pleasures of life. The story concludes with Wooly living happily ever after with his friends and family in the peaceful meadow.
  83. The Snowman with a Cold: The story is about a snowman named Frosty who catches a cold and starts to melt when brought inside by the people who live in the snowy land. But one little girl puts a hat and scarf on him, which keeps him warm and stops him from melting. The people are grateful to the little girl and have been putting hats and scarves on snowmen ever since to remember Frosty and how they helped him when he was sick. Download the ebook (PDF) to read offline or print.
  84. The Snowman and the Snowwoman: There was a gentle giant snowman who guarded Santa Claus’ house at the North Pole. One day, he fell in love with a beautiful snowwoman, but an evil spirit stole all the toys Santa had made for good little boys and girls. The snowman and the snowwoman teamed up to retrieve the stolen toys and save Christmas. They succeeded and lived happily ever after, guarding Santa’s house from harm. An eBook (PDF) version of the story is available for download.
  85. The Abominable Snowman’s New Friends: In a far-off land covered in snow and ice, a group of brave and curious children went on a dangerous adventure to find the Abominable Snowman, a giant and fearsome creature. Despite facing many dangers, they eventually found him and showed him friendship, which surprised the creature. The Abominable Snowman became their friend and took them on an adventure, and when it was time for them to go home, he promised to stay in touch. The children returned home as heroes and hailed their friendship with the creature as an amazing adventure. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  86. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: The story follows the journey of a spoiled boy named Timmy who learns the true meaning of Christmas when he joins Santa Claus on his delivery route to poor families. Initially, Timmy is disappointed by the gifts he receives, but as he witnesses the joy and appreciation of the families they visit, he realizes the value of kindness and sharing. Timmy returns home transformed, grateful for what he has, and eager to give to those in need. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  87. A Family Christmas Surprise: In this story, Olivia and Jayden are always sad during Christmas because their parents work at the hospital and can’t be with them. But this year, their parents surprise them by taking the day off and showing up at their aunt’s house with presents. Olivia and Jayden have the best Christmas ever, and they realize that having their parents there with them is the best present of all.
  88. The Loch Ness Monster: A magical creature called Nessie lived in Loch Ness in Scotland and would often play with the nearby people. When an evil man tried to capture her, she retreated to a secret cave and was never seen again. Though occasionally glimpsed by people over the years, Nessie would always retreat once more to her hidden haven. Despite hiding, Nessie became a legendary and mysterious creature, with stories continuing to be told about her. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  89. The Christmas Story: This story is about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, where he was laid in a manger because there was no room at the inn. Shepherds visited and told of an angel who had announced the baby’s birth. As Jesus grew up, he became known for his kindness and miracles, and one Christmas he fed an entire village with a small amount of bread and fish. From that day on, Christmas became a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus and the love and joy he brings into the world.
  90. Sledding on a Leaf: A group of snowflakes decide to go sledding but realize they don’t have a sled. One snowflake suggests using a leaf, and despite initial laughter, they eventually try it out and have a great time. However, one snowflake loses control and has a tumble, but is ultimately okay. They all continue sledding happily and live happily ever after. The story’s PDF download is available to read offline or print.
  91. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: The story follows a gingerbread man named Ginger who has a secret recipe that everyone in the forest loves. However, a sly fox named Rupert wants to steal Ginger’s recipe for himself. After searching the bakery, Rupert finds a recipe book, but it’s actually a decoy. Meanwhile, Ginger and his friends catch Rupert in the act and reveal the real recipe. Rupert runs away ashamed and Ginger and his friends celebrate their victory.
  92. The Mischievous Elf and the Gingerbread Man: The story of a mischievous elf capturing a gingerbread man from a bakery and taking him to his gingerbread village to be the centerpiece is told. The gingerbread man wants to be free and is helped to escape by a sweet elf named Lily. He runs away from the village, searches for and finds Lily, and they fall in love and get married. Downloads of the ebook in PDF format are provided.
  93. The Giant Gingerbread Man’s Apology: In a cozy bakery, a gingerbread man was accidentally left in the oven for too long and grew into a giant, intimidating creature. The other sweets grew annoyed with his arrogance, and they tricked him into getting locked out of the bakery. The giant gingerbread man wandered the forest, regretting his behavior and seeking a safe home. He returned to the bakery, apologizing to the other sweets, who forgave him and welcomed him back. From then on, they worked together happily to make the bakery the best it could be.

In conclusion, the Top 93 Stories for Preschoolers offers a delightful mix of timeless tales, endearing characters, and essential lessons that not only entertain but also foster a love for reading in young children. By exploring this collection online, children can embark on magical adventures, make new friends, and uncover valuable morals that will stay with them as they grow. These engaging stories are sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of preschoolers everywhere, helping to fuel their curiosity, develop their empathy, and create cherished memories to be enjoyed for years to come.