The Nine Halloween Letters

Once upon a Halloween night, in a small, sleepy town filled with anticipation, nine children embarked on an adventure that celebrated the magic of All Hallows’ Eve. Each child carried a carved wooden letter, spelling out the word “Halloween.” As they entered the town square, the moonlight shone upon their eager faces, revealing their various costumes – witches, monsters, superheroes, and even a ghost.

“H is for the happiness Halloween brings!” chirped Harriet, the youngest of the group. Dressed as a laughing witch, she twirled in delight, conjuring an atmosphere of joyous celebration. “And also for howling and hooting and other weird things,” she added, imitating the sounds of the night with great gusto.

“A is for apples we bob for in great glee,” announced Alfie, a jovial boy dressed as a vampire. He playfully dodged invisible apples, evoking peals of laughter. “I hope there’s enough for both you and me.”

“L is for lanterns made of pumpkins round,” Lucy continued. Her fairy wings shimmered as she waved her magic wand. The group smiled at her, imagining the bright, jolly faces of Jack-o’-lanterns lighting up their town.

“L is also for laughter so hearty and gay,” chimed Liam, a smiling ghost who shook with giggles. “That shows how children welcome the day.”

“O is for owls so stern and so wise,” Oliver, dressed as an owl himself, flapped his feathered arms. “They peer from the trees with great big eyes.” He widened his eyes dramatically, causing the group to chuckle.

“W is for witches who ride in the night,” Willow declared. As the oldest and a ‘real’ witch in costume, she added, “Their job it is to keep the moon bright.” She then gestured to the gleaming moon above.

“E is for everyone who shares in the joy of this glad holiday of each girl and boy,” chimed in Emily, a princess of Halloween. The corners of her lips curled into a smile as she watched her friends revel in the festive spirit.

“E is also for evening when strange things occur,” Elliot, a tiny monster, continued. “Even the pussy cat bristles her fur.” He made a scary face, yet it was too cute to frighten anyone.

“N is for nothing that is left out to make Halloween spread cheer about,” Nate finished, in his shining knight costume. His confident voice resonated in the quiet night.

All together, they recited, “So all of us make Halloween as plain as plain can be; We hope that it will always be a joyful time for you and me.”