Stories About Easter

Stories About Easter

Welcome to our delightful collection of the nine best Easter stories for children. This online treasure trove of tales is brimming with cultural significance, offering a fun and educational way to learn about the traditions, values, and symbolism associated with the Easter holiday.

Each story in our carefully curated collection provides an engaging and memorable bedtime reading experience. These stories, suitable for kids of different age groups – from toddlers in the early years foundation stage (EYFS), to preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students – come complete with colorful pictures that visually depict the rich narratives, making it easier and more enjoyable for the young readers.

The stories, both short and longer, classic and modern, range from good old Easter fairy tales to famous tales about the Easter bunny and the joy of Easter egg hunts. With tales perfect for both girls and boys, the collection is designed to inspire a love for reading, stimulate imagination, and enhance language skills in English.

For your convenience, all of these enchanting Easter stories are available to read for free online. For those who prefer a read-aloud experience or are still developing their reading skills, we have included audio versions that bring the stories to life, perfect for story time or to help your children drift off to sleep after a day full of learning and fun.

We understand the importance of accessibility and flexibility in today’s digital age. Thus, each story is available as a downloadable PDF, allowing parents and educators to print them out for offline reading or storytelling sessions. These printable versions are ideal for a hands-on reading experience or for children who enjoy flipping through the pages of a story.

Moreover, our collection isn’t just for entertainment – it’s educational. Each story imparts a moral, teaching children valuable life lessons about kindness, sharing, and the spirit of giving – themes that resonate deeply with the values associated with Easter.

So, whether you’re looking to tell an engaging Easter story at bedtime, introduce your child to the joys of reading, or simply want to help them understand the cultural significance of Easter in a fun and easy way, our collection has you covered.

So, snuggle up, download your favorite tales, and let the magical world of Easter stories fill your night time with wonder, joy, and learning. Your adventure awaits!

Top 9 Stories About Easter:

  1. The Easter Rabbit: the forest eagerly awaits the arrival of Lady Spring. Jack Frost and the chilly North Wind try to delay her, but the trees long for the warmth and beauty she brings. Mother Maple and her neighbors hope for the arrival of Lady Spring to banish Jack Frost and allow their young ones to emerge from their protective cradles. Finally, Lady Spring appears with her companion, Merry Sunshine, and together they transform the forest with their magic. Lady Spring sends Bunny Rabbit as her messenger to deliver a message to the children in the city, announcing the arrival of Spring. The children receive the message and joyfully celebrate the return of the season.
  2. The Easter Bunny’s Lost Chocolate Eggs: the Easter Bunny faces a crisis when he accidentally loses all the chocolate eggs he was supposed to hide for Easter. Devastated, he is comforted by a compassionate little boy who offers to help him find the lost eggs. Together, they embark on an adventure through the magical forest, encountering various animals and overcoming obstacles. With each egg they find, the bond between the Easter Bunny and the little boy grows stronger. In the end, they successfully recover all the eggs and restore the joy of Easter in the forest. This newfound friendship ensures that they will continue to work together in making Easter a special and delightful occasion for everyone in the magical forest.
  3. The Pink And Blue Eggs: In this lighthearted tale, the hens in a farmyard are puzzled and concerned when they hear about the sighting of pink and blue eggs in the farmhouse. They speculate on who could have laid these unusual eggs and whether they should be hatched. The hens, including White Hen, express their reluctance to be mothers to chicks of different colors. Curiosity gets the best of them, and they rush to see the eggs for themselves, only to discover that they are Easter eggs for the little girl to play with, not real eggs. The hens realize their worries were unnecessary and have a good laugh about the misunderstanding.
  4. The Funny Easter Bunny: Mother Tiny-Tail laments her lack of eggs for Easter. Funny Bunny overhears her and decides to help by collecting eggs. He embarks on a quest, going from one creature to another, trading favors and gathering the necessary items to fulfill their requests. With determination, Funny Bunny measures the Little Hill Men’s hill and earns a basketful of gold as a reward. He uses the gold to obtain meal, corn, and eventually a dozen eggs from the Little Brown Hen. Funny Bunny returns to Mother Tiny-Tail with a basket full of eggs, bringing joy to the Tiny-Tails and making Easter special. His kindness and resourcefulness are rewarded when the Little Hill Men gift him a sugary egg, acknowledging his benevolence. Funny Bunny bids farewell, proud to be called an Easter Bunny, and leaves with a hop, skip, and jump.
  5. Easter Fun With Family: Mick eagerly anticipates his annual Easter weekend with his family on his uncle and aunt’s farm. Upon arrival, Mick joins in the fun with his cousins, feeding baby chicks and participating in Easter games and competitions, including an egg toss, egg races, and an egg painting contest. The family enjoys a delicious Easter brunch, followed by a lively Easter cookie bake competition. The highlight of the weekend is the chocolate egg hunt, where Mick and his cousins search for hidden eggs around the farm. As the weekend comes to an end, Mick feels a mix of sadness and gratitude for the cherished memories he has made with his family. He looks forward to returning the next year and continuing the tradition of special Easter weekends on the farm.
  6. The Lily Sisters: three little sisters dressed in green live in a magnificent palace owned by a Great King. While two of the sisters happily do their work and await the Great King’s recognition, the third sister is perpetually discontented and sulks, rejecting the joyful playfulness of the Sunbeam children and the raindrops. The Great King, seeing the efforts of the two good sisters, rewards them with white robes and golden crowns. Regretful, the discontented sister fades away. The crowned sisters hold a reception and receive visitors, including a little girl named Ruth, who takes them to a sick friend. The little girl tells the story of Easter and the sacrifice made by the Great King’s Son, spreading hope and joy.
  7. Around The World For Easter Traditions: Gabriel and Amber embark on a global journey to learn about Easter traditions around the world. They explore Mexico’s Semana Santa processions, enjoy Italy’s La Pasquetta picnics, witness Greece’s solemn church services, experience Germany’s Osterhase and Easter feast, discover Russia’s intricate egg painting, witness Ethiopia’s vibrant Fasika celebration, participate in the United States’ Easter egg hunts, and savor Australia’s autumnal Easter festivities. Through their travels, Gabriel and Amber realize that while customs vary across cultures, Easter is a unifying holiday that fosters togetherness and joy among families and communities worldwide.
  8. Easter Brunch At School: Suzie eagerly participates in a special Easter brunch activity at school. She draws her friend Nikki’s name and enthusiastically prepares a delightful Easter basket for her, filled with tasty buns, favorite bread toppings, and chocolate eggs. On the day of the brunch, Suzie presents the basket to Nikki, who is overjoyed by the thoughtful gesture. The children enjoy the delicious food, listen to stories, sing songs, play games, and have a wonderful time together. The teacher expresses gratitude for the delightful Easter celebration, and Suzie happily reflects on the joy she brought to her friend. It was truly a memorable and meaningful Easter for Suzie.
  9. The Easter Story: In this story, we learn about the life and teachings of Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus spent his time spreading the message of God’s love, performing miracles, and gaining followers. However, the leaders of the time felt threatened by him and plotted to have him crucified. Jesus was sentenced to death and crucified on a cross, causing great sorrow among his followers. Yet, three days later, he rose from the dead, demonstrating his victory over death. Jesus appeared to his followers, explaining the purpose of his sacrifice and offering hope and new life. Christians commemorate this extraordinary event every year through the celebration of Easter, reminding themselves that despite despair, there is always hope and the promise of new beginnings through Jesus.

As we conclude, it’s clear that these nine best Easter stories for kids offer a unique blend of fun, learning, and cultural education. These stories, available for free online reading, downloadable PDFs, and audio versions, provide a versatile platform for children from toddlers to elementary students to learn about the rich traditions and values of Easter. The collection delivers an unforgettable bedtime experience, sparking imagination, and instilling moral values in an engaging way. So, whether it’s story time, night time, or any time, let these tales enhance your child’s understanding of Easter, fostering a love for reading and learning that will last a lifetime. Enjoy these magical journeys with your children and watch them fall asleep with dreams filled with Easter joy and wonder.