The Halloween Debate

Once upon a time, in a small town filled with colorful autumn leaves and festive decorations, lived a boy and a girl who held very different views about Halloween.

The boy, wearing a mischievous grin, entered the town square one day. He adjusted his bright pumpkin mask and started proclaiming loudly, “Girls don’t enjoy Halloween! They tremble at the thought of ghosts and ghouls. They believe that a phantom lurks behind every shadow. They would never dare to venture out in the moonlight, planning clever tricks and pranks like us boys. All they want to do is bob for apples and play other such childish games.”

Just then, a girl, adorned with a cape of autumn leaves, entered the square. Her eyes sparkled as she responded, “Oh, you couldn’t be more wrong, Mr. Smarty Pants! Girls, too, enjoy the thrill of Halloween. We aren’t afraid of ghosts – because there aren’t any! And as for pranks, why, we’ve played more than you could ever imagine.”

The boy chuckled, saying, “I saw girls scream and scatter the other night when our friend Jerry dressed up as a ghost. If those had been boys, they would’ve unmasked him before he could even knock on one door!”

With a challenging smile, the girl said, “You claim to be very brave, don’t you? Let’s see how fearless you really are when faced with a real ghost.”

Just as she finished her sentence, a figure, draped in a long, flowing sheet – a ghost – appeared and ran toward the boy. The boy, true to the girl’s prediction, shrieked and ran off, leaving his pumpkin mask behind.

The girl, chuckling to herself, said, “I thought that’s exactly what he’d do, in spite of all his bragging. But now, it’s almost time for the Halloween party. I better not be late.”

And with that, she skipped off to join her friends, leaving the deserted mask and the echoes of laughter behind in the quiet town square.