Happy Halloween

Once upon a time, in a small town brimming with festive excitement, three young friends gathered to celebrate the joy and thrill of Halloween. They were often joined by their pet black cat, Shadow, who added a touch of spookiness to their fun. As this enchanting evening approached, they prepared to enjoy both indoor and outdoor delights.

“Halloween’s the best time for fun,” they would all say in unison, their eyes sparkling with anticipation. The first child, little Molly, loved the indoor activities most.

“Listen,” she would say, leaning towards the fireplace, “to the warm fires boasting. Hear their crackling? Can you smell the snappy chestnuts turning and roasting? The big marshmallows burning and toasting?” She loved pretending to be a ghost, her white sheet draped around her as she tiptoed around, playfully hiding in dark corners and on stairways.

“Halloween’s the time for fun,” they would sing together, their voices echoing in the night air.

Tommy, the second child, preferred the outdoors. He was captivated by the glow of the jack-o’-lanterns blinking in the dark and the winking stars that seemed to join in their Halloween celebration. “Look, there goes a witch!” he would suddenly cry, pointing to the shadows. “Oh, wait, it’s just Shadow, our black cat, slinking about.”

And as if on cue, Shadow would respond with a melodious, “Me-ow! Me-ow!”

“Halloween’s the time for fun,” they repeated, giggling and huddling together.

The youngest of the three, Sammy, loved both the indoors and the outdoors equally. “Something’s always happening everywhere,” he would say. “Mischief is brewing on all sides, witches are shooing with their broomsticks, and spooks and goblins are all ‘Hoo-hooing!’”

And they would all steal about, pretending to scare each other with their spookiest voices, “They will get you if you don’t watch out!”

Each Halloween, their town became a playground for these imaginative children and their playful black cat, Shadow. A place where the indoors and outdoors were equally thrilling, and where every corner held a potential adventure. And they all agreed, “Halloween’s indeed the time for fun.”