Who Brought The Harvest?

Once upon a time, in the magical land of harvest, lived many special creatures. They were not your usual rabbits, squirrels or birds but different beings representing elements of nature. There were six Raindrop boys, dressed in soft, gray garments; six Sunbeam girls adorned in bright yellow frilly dresses; six Wind Elf girls in light blue outfits with many streamers; six Soil Soldier boys in suits of black with face masks; six Kernels of Corn boys in red suits and yellow caps; and six Workers – three girls in aprons and bonnets and three boys in overalls and straw hats.

Among all these colorful characters stood the most brilliant – the Harvest Spirit, a tall girl in a bright yellow dress, decorated with brown, red, and green streamers and a crown made of vibrant autumn leaves.

One sunny day, the Harvest Spirit, standing proudly in the middle of her realm, remarked, “Once again, the season of harvest has arrived. How fulfilling it is to see the results of our year’s work!”

Suddenly, the Raindrop boys came dancing around her. One of them said, “We help the little seeds grow. Without us, those tiny seeds could never find their way through the soil.” The Harvest Spirit found them intriguing, as they sang a little tune about how they gently fall on the ground, providing the plants with the much-needed moisture.

The Sunbeam girls, hearing their song, came skipping in, holding hands. “We are the Sunbeam children,” said the first Sunbeam girl. “We shine to light the earth, to warm the soil and to bring health to living things.” Then they sang a merry song about how they keep the earth warm and bright all year round.

The Wind Elf girls, seeing all the fun, entered with a whirling motion. They made a “Woo-woo-o-o!” sound, indicating they were the wind elves. Each wind elf told the Harvest Spirit about their unique roles – some carried the warm breath of the south land, while others brought moisture from the ocean far inland, some even brought a heavy blanket of snow to protect the plants and seeds in winter.

Then came rushing in the Soil Soldiers. Despite their dark appearance, they were as vital as any other in the group. They carried life-giving food to the plants and knew exactly what each seedling needed to grow.

As the group marveled at the Soil Soldiers’ dedication, the Kernels of Corn entered. “We are the little kernels of corn that grow into tall stalks and bright-colored tassels with the aid of sunshine and showers,” said the first Kernel boy.

Finally, the six Workers entered, displaying their work of keeping the crops free from weeds. They sang a song about their diligent work in the fields from morning till night.

In the end, the Harvest Spirit exclaimed, “I see that it would be impossible for me to select any one group of workers who make the harvest bountiful, so I must give you all credit for making a real Thanksgiving Day possible.” The air filled with song as they all sang in celebration of their hard work, their unity, and the bountiful harvest they had achieved together. And so, each day, they continued to strive, working together to bring about a plentiful harvest from the virgin soil of their beautiful land.

Their story serves as a reminder to us that everyone plays a vital role in the grand scheme of nature, and together, they make the world a better place.