Who Will Be Scared?

Once upon a time, in a far-off boarding school, a group of mischievous girls decided to play a prank on their fellow classmates on the spooky night of Hallowe’en. Dorothy, Louise, Katherine, and Virginia, decked out in dark costumes, planned to scare their friends, the teachers, and even the stern school principal, Madame, with ghostly antics.

Dorothy, the bravest of them all, led the mischief. “Who will be scared this time, I wonder?” she asked, while the others giggled with excitement. They planned to use the old storeroom, which always had an air of mystery, as their spooky lair. With its creaky door, old curtains, and a large, ominous wardrobe, it was perfect for a night of Hallowe’en pranks. They even had a skeleton costume ready to add an extra layer of fright.

The girls began their prank, pretending to be ghosts and making eerie sounds. However, the thrill quickly turned into a terrifying adventure of its own. The storeroom door mysteriously locked itself, with the key nowhere to be found. The window through which they had climbed earlier was locked too. The girls were trapped!

Their worry turned into outright fear when they found a skeleton hiding in the wardrobe. “It’s Hallowe’en. Spirits!” gasped Louise, her eyes wide with fright. Even the bold Dorothy couldn’t hide her fear. “We must get out!” she cried, shaking the door in desperation.

Just then, they heard a familiar voice. Madame, their stern principal, had come to rescue them. With a set of spare keys, she unlocked the room and stepped inside. But before anyone could speak, another surprise awaited them.

“Miss Fairlee!” Madame called, and in walked their teacher, Miss Fairlee, removing a black mask that revealed a painted skeleton. The girls let out a collective gasp. The ghost in the wardrobe was none other than Miss Fairlee!

She explained how she had overheard the girls planning their prank. “While you were wondering just who would be scared, I wondered, too,” she said, a twinkle in her eye. Miss Fairlee and Madame had decided to turn the tables and teach the girls a lesson.

Louise was the first to break the silence. “Oh, we did get scared, all right. But you’re a dear, Miss Fairlee, just the same, and so is Madame. We’re really ashamed of ourselves, and I, for one, will never play ghost again.”

Each of the girls apologized, promising to behave better in the future. Madame, satisfied with their sincerity, allowed them to return to their rooms. As the girls left the storeroom, Dorothy turned to Katherine, “Well, we know now who’s afraid of ghosts, at any rate!” And with a nervous giggle, they promised to remember this Hallowe’en as a lesson learned about respecting others’ feelings.

From then on, every time they thought of breaking the rules, all they had to do was remember that Hallowe’en night. Just the mere mention of “Who’ll be scared, I wonder?” was enough to keep them on their best behavior. And so, the girls learned that sometimes, the best pranks are those that teach you a valuable lesson in the end.

And that’s the end of our story about the Hallowe’en prank that went hilariously wrong. Remember, kids, tricks can be fun, but they should never be at the expense of others’ comfort and happiness. Happy Hallowe’en!