Thanksgiving ABC

A is for Autumn, when leaves change and fall in the gutter, We feel Thanksgiving’s magic, that makes our hearts flutter.

B is for Berries, sweet in the pie, A Thanksgiving dessert, oh me, oh my!

C is for Corn, our golden delight, As we sit down to eat on this Thanksgiving night.

D is for Dinner, we all love to share, With family and friends, showing we care.

E is for Eating, a big turkey feast, On Thanksgiving Day, we鈥檙e not the least.

F is for Family and Friends, who we love without end.

G is for Grateful, for all we share, Around the Thanksgiving table, with comfort and care.

H is for Harvest, so much fun. Giving thanks for all that’s done.

I is for Invite, to all family near. We gather around the table to celebrate with cheer!

J is for Joy, we feel in our hearts. On this Thanksgiving day, as the celebration starts.

K is for Kindness, so warm and so bright. On Thanksgiving Day, we fill hearts with light.

L is for Love, shared by all. On Thanksgiving Day, we’re having a ball.

M is for Mashed Potatoes, so smooth and yummy, Made by Mother, fills our tummy.

N is for November, when fall leaves are aglow. With Thanksgiving spirit from head to toe.

O is for Offerings, we share with each other, appreciating family, friends, and one another.

P is for Pilgrims, who started it all, They gave thanks for harvest in the fall.

Q is for Quiet as we say our grace, Thankful smiles lighting up each face.

R is for Roast, golden and yum. Just a bite and you’ll say, “Mmm!”

S is for Stuffing, inside the turkey we bake. Mom’s special recipe, she takes hours to make.

T is for Turkey, so big and brown, And when Thanksgiving comes, he’s the talk of the town.

U is for Unity we show on this day, laughing and sharing in every way.

V is for Volunteer, helping hand, Shared at Thanksgiving, across the land.

W is for Wishbone we break with a crack. Who has luck for next year? Let’s check in the pack!

X is for Xebec, a ship that once sailed. On Thanksgiving, exciting stories are unveiled.

Y is for Yams, ruby red and bright. A yummy Thanksgiving treat, savored in every bite.

Z is for Zesty, making pies taste great. We add a little lemon, a perfect plate to create.

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