Maud Lindsay

Maud Lindsay

Welcome to the magical world of the Top 13 Maud Lindsay stories for kids to read online! These famous, classic stories are perfect for bedtime, as they provide an ideal way for children to relax and fall into the world of their imagination. Not only can the stories be found online, but they can also be downloaded as a free PDF or printed, making them the perfect companion for your child’s learning journey. With each story beautifully accompanied by pictures and available in audio format, these educational and short tales are tailored to suit the needs and interests of children.

Maud Lindsay was known for her captivating and moral stories, whose timeless appeal has proven enjoyable for both girls and boys. She masterfully crafted her tales to be easily read, with just the right mix of intrigue and wonder to make story time a truly magical experience. From preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary students, to EYFS toddlers, these stories offer an engaging and fun literary experience for a broad range of young readers.

Reading Maud Lindsay’s collection of stories aloud at night will not only help your child develop their English language skills, but also foster a lifelong love for learning. So, gather your little ones together, snuggle up, and enjoy the enchanting tales crafted by this beloved author, as you embark on an unforgettable adventure together through the classic fairy tales of Maud Lindsay.

Top 13 Maud Lindsay for kids to read online:

  1. Santa Claus: The story describes how Santa Claus comes on a sleigh drawn by tiny reindeer with bells on their harnesses to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is described as old but strong, carrying a pack full of toys for little children. The story highlights the happiness that Santa Claus brings to children and the joy he feels as he delivers gifts. The story also mentions a little boy who, despite his attempt to stay awake and see Santa Claus, falls asleep only to wake up to find his stocking full of goodies. The story ends with all the world being happy when Santa Claus comes.
  2. A Christmas present for mother: In this story, a little prince wants to give his mother a special Christmas present, but all she asks for is a hug, a kiss, and a smile. The prince is not satisfied with her answer and asks what else she would like, to which she replies that she wants a little jar of rosemary like the one that bloomed in her mother’s window when she was a child. The prince tries to find the herb but cannot, until an old woman offers to trade for his magical ball. The prince agrees and gives the ball to the sick child in the old woman’s care. In the end, the queen is delighted with the gift of rosemary and hugs her little prince, who has learned the true meaning of gift-giving.
  3. The snowball: In this story, a little boy goes outside to make snowballs while his mother is out. He packs the snowballs well and has fun playing until it’s time to go inside. The little boy makes one last snowball to show his mother but falls asleep beside the warm fire, and when he wakes up, the snowball is gone. His mother knows where it went, but the reader is left to guess. An ebook download is also available.
  4. The snowman and the boy: The story is about a boy who makes a snowman with his friends. The next day he realizes he forgot to put a hat on the snowman, and when he goes to bed, he dreams that the snowman sneezes and says he needs a hat. The boy goes outside and finds the snowman, puts his sailor cap on the snowman’s head, and the snowman comes to life and takes the boy on an adventure to meet the Winter King to ask him to keep the sun from melting the snowman. The King agrees to ask the North Wind to freeze the snowman. The boy wakes up and finds the snowman frozen solid in the field where they left him.
  5. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: In this story, a young giant named Energy is very willing and strong, but he is too clumsy to be trusted with work. After many failed attempts to find work and help in the world, a good woman sends him to the Fairy Skill to learn. There, he masters the skills of sorting threads, weaving carpets, making cups, and creating chains. With these newfound talents, he successfully completes three trials and creates beautiful objects for the woman he loves. Finally, he learns to be a helper in the world.
  6. The girl and the goblin: In this story, a little girl has a beautiful white room full of treasures, including a string of pearls given by the king of the country. But when a goblin comes to visit, the room becomes dirty and everything seems to lose its shine. The goblin tries to clean one of the pearls that turns black, but it remains blue. When the little girl’s mother hears her daughter’s calls, she rushes to the room and together they clean everything until it looks beautiful again. They also put two golden hearts on the door that connects their rooms, so it will never be closed again.
  7. The little dog and the big dog: In this story, two dogs, Big Dog and Little Dog, go on a journey to visit the king. Along the way, Little Dog constantly gets scared of various obstacles, but Big Dog stays calm and leads the way. They eventually end up at a house with a broken door, in which Big Dog gets stuck. Little Dog goes off to find help and eventually comes back with a little boy who frees Big Dog. The king is so impressed with their journey that he throws a feast for them and they return home in his carriage. The story highlights the importance of bravery, determination, and friendship.
  8. The plate of pancakes: In this story, a little boy named Karl is sent by his mother to take pancakes to his father at work. The path he must take goes through a wood filled with goblins and fairies, but he hears a voice urging him to stop and eat some blackberries. He lingers too long in the wood and misses his father’s dinner. The next day, his grandmother gives him pancakes to take with the instruction to say a specific word if anyone tries to stop or delay him. When he hears a bird call out to him in the wood, he remembers the word and is able to hurry to his father with the pancakes still hot. From then on, he is never hindered in the Enchanted Wood and lives to be an old man.
  9. The lovely moon: The story is about a child who does not want to go to bed. The mother talks about animals sleeping, but the child still doesn’t want to sleep. Then, the moon looks in through the window and the mother sings a song about the lovely moon. The child eventually falls asleep, while the moon and mother smile.
  10. Mrs Tabby Gray and her three little kittens: The story is about Mrs. Tabby Gray and her three little kittens who live in a barn. The kittens want to go to the big house where their mother gets milk and bread, and she promises to take them there when they’re old enough. One day, their mother takes one of the kittens with her to a new home in a trunk. Later, the lady who owns the trunk locks it, thinking that there’s nothing precious inside. When Mrs. Tabby Gray finds out, she goes to the lady for help, but she doesn’t understand what the cat wants until she leads her to the trunk. The lady opens it, and the black kitten inside jumps out, startling his mother. Mrs. Tabby Gray is relieved to have her kitten back, and she decides that a barn is the best place to raise children.
  11. The Strawberry Shortcake: This is a story about a family who made a strawberry shortcake using wild berries that a little boy had picked, and a little girl had capped. The mother made the cake, and a big boy made the fire to bake it. When the father returned home, everyone surprised him with the cake which they had not mentioned earlier. He was astonished to see it and the children laughed and had a wonderful time sharing the dessert.
  12. Little Sleepyhead: The story is about a little child who is deeply asleep and doesn’t wake up despite several attempts by a clock, bird, wind, and rooster to wake him up. However, finally, the sun does the job, and the child wakes up, calling for his mom. Even he himself doesn’t know how he woke up. There are also links to download the story as an ebook in PDF format.
  13. The Little King’s Rabbits: In this story, the little king’s white rabbits with pink eyes and ears go missing, and the townspeople embark on a search for them. Despite numerous attempts, no one can find the rabbits, until a young girl named Peggy discovers their whereabouts in an old woman’s cabbage patch. In exchange for her help, the little king offers to give Peggy whatever she wants, and she chooses to receive two of the white rabbits as her own.

In conclusion, the Top 13 Maud Lindsay stories provide children with a delightful journey through imaginative worlds filled with wonder, adventure, and unforgettable characters. These timeless tales hold valuable life lessons such as kindness, friendship, and determination that captivate young readers and encourage their love for storytelling. By exploring these magical stories, children are inspired to dream big, embrace their creativity, and cherish the joys of childhood. So, embark on a fascinating literary adventure with Maud Lindsay’s stories and let the magic of these enchanting tales spark a lifelong passion for reading and learning.