Halloween Letters

Once upon a time, in a village where children loved to learn and play, a special event took place every year. It was a magical evening known as Hallowe’en, a time filled with sweet candies, glowing Jack-o’-lanterns, and enchanting stories.

Every Hallowe’en, ten little children, each carrying a Jack-o’-lantern with a unique letter carved into it, would enter the village square. The letters, glowing from the light within the pumpkins, spelt the word ‘Hallowe’en.’ This year, they were eager to share their letters and what they stood for, with the villagers.

The first child, carrying a pumpkin with an ‘H,’ stepped forward. “Do you know your letters?” he asked the crowd of children gathered around. “Watch closely, and tell me what word we’re spelling. You all know it very well! My ‘H’ stands for Harvest, the time when pumpkins, big and yellow, smile on the vine, awaiting their turn to become jolly Jack-o’-lanterns.”

Next came a little girl with an ‘A.’ “A is for Apples!” she exclaimed. “During our Hallowe’en frolics, bobbing for apples brings the greatest joy! Or even trying to bite one, swinging on a string, with hands tied behind your back. It’s not as easy as it looks!” She chuckled, causing the other children to giggle too.

Third and Fourth were a pair, each with an ‘L.’ “L stands for Lovers,” they said, almost in unison. “On Hallowe’en, love is in the air, and everyone hopes to find their perfect match. Perhaps tonight, you too, will find your destiny!” The pair winked, and the crowd erupted in a cheerful cheer.

Then a child stepped up with a round ‘O.’ “Oh, the surprises of Hallowe’en,” she exclaimed. “This ‘O’ stands for the exclamations of delight, fright, disgust, and surprise that we hear on this mystical night.” She acted out each exclamation, making the audience erupt in laughter.

Sixth was a child with a ‘W,’ warning the crowd, “Watch out! For W stands for ‘Watch out!’ This is the night when ghosts, goblins, and Brownies roam. They are definitely watching for you. So, you’d better watch out!” The children’s eyes widened with a mixture of fear and excitement.

Seventh and Ninth, two more children, carried the letter ‘E.’ “E’s for every little boy and little girl,” they said, “for everyone who loves the charm and stories of dear old Hallowe’en, and are glad this eerie time has come again.”

Suddenly, an apostrophe dashed forward, demanding to be recognized. “You two E’s can’t just leave me out!” it cried. “Even as an apostrophe, I have my place. I represent all the wonderful things about Hallowe’en we haven’t had time to talk about. Our time is short, you see.”

Last but not least, Tenth stepped forward, with an ‘N.’ “N is for Now,” she said. “The Night of Nights, the spookiest, most thrilling night ever seen – the night we’ve been spelling, the magical Hallowe’en!”

With that, the children placed their Jack-o’-lanterns in a row at the front of the square, the light from the pumpkins spelling ‘Hallowe’en’ glowing warmly in the night. Then, hand-in-hand, they marched off into the night, leaving the enchanted villagers marveling at the magical glow and the wonderful story they’d told.

And so, the legend of the Hallowe’en children was passed down from generation to generation, reminding everyone of the magic and excitement of that mystical night. As the little ones drifted off to sleep, they dreamed of bobbing apples, glowing Jack-o’-lanterns, and the enchanting mysteries of Hallowe’en.