The Leaf Dresses

On a sunny day in October the wind was blowing so hard that people got sand in their eyes and lost their hats. What is important to know is that the wind only blows that hard when it has a message for the people. And the harder the wind blows, the more important the message. This specific day, the wind blew from the cold north and was telling a fall secret to the trees.

In summer these trees wore green leaf dresses with pride. Not only were the leaves beautiful to look at, they also worked really hard. They filtered the air so that people had fresh air to breathe, they let birds build nests in them and they provided shade on the streets so that people could go for a walk in the shade. But like I said, the wind had a message for the trees.

‘The days are growing shorter’, was the message. ‘This means that all trees will soon go into hibernation. Therefore all leaves are invited to a big party and we ask everyone to dress up.’

The trees whispered this secret message to the big branches, the big branches told the little branches and the little branches told the leaves. The leaves were delighted, they were looking forward to frolicing on the field together. The maple coloured her leaves red, while the poplar preferred yellow and the oak tree wore a mix of brown and red.

When the wind picked up again, many leaves were taking along for a dance. Only a few stubborn leaves of the maple stayed behind, though their brothers and sisters already left. One of them thought about the beautiful flowers that had bloomed in spring and summer beneath the tree and spread a lovely scent.

Hereupon she asked the leaves if they wanted to go with her to cover the flowers from winter. They agreed and let themselves fall from the branches. One part of the leaves covered the flowers and another part made children happy with their beautiful colours.

A sweet little girl found a bunch of these beautiful leaves and took them to school. There they laid spread out for the kids in class to enjoy them during winter.