Polly’s Extraordinary Thanksgiving

Polly was a little ball of joy, with the brightest blue eyes that danced with curiosity at the world’s endless wonders. Her rosy cheeks blushed deeper whenever someone spoke to her, and her flaxen hair always danced wild, refusing to stay in place. She was a unique little delight, our Polly!

Much like everyone, Polly loved good food, especially during Thanksgiving. But one year, just in time for the festival, a sneaky measles germ found its way into her, making her very sick. Unable to enjoy the grand feast of turkey, pudding, and pies, Polly was left with nothing but a bowl of oatmeal gruel. Heartbroken, she cried, not because it would cure her, but because it was just too unfair.

Once the measles started to retreat, and she felt a little better, Polly expressed her dismay. She felt she missed out on the special Thanksgiving meal. To cheer her up, Polly’s mother teased about having another Thanksgiving Day. This idea brought sparkle back into Polly’s eyes. However, her father, with a playful twinkle in his eye, told her that only the governor could declare a Thanksgiving Day.

This triggered an idea in Polly’s mind. Once she was fully recovered, she penned down a heartfelt letter to the governor, making a sweet, innocent request to have another Thanksgiving Day, as she had missed the previous one due to her illness.

Polly posted her letter at the local post office, where Mr. Willey’s niece Molly found it amusing and promised that the governor would receive it. The envelope bore a delightful address: “Mister GuvNER, at the CAPITLE.”

A few days later, Polly received a big white envelope with an official emblem. Polly’s father was surprised to see the State’s arms on it. Overwhelmed and excited, Polly opened her letter. It was from the governor himself, stating his regret at her illness and granting her wish. He declared a special Thanksgiving Day just for Polly on the next Thursday, December 9th.

Overjoyed, Polly hopped around on one foot, while her parents watched in astonishment. Polly’s father was especially impressed with Governor Colburn’s kind gesture and declared his loyalty to him henceforth. He also vowed to make Polly’s special Thanksgiving the best one she’d ever remember.

And indeed, it was. The most splendid, extraordinary Thanksgiving Polly ever had!