Stories About Plants

Stories About Plants

Welcome to the Top 17 Stories About Plants for kids to read online! This amazing collection of free, downloadable, and printable stories is perfect for children of all ages – from toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students, to early years and elementary school kids. These educational and fun tales are perfect for bedtime, story time, or any time your little ones want to dive into the fantastic world of plants. With a mix of classic fairy tales, famous bedtime stories, and original short stories, this collection offers a treasure trove of enchanting tales filled with valuable morals and lessons for both boys and girls alike.

The importance of Stories About Plants lies in the opportunity they provide for learning about the natural world around us, while fostering a love for reading and encouraging curiosity in the minds of young children. These stories, with pictures, easy-to-read language, and an audio version, are perfect for reading aloud, listening, and learning cooperatively. They cater to the needs of early years, preschool, and kindergarten students, as well as English language learners, making them an excellent resource for all.

Plant stories help children appreciate the beauty and value of nature while understanding the vital roles that plants play in our ecosystem. Let your kids embark on a journey through these captivating tales, nurturing their love for both storytelling and botany. Whether during daytime adventures or cozy night-time reading sessions, these stories are guaranteed to delight and entertain while promoting a strong foundation for lifelong learning and appreciation of the world around us. So settle in, and enjoy this incredible collection of the best, most engaging plant stories that are sure to make your children’s imaginations grow as they drift off to a peaceful sleep.

Top 17 Stories About Plants for kids to read online:

  1. How West Wind Helped Dandelion: This story is about a dandelion who lives happily and has many friends. She worries about her seeds being wasted and not being gathered like the other plants in the garden. However, West Wind appears and takes all her seeds, planting them in various places, making Dandelion happy to have such a wonderful friend.
  2. Jack Frost and His Work: This is a story about Jack Frost who is excited to work on a cold autumn night. He sends a warning to people to be prepared for his visit and most people were ready for him. Jack Frost carries a box full of paint brushes, a paint box, silvery white stuff, and tools like pincers and hammers. He decorated window panes and made the ground white with snow. However, he also had to pinch the late flowers, nip the grasses, and harden the ground. Jack Frost took a long time opening prickly burrs of chestnuts to feed the squirrels and children. Unfortunately, he had to destroy a little boy’s garden that was left unpacked. The story ends with the little boy learning a lesson and promising to take his plants inside next time.
  3. Do What You Can: The story is about a farmer who depends on his cornfield as the main source of income for his family. However, his crop begins to wither due to a lack of rain. Two raindrops overhear the farmer’s worries and decide to cheer him up by falling on his nose and the cornstalk. More raindrops follow until they form a shower that waters the corn and saves the crop. The story illustrates how the actions of one can have a positive impact on many.
  4. How the raindrops and sunbeams helped: Mother Nature calls upon her helpers, the Sunbeams and Raindrops, to wake up her plant children and bring spring to earth. The Sunbeams and Raindrops happily answer her call and work together to help the flowers bloom, the trees bud, and the birds return. With their help, spring arrives, and everyone is thankful for the beauty it brings.
  5. Prince Autumn: This story follows the conversation of two princes, Prince Autumn and Prince Summer, as they share the kingdom over the course of a year. As autumn begins, Prince Autumn blows his horn and the leaves start to turn yellow, an announcement of the coming winter. As the seasons shift, Prince Winter interrupts Prince Autumn to demand he take responsibility for the creatures of the land during the coming snow. Prince Autumn blows his horn again for the final time and disappears in a storm, marking the end of autumn.
  6. The Little Pumpkin: The story is about a Little Pumpkin who grows in a field but constantly worries about disappointing Mother Vine as he is expected to become a Jack-o’-lantern. However, the Little Pumpkin learns from the sun and wind to just do his best to be himself and not worry about the future. Eventually, the Little Pumpkin becomes the biggest and yellowest of all, and the children in the village choose him as their Jack-o’-lantern for the Thanksgiving feast. The Little Pumpkin is happy and proud, knowing that Mother Vine would be proud of him too.
  7. Spring and Her Helpers: The story is about Winter receiving a message from Father Time that Spring was ready to take charge of the land. With the help of her friends, Spring works hard to make the world beautiful with blooming flowers, green grass, and chirping birds. Her helpers included the sunbeams, King Eolus and his brothers, and the birds. Spring’s work is done, and she feels happy and content, waiting to see what the rest of the season would bring.
  8. The Plant Household: This is a story about a beautiful household led by a queen who wore the most beautiful robes. The upper servants wore green, while the cooks and others wore brown. They all worked hard to make sure Lady Flower and everyone in the household had what they needed. Lady Flower worked hard every day in her task of making seeds. Despite their different roles, they all worked together with pride and joy, making it the happiest and most beautiful household in all the land. An ebook download link is provided.
  9. The Indian Legend of the Trailing Arbutus: This story is about the legend of the creation of the trailing arbutus, a sweet and beloved wildflower found in Michigan. The story tells of an old man, who is visited by a beautiful maiden who transforms him into the arbutus plant. She blesses the plant with her virtues and sweet breath, and from then on, the arbutus plant grows only where she steps and nowhere else. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading.
  10. The Little Plant: The story is about a small but special seed named Sprout who lives in a magical garden filled with flowers and other plants. When the sunshine and raindrops call out to Sprout, it musters the courage to grow and explore the enchanting world above. As Sprout grows, it becomes a part of the garden’s beauty and adds its own unique color to the landscape. The story celebrates the adventure that lies within every seed and the joy of living in harmony with nature.
  11. How the Beans Came Up: In this story, a little girl named Alice planted Lima beans that kept growing above ground after she covered them with soil, causing their roots to dry up. She was taught by Uncle Peter to plant more beans and leave them alone, so they grew into healthy vines with white blossoms and yielded many delicious beans. Alice learned from her mistake and successfully planted more beans the following year. The story teaches about the importance of patience and proper planting techniques.
  12. Earth Day at School: In a small town called Green Valley, Earthkeeper Elementary is a renowned school for its environmental education. Every year, they celebrated Earth Day, and the students and teachers participated in various eco-friendly activities to promote environmental awareness and conservation. The story follows an enthusiastic fifth-grader named Sam, who, along with his friends, engages in tree planting, recycling and composting workshops, creating eco-friendly crafts, and attending environmental discussions. The Earth Day celebration left a lasting impact on the students, teachers, and the entire Green Valley community, inspiring them to be responsible stewards of the environment.
  13. Charlie and the Blossoming Earth Day Garden: The story is about a boy named Charlie and his dream to create a chemical-free garden filled with wildflowers, bees, vegetables, and fruits. With the help of his mother, Mrs. Green, Charlie learns about Earth Day, conserving water, attracting pollinators, and using natural methods to keep pests away. They hold an Earth Day event in their garden and teach the children about gardening, composting, and water conservation. Their influence reaches beyond Greenleaf, and Charlie founds a nonprofit organization to spread his mission of protecting the environment. In time, their town transforms into an eco-friendly community, and more people embrace the magic of gardens.
  14. Our amazing earth: The story follows a young girl named Lola who goes on an adventure to learn about the Earth. Along the way, she discovers the importance of water, the delicate balance of nature, and the effects of human activity on the environment. Through her journey, Lola realizes how humans can both harm and help protect the planet. The story emphasizes the need to reduce plastic waste and plant trees to combat climate change. The reader is encouraged to download an eBook version of the story.
  15. The frost king and the power of love: The Queen and her council of nymphs discuss King Frost’s war on flowers, which causes sorrow instead of an everlasting summer. The brave nymph Star proposes to teach the King to be kind to the flowers. She travels alone to the Kingdom of Frost where she is imprisoned. While there, she creates a magical garden in her cell and teaches the King love and the beauty of a flower-filled garden. The Queen’s army declares war when Star is not returned. But they all learn of the King’s change of heart and celebrate victory with a great feast. The battle is won not by might, but by the power of love.
  16. How The Flowers Grow: In a colorful garden, the flowers share their secret with curious children about how they grow. The children watch a tiny green blade protectively embrace a bud, patiently waiting for it to bloom. When the sun’s rays help the bud awaken, it grows into a beautiful flower, and the children learn the secret of how flowers grow. The story is accompanied by a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  17. Calla Lily’s Cousin: The story features Jack-in-the-Pulpit who is telling the wildflowers about the world they live in and how wonderful it is to be outside. However, Calla Lily, a hothouse plant who is near the window, does not respond to the friendly nod from the wildflowers because she is afraid that they will find out that she and Jack-in-the-Pulpit are related. She thinks that Jack-in-the-Pulpit is telling the other wildflowers about their relation and does not want the hothouse plants to know. Jack-in-the-Pulpit, on the other hand, is unaware of the relation and loves his life outside with his friends and the surrounding nature.

In conclusion, these Top 17 Stories About Plants allow young readers to expand their knowledge and appreciation for the wonderful world of plants. Through engaging tales, children can learn about the diverse roles plants play in our ecosystem, their incredible abilities to adapt and grow, and the fascinating relationships they have with animals and humans. Each story offers valuable life lessons while inspiring curiosity, imagination, and a love for nature. Reading these tales will undoubtedly create a strong foundation for children’s understanding and respect for the environment, instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards nurturing our beautiful planet.