How The Flowers Grow

Once upon a time, in a beautiful garden full of colors and laughter, the flowers had a secret. They knew exactly how they grew, and they loved to share their knowledge with the curious children who visited the garden.

One sunny day, as the children played among the flowers, they noticed a tiny, delicate blade of purest green peeking out from the soil. It stretched its little arms east and west, and south and north, as if to greet the world with a warm embrace.

Every day, the children visited the garden to check on their new little friend. They noticed that it was slowly growing taller, wrapping itself protectively around a small, sleepy bud. The tiny green leaf seemed to keep the bud warm and cozy as it slumbered, waiting for the right time to awaken.

Then, one glorious morning, as the sun began to rise, the sunbeams danced their way down to the sleeping bud. They whispered gently, “We are the children of the sun, sent to wake you, little one.” The little leaf, hearing the sunbeams’ message, opened wide, revealing the tiny bud inside.

The bud, now exposed to the world, began to open its eyes, taking in the beauty of the bright and sunny sky. The breezes from the west and south blew softly, planting tender kisses on the bud’s delicate petals, encouraging it to grow and flourish.

Day by day, the petals grew stronger, more vibrant, and more beautiful. The children marveled at the transformation taking place right before their eyes. And finally, the bud had transformed into a stunning, full-grown flower, adding even more color and beauty to the already enchanting garden.

The children, now filled with wonder and understanding, had learned the secret of how the flowers grew.