Winter Stories

Winter Stories

Welcome to our collection of the Top 67 Winter Stories for kids to read online! This treasure trove of stories has been carefully curated to provide children of all ages with bedtime tales that are perfect for snuggling in on chilly winter nights. Our collection is filled with a variety of wonderful winter stories, from short and sweet tales to tell toddlers at bedtime, to longer, classic fairy tales that will captivate the imagination of preschool and elementary students. Each story comes with enchanting pictures and illustrations that aim to uplift the reader’s experience and foster their love for literature.

Browsing through our extensive selection, you will find stories suitable for children of every age, including preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early years foundation stage (EYFS) students. In addition to being entertaining, these stories hold significant educational value, fostering learning and intellectual growth. Our library of available stories includes free online PDFs, printable format, and audio versions in English, ensuring that our wonderful winter tales are accessible to every child.

Winter stories have a special place in children’s literature – as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, there is something magical about cozying up with a good book or listening to a captivating tale read aloud. Many of these stories incorporate elements of friendship, kindness, and the importance of family, passing on valuable moral lessons to young readers. Moreover, they make storytime even more fun and memorable, spark children’s imagination, and make bedtime a cherished moment.

Our handpicked selection includes stories for both boys and girls, guaranteeing that the little ones drift off into a peaceful sleep while dreaming of snowy landscapes, ice palaces, and warm hearths. So it’s time to grab a hot cup of cocoa, snuggle under a warm blanket, and explore the best of winter stories with our Top 67 Winter Stories collection for kids. Happy reading!

Top 67 Winter Stories for kids to read online:

  1. The Fir Tree: A young fir tree in a forest wants to grow up quickly to be big and majestic like the grown-up trees. Eventually, he is cut down and placed in a house for Christmas, where he is decorated and admired. However, after the holiday, he is left in the attic, and his branches wither away. He is eventually thrown out and burned in the fireplace, realizing too late that he did not appreciate the happy moments in his life when he had them.
  2. Snow White: The story begins with a queen who wishes for a child with hair as black as ebony, skin white as snow, and lips red as blood. When her wish comes true and she gives birth to Snow White, the queen dies. Snow White’s father remarries, but his new wife is filled with jealousy over Snow White’s beauty and orders a hunter to kill her. Snow White runs away and finds refuge with seven dwarfs, but her stepmother soon finds out and tricks her into eating a poisoned apple. When a prince falls in love with her and takes her away, the poison is dislodged, and she awakens. The stepmother’s fate is unknown, and Snow White marries the prince and lives happily ever after.
  3. The Little Match Girl: A poor little girl walks through the snow on a freezing evening with no hat and her bare feet are blue with cold. She has a lot of matches in her apron, and wants to sell them but hasn’t had any luck yet. She is afraid of going home because she may get beaten, and it is cold there too. She stops in a corner and lights up a match to warm her hands. She sees things beyond the corner walls, such as a roasted goose and a beautiful Christmas tree. She lights up the rest of the matches to see her grandmother, who takes her to heaven, where there is no cold and hunger. The girl was found in the corner the next day, frozen to death, but with a smile on her face.
  4. The Snow Queen: In “The Snow Queen”, an evil troll creates a mirror that only reflects ugliness and bad things. The mirror breaks into pieces that cause anyone elses who gets splinters to see the world around them in a negative light. Two children, Gerda and Kay, hear the tale of the Snow Queen and Kay eventually gets a splinter that makes him forget everything he knew and go in search of the Snow Queen. Gerda sets out to find him and has many adventures along the way, but ultimately she rescues Kay and they return home, having grown up but still retaining their childlike hearts.
  5. Bart The Bear Hibernates: The story is about a brown bear named Bart who is getting ready to hibernate for the winter after stocking up on food throughout the summer and fall. He bids farewell to his forest friends, goes for a refreshing bath in the river, and then curls up in his cozy den to sleep until the spring. The story explains the concept of hibernation and the process of preparing for it. It is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  6. Father Frost: This is a story about a girl named Natasha who had a cruel stepmother and stepsisters. When the stepmother ordered her husband to take Natasha to marry Father Frost, Natasha was left in the forest alone. Father Frost appeared, and with his magical scepter, he transformed Natasha’s appearance and gave her beautiful gems. When her stepsisters met him, they were unkind and were left to freeze. Finally, Natasha met a nice man and lived happily ever after.
  7. The Christmas Masquerade: In this Christmas story, the mayor of a city invites all the children to his masquerade party and promises to reimburse the costs for poor children. A new store opens in the town with beautiful costumes, and all the children choose costumes that make them feel special. Despite having fun at the party, the children discover they cannot take off the costumes and have taken on their character’s personalities. The mayor seeks the help of the wise woman and the cherry man to solve the problem. The shopkeeper finally agrees to release the children from their costumes in return for two conditions, a law to ensure poor children receive gifts at Christmas and that the cherry man marries the mayor’s daughter. All the children are finally released from their costumes, and the law is enacted.
  8. Toinette and the elves: The story is about a girl named Toinette who meets an elf in the forest and helps him remove a thorn from his robe. The elf promises to help her in return and later gives her seeds to become invisible. Toinette becomes invisible but feels ignored and unloved by her siblings. She removes the seeds and promises to be kinder to her siblings. The next year the elf returns and encourages her to try the seeds again. Toinette becomes invisible again and surprises her siblings, who realize how much they love her. The elf asks Toinette to make a broth of fern seeds for his elf friends, and before leaving, he reminds her that true happiness comes from being kind and having a good mood.
  9. A Christmas Carol: This is a summary of the story of a cruel and stingy businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge who hated Christmas and treated others poorly. One night, after he was visited by the ghosts of his past, present, and future, he decided to change his ways. He apologized to the collectors, gave money to the poor, and even sent a large turkey to the family of his loyal bookkeeper, Bob Cratchit, who had a very sick son named Tiny Tim and could not afford medicine. Scrooge eventually became a kind and warm man, and he even accepted his nephew’s invitation to spend Christmas with his family.
  10. The Visit to Santa Claus Land: Two children, Kate and Brian, can’t sleep before Christmas and hear a knock at the window. They see a chocolate who offers to take them to Santa Claus land. The chocolate covers their eyes and flies them to Santa’s garden, where there are rows of Christmas trees, dolls, drum sets, horns, and wind-up toys. The children want to meet Santa and must cross a plank over a deep abyss. They fall down but wake up in their beds and tell their mother about the visit. She smiles.
  11. Where the sparks go: A cat and a dog sit in front of a fireplace during a storm, watching the sparks. The cat thinks the sparks flying up the chimney are silly for choosing to leave the warmth of the fire. The spark closest to them claims that they become stars once they reach the top of the chimney, but the cat dismisses this as silly since they are just stars in the sky. Nonetheless, the dog and cat decide to investigate, with the cat coming around to the idea that the spark may be right after all. An ebook in PDF format is available for download.
  12. The Farmer And The Snake: A farmer finds a frozen snake in his field and picks it up to warm it back to life. However, when the snake revives, it bites him and he dies from the venom. Before he dies, he warns others not to take pity on scoundrels like the snake. An ebook download link is provided at the end.
  13. The swallow and the crow: The story is about an argument between a Swallow and a Crow regarding their plumage. The Swallow boasts about the beauty of its feathers while the Crow questions its usefulness in winter. The story ends with no clear winner, but it suggests that each bird has its own strengths depending on the situation. There is also a link provided to download the story as an ebook (PDF).
  14. Santa Claus: This story describes Santa Claus as he rides through the world on Christmas Eve, distributing presents to children. He is depicted as a big, strong man dressed in furry clothes, riding in a sleigh pulled by tiny reindeer with bells on their harnesses. The story emphasizes how Santa Claus brings joy to children, bringing them dolls, drums, balls, tops, wagons, and sleds. The story concludes that Santa Claus is loved by all the children in the world.
  15. The Snowman: A Snowman wishes to move and experience new things like humans do, but a yard dog warns him of the dangers of approaching the stove, which the Snowman longs for. As the warm weather arrives, the Snowman begins to melt and eventually disappears, leaving only a broomstick where he once stood. Despite his brief existence, the Snowman’s desire to experience life and his admiration for the stove make him a memorable character in the story.
  16. Uncle Wiggily’s icicle maker: Uncle Wiggily receives a magical icicle toy from Jack Frost for being kind to him. He later uses this gift to help his friends and make bridges, clothes sticks, and even a cage to protect himself from the bad Fox who tries to catch him. The story highlights kindness and friendship, and an eBook version is available for download.
  17. The bad little goblin’s New Year: This is a story about a nasty little goblin called Midnight who liked to play cruel pranks on birds, rabbits, and squirrels. One day, he ended up in a house full of children who were very kind to him, and they became his friends. On New Year’s Day, Midnight was so happy that he transformed into a beautiful, dancing golden flame and cheered up all the wood creatures who were feeling cold and miserable. From that day on, Midnight helped people and animals, and they saw a kinder, happier version of him.
  18. The ice king and his wonderful grandchild: This is a story about Uller, the spirit in the ice, who was the patron of boys and girls. He had six daughters with his wife Skadi and their offspring was a mischievous fairy named Stoom. Stoom had the power to blow things up but was also willing to be useful when properly harnessed. The story highlights the importance of using Stoom responsibly and treating him well to prevent explosions. The tale also features Vuur, the fire fairy who delayed too long to propose to Uller’s daughters and turned them into one entity named Regen.
  19. The snowdrop: In this story, a snowdrop flower lies dormant in the cold winter until a raindrop penetrates the snow and stirs her desire to bloom. She struggles to grow in the harsh weather, but remembers the promise of summer and persists through snow and wind until she finally blooms. She brings joy to those who admire her bravery, and is carried away and preserved in a book for years until she is discovered and appreciated by a kind reader. Ultimately, the story celebrates perseverance and the beauty of even the most delicate things in nature.
  20. The animals’ Christmas tree: The animals decide to have a Christmas tree after hearing from the swallows about the happiness it brings. They all come together to plan and decorate the tree, with each animal choosing what they want to see hung on the tree. However, things take a grim turn when the pig chooses mud and other predators start choosing other animals as their gifts. The lamb volunteers to be the gift so that the predators can be content with their Christmas presents. In the end, instead of hanging lambs, they choose to hang images of animals on the tree, and this tradition eventually spreads to humans. A downloadable PDF is available.
  21. A Christmas present for mother: A little prince wants to give his recovering sick mother a Christmas present but is not satisfied with her initial answer of a hug, smile, and a kiss. After much thought, she requests a jar of rosemary like the one from her childhood. The prince sends messengers to search for it but to no avail. Finally, a source for the rosemary is found in the city, but the owner refuses to sell it for gold. The prince reluctantly gives his prized magic ball to the owner’s sick grandson in exchange for the rosemary. The prince’s mother is overjoyed to receive the rare Christmas gift, and the little prince gains a valuable lesson about what is truly important.
  22. What happened Christmas eve: On Christmas Eve, Jessie and Fred try to catch Santa Claus, but only see his reindeer and sleigh. They hear a scratching on the door and find a mouse trying to get into the pantry. Later, their dad brings in a white cat with a kitten. On Christmas Day, they receive gifts from Santa Claus under the tree, and Fred finds a cute white kitten on his new sweater. They all say “Merry Christmas” together. An ebook download is available.
  23. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: The story is about Old Mother Bear who was knitting a stocking for Santa Claus to fill. One by one, different animals ask for a stocking and Old Mother Bear gives away her finished stockings. The animals fill them with goodies and leave them for Old Mother Bear as a surprise. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus visits and fills the stockings. He and Old Mother Bear dance and have a merry time.
  24. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: The story is about Granny Goodyear and Little Gretchen, who live in a small log house by the edge of a big forest. They are poor and are unable to afford any Christmas gifts. Little Gretchen still hopes for a present and puts her wooden shoes by the door, hoping that the Christmas angels will leave something for her. While Granny is skeptic, a little bird with a broken wing surprises them in the morning in their old wooden shoe. Gretchen cares for the bird, reminding them that the beauty of Christmas comes from sharing love and kindness to others.
  25. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In this winter tale, Uncle Wiggily goes out shopping on a snowy day with Grandfather Goosey Gander, while Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy stays home in their hollow stump bungalow. Along the way, Uncle Wiggily meets many animal friends and gets presents for the animal children from Santa Claus. But on his way back, he overhears some boys talking about not having any presents for Christmas because of their blocked chimneys. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a plan to help them by enlisting the help of his crow friends to deliver the presents down the sooty chimneys. The next morning, everyone wakes up to a joyful surprise, and all over the land, people wish each other a Merry Christmas.
  26. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: In the story, Uncle Wiggily sees a boy who doesn’t have a New Year’s horn and decides to help. He takes the old horns of his friend Billie Wagtail, polishes them, and adds wooden whistles. Then he leaves them anonymously for the poor boy and his sister to blow at midnight when the Old Year goes away and the New Year comes in. The children are delighted and celebrate with all the boys and girls in the village who blow horns and wooden whistles.
  27. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: In this story, Old Mother Bear wishes for a Happy New Year, but is concerned about her four naughty bears. They are visited by various fairies who help them learn important lessons: Boxer learns to be on time; Drowsy-Head learns to go to bed; Bruin learns to pick up after himself; and Bright Eyes learns to be polite. After a year, the bears return home having learned their lessons and bringing with them a happy new year. The story ends by encouraging children to practice good behavior as well.
  28. King Frost and King Winter: In this story, King Winter is a selfish and spiteful king who sends his fairies to steal the golden and ruby leaves spread on trees by King Frost. However, King Winter’s plan fails when the bags of treasure brought back to his palace contain only brown leaves. Angry at King Frost, King Winter leads his fairies to attack King Frost’s palace, resulting in a battle between the two sides. Eventually, King Winter is left alone with King Frost, who demands that he give up his magic cloak. When King Winter refuses, King Frost and his fairies chase him through the woods, leaving behind a trail of white down from his cloak. The story ends with King Frost adorning the trees with the remaining shards of ice, making the woods look as bright as before they were robbed of their golden and ruby leaves.
  29. Prince Winter: The story is about the Prince of Winter who is a strong and wild old man with white hair and beard. All living things in his kingdom are afraid of him and his cold, stern eyes. He dislikes birds and trees and wants to bury them all in snow. When he orders the sun to shine on the land, it can’t melt the ice and thaw the snow. However, the Prince of Spring eventually arrives and all nature rejoices.
  30. The snowball: The story tells of a little boy who goes out to make snowballs in the snow. His snowballs land in different places around his yard and beyond, providing amusement for snowbirds. He makes one big snowball and brings it into the house to show his mother, leaving it by the fireplace while he falls asleep. When he wakes up, the snowball has melted leaving only a pool of water. The boy’s mother explains what happened to the snowball, leaving the reader to wonder as well. An ebook of the story is provided for download.
  31. The man who stood all night in the river: In this story, a king offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to the man who can stand a whole winter’s night in the river. Many men try and die, but one man survives by keeping his heart fixed on a fire burning on the hillside. The king accuses him of warming himself by the fire, but the man denies it. Later, the king’s daughter proves that the man is innocent and urges her father to keep his promise. In the end, the king gives his daughter to the man in marriage.
  32. The snowman and the boy: The story is about a snowman that a group of children build. One of the children, who has never built a snowman before, wishes they had brought a hat for it. Later that night, the snowman sneezes and asks the child for a hat. The child gives it a sailor hat, and the snowman suggests they go to the Winter King’s palace and ask him to stop the sun from shining. They go on an adventure, find the Winter King, and make a request to keep the snowman from melting. The next day, the child wakes up to find the snowman still standing in the field, frozen hard. It turns out the adventure was all just a dream.
  33. North Wind’s Frolic: The story is about the four children of the King of Winds – North Wind, South Wind, East Wind, and West Wind – and their father. North Wind is unruly and causes destruction to gardens and fields while playing. The people complain to their father who decides to keep North Wind prisoner during the summer and let him out during winter since he is fit for the snow and not for flowers and fruit. The story ends with an illustration of North Wind as a strong young prince in a summer field with trees and flowers. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  34. To catch a snowflake: The story is about a little girl named Amy who lives in a small village surrounded by woods. One day, she woke up to find that it had snowed overnight. Amy goes outside to play and notices hundreds of different snowflakes dancing around her. She tries to catch one but realizes she can never catch a snowflake, so she spends the rest of the winter appreciating their beauty. The story teaches us to be mindful of the world’s natural beauty and to enjoy it while it lasts.
  35. The Making of a Snowflake: This is a story about a tiny dust particle named Dusty who lived in the sky and loved to dance in the warmth of the sun. One day, Dusty met a gentle water vapor named Vapor and they fell in love. They had to find a way to stay together as the weather grew colder, and as they held each other close, their love turned into a beautiful snowflake. They danced and twirled through the sky as one snowflake, bringing joy and happiness wherever they went.
  36. Snowy’s Search for a Twin Snowflake: This is a story about a snowflake named Snowy who was always looking for a snowflake that was exactly like her. She searched and searched but couldn’t find anyone, until she realized that every snowflake is beautiful and unique in its own way. She then made many friends and lived happily ever after, celebrating differences and being kind to others. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  37. How Snowflakes Became Beautiful: In this story, hydrogen and oxygen are two invisible friends who want to be beautiful like stars and clouds. They come up with the idea of forming snowflakes with unique six-sided shapes to be admired by people. As the snowflakes fall to the ground, people are amazed by their beauty, and hydrogen and oxygen are happy to finally be seen and admired. The story concludes with a message of finding one’s place in the world and the importance of working together to achieve a goal.
  38. The Penguin Huddle: In Antarctica, a group of penguins experienced a harsh winter where the sun disappeared for many months. To overcome the cold and loneliness, a wise old penguin suggests they huddle together in a circle, where those on the inside are sheltered and those on the outside can take turns protecting the group. The penguins work together as a team and help each other through difficult times until the sun finally returns.
  39. The Penguin Family: The story is about a family of penguins living together in a snowy community. Each day, the parents take turns to collect fish and other seafood for their little penguin chick, who plays on land with its friends and eagerly waits for its parents to return. As the baby penguin grows stronger, it learns to help collect food from the ocean. The family is happy and content in their snowy home, grateful for what they have and their love for each other. The story concludes by saying that as long as they have each other, they can overcome any challenge that comes their way.
  40. A Tale of Two Lovers: This is a story about a penguin named Perry who wanted to build the biggest and best nest to win the heart of Penelope, a beautiful penguin. He searched high and low for the perfect rock, but couldn’t find one. Feeling discouraged, he enlists the help of a young killer whale named Keith, who is also looking to impress a female killer whale. Perry offers to tell Keith about his plan to find the biggest rock if he helps build Perry’s nest with it. After a long search, they find the perfect rock, and thanks to their unlikely friendship, Perry and Penelope lived happily ever after, and Keith and Kiki, the female killer whale, also found love.
  41. The Lazy Penguin: The story is about a lazy penguin named Joe who spends his days lounging on the ice and looking down on other penguins working hard to feed their chicks. One day he meets a beautiful female penguin named Lily who calls him out on his laziness and inspires him to change his ways. With her encouragement, Joe works hard to build a nest, march to open water to feed their chick, and ultimately learns that responsibility, hard work, and dedication lead to true fulfillment and happiness.
  42. The Fierce Penguin Olympics: In a story set in Antarctica, two competitive penguins named Pablo and Polly prepare for and compete in the Penguin Olympics. They both have their moments of triumph and defeat, but in the end, they learn to respect and befriend each other despite their differences. The story emphasises the importance of determination and drive to succeed, as well as the value of sportsmanship and friendship.
  43. Making Santa Smile: In a small village, the villagers had an idea to surprise Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. The villagers made handmade gifts and set out cookies and carrots, leaving them on the edge of the forest. When Santa Claus and his reindeer arrived, he was surprised and touched by the kindness of the village. From that day on, the tradition continued, and every Christmas Eve, the villagers left gifts for Santa and his reindeer to show their appreciation for the joy he brings to their lives.
  44. The Boy Who Became Santa Claus: This is a story about Nicholas, a young boy who lived in the North Pole with his parents. Nicholas was a kind and generous boy who loved helping others. One day, his parents asked him to take over the family business of delivering presents to children all over the world on Christmas Eve. Nicholas became Santa Claus and to this day continues to bring joy and happiness to children on Christmas Eve with his kind and generous heart. There is a link to download an eBook version of the story.
  45. The Snowman with a Cold: This story is about a snowman named Frosty who catches a cold and starts to melt when brought inside to warm up. The people are worried, but a little girl puts a hat and a scarf on Frosty to keep him warm, and he doesn’t melt anymore. They continue to put hats and scarves on snowmen to remember how they helped Frosty. The story teaches kindness and the importance of helping others in need.
  46. The Snowman and the Snowwoman: A snowman guarding Santa’s house at the North Pole falls in love with a beautiful snowwoman. They spend every day together but while they’re distracted, an evil spirit steals the toys that Santa was making for Christmas. The snowman and snowwoman team up to find the stolen toys and confront the Curmudgeon, resulting in the return of all the Christmas gifts. The snowman and snowwoman live happily ever after guarding Santa’s house. An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  47. The Abominable Snowman’s New Friends: In a snowy land, a creature called the Abominable Snowman lived alone until a group of children ventured to find him. Despite the dangers they faced on their journey, the children ultimately became friends with the Abominable Snowman and shared extraordinary experiences with him in the mountains. They returned home with incredible stories and were hailed as heroes, never forgetting the amazing adventure they had with their new friend. The story also comes with a downloadable ebook (PDF) for offline reading or printing.
  48. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: The story is about a spoiled boy named Timmy who is never satisfied with the gifts he receives until Santa takes him on a journey to deliver toys to poor families on Christmas Eve. Timmy is amazed at the joy and gratitude of the families and realizes the value of what he has. He returns home a changed boy, grateful for what he has and eager to share with others.
  49. A Family Christmas Surprise: Olivia and Jayden’s parents worked at a hospital and had to work every Christmas, leaving the children feeling sad. However, one year, their parents surprised them by taking the day off work and showing up at their aunt’s house for Christmas dinner. Olivia and Jayden were ecstatic, and it turned out to be the best Christmas ever. They received presents but having their parents there was the best gift of all, and they never felt sad on Christmas again.
  50. Sledding on a Leaf: In a land covered in snow, a group of diverse snowflakes gather to go sledding. When they realize they have no sleds, one of the snowflakes suggests using a leaf. Despite initial laughter, they give it a try and have an exciting time sledding down the hill. However, one snowflake goes off the side of the hill and lands in a pile of snow, but is okay and the others continue to sled happily ever after. An ebook (PDF) download is available.
  51. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: In a forest bakery, Ginger the gingerbread man was famous for his secret recipe. However, a jealous fox named Rupert wanted it for himself, so he snuck into the bakery to find it. But he only found a decoy recipe book and was caught by Ginger and his friends. They celebrated their victory with a big batch of delicious cookies. The story ends with a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  52. The Magical Christmas Tree: As Christmas approaches, the animals of the forest prepare for the big day, and a tall, majestic Christmas tree, with magical powers, asks the children of the forest to share their most precious belongings. A poor girl offers up her homemade elf toy, an older lady offers up a picture of her lost son, and a young man lies about his most precious item. The tree rewards the honest and punishes the liar, bringing joy and magic to the forest.
  53. A Christmas Tale of Friendship: The story is about a stray cat wandering on Christmas Eve, hoping to find warmth and a home. However, whenever he scratches at doors for help, people refuse to help or chase him away. Feeling more hopeless and alone as he goes, he stumbles upon a group of other stray cats huddled together with food. Sadly, they attack the cat and chase him away too. Finally, the cat sees an older woman eating alone and, with his last bit of energy, gets her attention by dancing and jumping in front of her window. She invites the cat in, and they become best friends, feeling happy and content.
  54. The Ice Skating Rescue Squad: In a small town where the river freezes over every few years, the boy and his St. Bernard dog, Bernie, skated around the river to keep everyone safe. They saved a penguin, a cocoa seller, a little girl who was afraid to skate, and an elderly lady who needed help crossing the river. Bernie and the boy loved helping others, and they were exhausted by the end of the day but fulfilled. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  55. The Little Skater Who Could: The story is about a little girl named Lily who dreams of becoming a figure skater. Despite her passion and dedication, she struggles to stay upright on the ice, until a magical ice fairy visits her and teaches her to let go of her fears and trust in herself. Lily follows the fairy’s advice and becomes a champion figure skater, fulfilling her dream. The story emphasizes the importance of self-belief and the power of letting go of fears and doubts.
  56. The Curious Reindeer and the Jack in the Box: This is a story about Scamper, a curious reindeer who lived at the North Pole and loved to explore and discover new things. His constant gift unwrapping drove the elves crazy, so they wrapped a jack-in-the-box in one of the gifts to teach him a lesson. After being scared away, Scamper returned, but he learned to manage his curiosity and no longer caused trouble for the elves. In the end, Scamper remained a curious little reindeer, but he had learned his lesson and was content to let the elves do their work in peace. The story is available as a downloadable PDF.
  57. The Search for Santa’s Sleigh Team: The story is about the reindeers of the North Pole competing to become one of Santa’s sleigh team, an honour passed down from generation to generation. The competition is a test of speed, strength, and kindness, with only the strongest and most compassionate reindeers being chosen. In the end, only nine reindeers are selected, given names reflective of their unique qualities, and take to the skies with Santa on Christmas Eve. The story highlights the joy and pride felt by Santa’s sleigh team, as they help bring joy to children all over the world.
  58. Santa’s Reindeer: The story is about Santa Claus, who flies around the world in his sleigh with his female reindeer to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls on Christmas Eve. It explains why Santa’s reindeer are female and how they are just as strong and capable as male reindeer. The children who receive presents from Santa always leave out carrots and cookies for the reindeer, and the reindeer love munching on the tasty treats before flying off to the next house. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  59. The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly: This is a story about a reindeer named Glow-Nose who lives in the North Pole. He is too afraid to fly with the other reindeer during Christmas Eve, and the other reindeer tease him for it. However, Santa Claus notices Glow-Nose’s fear and encourages him to believe in himself. Glow-Nose discovers that his shining nose is a special gift, and he practices flying every day until he gains the confidence to fly with the other reindeer. On Christmas Eve, Glow-Nose leads the way with his bright nose, guiding Santa and the other reindeer as they deliver presents to children all over the world. From that day on, Glow-Nose is no longer afraid to fly because he knows he has an important job to do.
  60. The Ice Sliding Fox: This story is about a sly and serious fox who loves to slide on icicles during the winter but never revealed this guilty pleasure to anyone in the forest. One day, a little squirrel spotted the fox having fun and told the other animals. The fox learned that it’s okay to have fun and enjoy life and became a much happier animal, no longer feared by the other forest creatures.
  61. The Brave Children of the Ice Castle: A group of children stumble upon a hidden ice castle in the woods of Canada. They meet a friendly ice princess who is in danger from her jealous and evil sister. The children try to protect the castle but nothing works until a sweet and brave little girl suggests forming a protective circle and singing to offer love and kindness to the evil sister. The plan works and the evil sister surrenders to the children’s love, saving the ice castle and its inhabitants. An ebook download link is provided.
  62. The Snow Globe Family: This is a story about a boy named Jack who had a bad attitude towards his family. One day, he told his parents he wouldn’t miss them when they were gone. The next day, he found his family trapped inside a snow globe by an evil snow queen. She told Jack he must find a way to make it right or they would remain locked in the snow globe forever. Jack was filled with regret and did everything he could to save his family. When he was just about to give up, the snow queen appeared and told him he had done well. Jack’s family was then released from the snow globe and they all hugged each other. From that day on, Jack learned to appreciate his family and the importance of forgiveness.
  63. The History of the Mistletoe: This story is about the Norse goddess Frigg, who tried to protect her son Baldur from dying after seeing a foretelling dream by getting all objects in the world to swear not to harm him, except for mistletoe. The devious Loki then tricked Baldur’s blind brother into killing him with a dart made from mistletoe. Devastated by her son’s death, Frigg declared mistletoe should never again be used as a weapon and that anyone passing beneath it should receive a kiss as a sign of love and peace; a tradition that still persists today. An ebook (PDF) about the history of mistletoe is available for download.
  64. The Mistletoe Mystery: In a small town during Christmas, the most beautiful mistletoe had disappeared, leaving the townspeople devastated. A group of friends decided to find it themselves, searching the town and nearby woods before discovering a family of squirrels had taken it for food. Feeling sorry for the little creatures, the friends invited them to the town’s Christmas feast, restoring Christmas spirit to the town. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  65. The Magic of Christmas Lights: An old grandma who was feeling lonely was cheered up by the Christmas lights her young neighbors put up across the street. She walked over to thank them and they invited her to share Christmas dinner with them. From then on, the family included her in their Friday dinners and she was no longer lonely. The Christmas lights continued to bring her joy every evening and she was grateful for her new family. An ebook download is also available.
  66. The cranky elf of Elfsville: In the magical town of Elfsville, every day was like Christmas, and the elves would spend all year long preparing for the big day. They decorate their houses with colorful lights and sparkling tinsel, and every year on the first of December, there is a big contest to see who had decorated their house the best and most original. But there was one elf who hated Christmas, and he decided to take revenge on the town of Elfsville by stealing all of the Christmas lights from the houses. However, one little brave and kind-hearted elf, Evie, decided to go and talk to him, and she convinced him to forgive the rest of the town and return all the lights. They all celebrated the big day together, and they all lived happily ever after.
  67. The Reindeer Cyclone: In a snowy field, a herd of reindeer were peacefully grazing when a hungry bear appeared. The mother reindeer cleverly led the herd in circles around the bear, making him dizzy and confused. The bear stumbled and fell, allowing the reindeer to escape safely. From then on, the herd used this trick to protect themselves from predators. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is available for offline reading or printing.

In conclusion, the Top 67 Winter Stories for kids to read online offers a delightful collection of tales that beautifully capture the magic of the winter season. These stories not only enchant young readers with vivid descriptions of frosty landscapes and thrilling adventures but also instill valuable morals and lessons about kindness, friendship, and empathy. As children explore these enchanting tales, they are sure to find joy, inspiration, and a deeper appreciation for the wonder and warmth that define the winter months. Furthermore, these stories foster a love for reading, stimulating their imagination, and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.