The Ice Skating Rescue Squad

The boy and his St. Bernard dog, named Bernie, lived in a small town. The town was known for its mild climate, but every few years, the temperature would drop low enough for the river that ran through the town to freeze over.

On those rare occasions, the town would come alive with excitement as everyone eagerly pulled out their ice skates and hit the ice. But not everyone was careful, and many people and animals would venture out onto the ice before it was safe.

That’s where Bernie and the boy came in. They had both learned to ice skate at a young age and were determined to keep everyone safe on the ice. So on the coldest days, they would put on their skates and patrol the river, making sure no one was in danger.

One day, as they were skating along the river, they heard a commotion coming from a nearby pond. They rushed over to find a penguin that had gotten stranded on the ice while tobogganing. Bernie and the boy quickly came to the rescue, using their skates to glide over to the penguin and help it back onto solid ground.

But their work wasn’t done yet. As they continued their patrol, they spotted a cocoa seller’s stand that had melted the ice beneath it, and the seller was in danger of falling into the freezing water. Bernie and the boy once again sprang into action, using their strength and their skates to pull the stand and the seller to safety.

They also came to the aid of a little girl who was afraid to venture out onto the ice, giving her a ride on Bernie’s back as they skated around the river. And they helped an elderly lady cross the river safely by providing her with a stable platform to stand on as they skated alongside her.

By the end of the day, Bernie and the boy were exhausted but fulfilled. They loved the cold days when they could help keep everyone safe on the ice, but they were also happy that those days were few and far between.