The Snowman with a Cold

Once upon a time, in a land covered in snow, there was a snowman named Frosty. He loved nothing more than playing in the snow and rolling around in the cold weather.

One day, while Frosty was out playing in the snow, he caught a cold. He started sneezing and his nose turned a bright red color.

The people who lived in the land of snow saw that Frosty was not feeling well, and they wanted to help him. They decided to bring him inside their warm houses, thinking that would make him feel better.

But when Frosty was brought inside, he started to melt! The heat from the houses was too much for him, and he was quickly turning into a puddle of water. So they quickly carried him outside again.

The people were very worried about Frosty. They didn’t know what to do to help him. But then, one little girl had an idea.

They went to Frosty and put a hat and a scarf on him. The hat and scarf kept Frosty warm, and he didn’t melt anymore.

Frosty was so happy and grateful to the people for helping him. And even though most snowman don’t catch colds because they are made of snow, the people have kept putting hats and scarves on snowmen ever since, as a way to remember Frosty and how they helped him when he was sick.

And that, dear children, is the story of the first snowman ever that caught a cold, Frosty, and how the people kindly helped him.