The Ice Sliding Fox

Once upon a time, in a forest far away, lived a sly, determined and intelligent fox. This fox was known throughout the forest for its hunting skills and its serious demeanor. Other animals were a little bit scared of the fox, and the fox liked it that way.

But the fox had one guilty pleasure that it kept hidden from all the other animals. In the beginning of winter, when the first snow fell in the forest, large icicles formed from melted snow that froze again. This turned the forest into a large ice sliding park.

The fox loved to slide down these icicles and play in the snow, but it always made sure to do so when the other animals were asleep. It didn’t want anyone to know that it enjoyed having fun.

One day, however, a little squirrel happened to spot the fox having fun in the snow. The squirrel was so surprised that it ran back to the other animals and told them all about it.

From that moment on, the fox’s attitude changed. It realized that there was no point in trying to be tough and serious all the time, and it started to enjoy playing and having fun with the other forest animals.

The fox became a much happier animal, and it was no longer feared by the other animals in the forest. It learned that having fun and enjoying life was just as important as being a good hunter. And it was grateful to the little squirrel for showing it that.