The January Blues

Mindy was feeling down on a cold, gloomy winter day. It was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, and Mindy couldn’t shake off her bad mood. She sat at the window, staring out at the grey sky and the piles of snow on the ground.

“I hate winter,” she grumbled to herself. “It’s so cold and dark and miserable. I’ve spend all my money over the holidays and I’ve already broken my New Year’s resolutions!”

But as the days wore on, Mindy started to notice some small changes in the weather. The nights were growing shorter, and the days were growing longer. The snow was melting, and a warm wind was in the air.

Mindy’s mood started to lift as she realized that spring was on its way. She couldn’t wait for the flowers to bloom, the birds to sing, and the sun to shine.

“Maybe winter isn’t so bad after all,” she thought to herself. “There are always signs of hope and happiness, even on the gloomiest days. I’m going to think of some ways to cheer myself up while I wait for spring” Mindy decided.

She read that it can help to get exercise, do something you love, spend time outdoors and spend time with friends and family. So she baked a delicious pie, as she loved baking. Mindy put the pie in a box and she put on her coat and boots and headed outside to visit her two best friends. They ate pie and drank some hot tea. Afterwards they all bundled up to go play and walk in the snow. Mindy laughed and played and had the best time, grateful for the magic of the changing seasons and the joys of winter.

And with that, Mindy’s bad mood lifted, and she felt a sense of joy and happiness wash over her. She realized that no matter what the weather was like, there was always something to be grateful for.