Igloo Home Sweet Home

In a land far, far away, where the snow is always cold and deep, there live a group of people called the Inuit. They have lived there for many many centuries. They live in a place called the Arctic and they are known for their strong and clever ways.

One of the most amazing things about the Inuit is the houses they used to live in. They lived in homes called igloos or snow houses, which were made of ice and snow. They don’t live in igloos anymore, but some of them still use igloos for temporary shelter when they are out hunting. Let me tell you about these amazing houses!

Now, you might think that living in a house made of ice and snow would be cold and uncomfortable, but the Inuit knew how to make their homes warm and cozy. They used blocks of ice and snow to build the walls of their igloos, and then they packed the snow tightly together to make it strong and sturdy. Then they would make interior walls which helped to insulate the igloo from outside temperatures and keep the inside warm.

They made sure the roof of the igloo was round, so that fresh snow would not collapse the roof. Making an igloo correctly can take hours or even days!

Inside their igloos, the Inuit had fur blankets and pelts to keep them warm. They also had small fires burning in the center of the room, which helped to heat the air.

The Inuit were also very resourceful, and they used everything they had to make their igloos comfortable. They used seal skin to make doors, and they used bones and stones to make tools and decorations.

Despite the cold and snowy weather outside, the Inuit’s igloos were always warm and inviting. They were a place for the Inuit to gather with their families and friends, and to share stories and laughter. And so, the Inuit lived happily in their igloos, feeling grateful for the clever way they had found to make their homes in the cold and snowy Arctic.