Henry Beston

Henry Beston

Welcome to our Top 8 Henry Beston collection, specially designed for kids, children, and preschoolers to read online! This exciting, fun, and educational selection of bedtime stories is the perfect way to immerse your little ones into the enchanting world of literature. Our easy-to-read, printable short stories come with pictures, making them an excellent tool for learning and teaching. Available for free download in PDF format, this fantastic collection is accessible to everyone, including toddlers and EYFS kids.

These famous Henry Beston stories are ideal for story time and read aloud sessions, providing endless hours of enjoyment. With engaging audio versions narrated in English, your kids can practice listening while also improving their language skills. Our night time collection covers a range of themes and moral lessons that cater to boys and girls alike. Classic fairy tales, longer stories, and good-hearted adventures are all included in this selection.

Henry Beston was an American naturalist writer who is best known for his literary works that captured the wonder and beauty of nature. His timeless, classic stories have the unique ability to captivate and inspire young minds. Engaging stories filled with adventure, friendship, and important life lessons make Beston’s stories a perfect choice for bedtime reading. From early years to kindergarten and elementary students, these stories will leave a lasting impression in their hearts, helping them fall in love with literature and learning. So gather your children, snuggle up, and prepare to embark on a magical journey through our Top 8 Henry Beston collection – the ultimate story time experience.

Top 8 Henry Beston for kids to read online:

  1. The Adventures of Florian: The story is about a noble girl named Isabella who pretends to be a boy named Florian to find work and ends up working for a wizard with a castle inhabited by demons. After receiving three parting gifts from the wizard, she finds a job with a prince named Florizel and falls in love with him. When they encounter a wicked witch, Florian uses her gifts to save Florizel and defeat the witch. The prince then realizes that Isabella is the woman he wants to marry and they live happily ever after.
  2. The Master Maid: A king’s youngest son goes to work for a giant, who forbids him from entering four rooms. The prince disobeys and finds a beautiful girl in the fourth room who tells him how to complete his tasks. The prince and girl fall in love and escape the giant’s wrath. However, upon returning home, the prince forgets his promise to her and eats an apple, causing him to forget her. The girl ends up helping his family with various tasks and proves herself. At a feast, she reveals herself to the prince, and they have a happily ever after ending.
  3. The Treasure Castle: A hunter helps a dwarf out of a pit and, as a reward, is given the location of a treasure. The dwarf warns him not to go into a tower of the castle or evil will come. The hunter finds the treasure, becomes rich, but is arrested and forced to reveal the location. The king and his advisors go to the castle, find the treasure, and ignore the dwarf’s warning, causing the tower to fly off to another kingdom. The treasure belongs to a dwarf king, who punishes the king and his advisors with hard labor for life. The hunter is crowned king, and the treasure remains in the castle.
  4. The Queen of Lanternland: A young prince sets out on a journey and becomes lost in the mountains when he hears a mysterious tinkling sound. He eventually finds a waterfall but falls in and is carried away into the underworld. There, he meets the beautiful queen of Lanternland who falls in love with him but is promised to a powerful wizard. The prince disguises himself and goes along with the servants to Dragondel’s castle where he learns about a talisman that controls the deadly whirlpool surrounding the wizard’s castle. With the help of a black cat, the prince swaps a golden hand for the talisman and uses it to cause Dragondel’s ship to sink, rescue the queen, and marry her.
  5. The Master Mariner: A fisherman saves the life of a half-man, half-fish creature who rewards him with a talisman. The fisherman becomes a successful master mariner and falls in love with a princess. But when he buys a bag of wind for his journey, he accidentally gets a bag containing a terrible storm. His ship is attacked by pirates who capture him and the princess. The talisman falls from the princess’s neck, and the storm inside destroys the pirate ship except for the princess who is saved by the rope tying her to the mast. The fisherman gets saved by the King of the Caves of the Sea. He asks the king to save the princess, and he does, which leads to the fisherman’s marriage to the princess.
  6. The Lost Half Hour: The story is about a foolish young man named Bobo, who sets out to find a lost half-hour for Princess Zenza. On his journey, he meets different people and faces challenges. After a year of serving Father Time and taking care of his sons’ horses, he receives the lost half-hour. He uses it to save the kitchen maid Tilda, whom he later marries.
  7. The Enchanted Elm: A prince goes horse riding with his friends in the forest, but his horse bolts and leaves him alone in a deserted part of the forest. He is chased by a grey wolf and hits it with his whip, angering an old witch who curses him. He is transformed into a giant elm tree and remains hidden until a girl seeking shade saves him from being cut down by lumberjacks. She falls in love with him, and a powerful wizard turns him back into a prince, and they live happily ever after.
  8. The City Under the Sea: The story is about a merchant who is tasked by the king to find the Emerald of the Sea, but fails to find it. The king threatens his life if he cannot find it within a year. His two older sons then set sail to find it but do not return. The youngest son decides to find the emerald to save his father. He obtains an enchanted ring and goes to the City under the Sea. He finds the emerald, but his brothers and their wives are now inhabitants of the underwater city and do not recognize him. He breaks the spell and restores their memory, and they all return to the land above. They find their father and use the power of the emerald to escape the king’s guards. The merchant offers the throne to his two oldest sons, and everyone lives happily ever after.

In conclusion, Henry Beston was a remarkable writer and naturalist who dedicated his life to exploring and preserving the natural world. His bestselling book, “The Outermost House,” inspired not only nature lovers, but also legislation to protect the environment. Beston’s passion for nature, keen observations, and beautiful writing helped children and adults alike appreciate the wonders of the world around us. By exploring his works, kids can develop a deeper connection with nature and learn the importance of protecting the planet for future generations.