Father Frost (Morozko)

Once upon a time there was a husband and wife who had a lovely daughter. Her name was Natasha. Not long after Natasha’s mother passed away, her father remarried. Her new stepmother already had two daughters. Natasha was delighted to not only get a new mother, but also two sisters.

Unfortunately, Natasha soon discovered that her stepmother and her daughters were not nice at all. They let her do all the hard work and didn’t do anything themselves. Natasha’s father of course noticed this, but he could not go against the wishes of his new wife. Natasha was miserable, but she didn’t let it show. She always tried to make everyone happy.

On an icy, cold day, with meters of snow outside and icicles hanging from the roof, the stepmother told her husband, “It is time to find a husband for Natasha. Tomorrow you will go out with the sled and take her with you.” These words made Natasha very happy for she wasn’t happy at home and would love to marry a kind man.

The next morning Natasha put on her most beautiful clothes and went down. She took with her a little purse with her most precious belongings. She looked so beautiful and sweet! The stepmother and sisters were jealous of her, even though they had better clothes and jewelry. Then the stepmother told her husband: “Listen carefully. You must bring Natasha to the big hill in the forest. There you must leave her next to the big pinetree. Her groom will fetch her there. I want her to marry Father Frost.”

Oh this evil plan frightened her husband and Natasha so! But they set off and after a while they arrived at the big pine tree. It started snowing harder and harder while Natasha sat down beneath the tree. Her father said his goodbyes crying and went home.

Natasha was getting colder and colder while she sat in the outstretched winter forest by herself. Suddenly she heard a noise, it was getting closer and closer. It seemed someone was jumping from tree to tree. It was the Frost that was coming closer…

Quickly Natasha heard the same sound now right above her from the top of the pine tree. Instantly it got even colder. Then a voice spoke, “Sweet girl, are you warm enough?,” Natasha could hardly speak because she was so cold, but whispered “Yes, Father Frost.” The Frost moved down the tree and asked the girl the question again. And again the girl kindly replied.

Then the Frost jumped out of the tree and landed on the ground in front of Natasha. He was gorgeous to look at, he had a beautiful cloak full of snowflakes and a scepter made of ice. He looked at the almost frozen girl and gently touched her with his scepter. Immediately Natasha warmed up. Her clothes changed into the most beautiful clothes she had ever seen. And her little purse with her belongings, changed into the most brilliant gems. The Frost looked at Natasha with content and then disappeared.

Natasha’s father couldn’t believe his eyes. When he saw his daughter sitting safe and south beneath the pine tree the next morning. The brilliant gems and the beautiful clothing was a nice surprise too. He took his daughter home and thought his wife would regret her decision. But instead, you got even more jealous! She decided to send her daughters to the pine tree too.

But her daughters weren’t so sweet and nice as Natasha. When Father Frost came to check on them, they were nasty and mean. So he didn’t reward them with gems and clothes, but left them there to freeze. When their mother discovered this the next day, she was overcome with grief, but after some time passed she realized this was her lesson for being cruel and greedy.

After that Natasha’s life became much better. She met a nice man, whom she was to marry. And they lived happily ever after.