The Hedgehog that Forgot to Hibernate

Once upon a time, in a forest far, far away, there was a hedgehog named Harold. Harold was a funny little fellow, with a round belly and a spiky back. He loved nothing more than to eat and drink, and he was always looking for new places to find yummy food and tasty beverages. While his friends preferred to stay in the safe surroundings of the forest, Harold was rummaging through farm barns and kitchens, dog houses, cars and other interesting places. And he always found something good to eat, a cookie, a banana, pizza, he had tried it all!

One day, as the leaves on the trees began to change colours and fall to the ground, Harold’s friends, the other hedgehogs, started to prepare for hibernation. They gathered nuts and berries, and built themselves cozy little nests to sleep in through the long, cold winter. But Harold was too busy enjoying the last days of autumn to think about hibernating. He ate and drank to his heart’s content, mostly pumpkin pie and pumpkin spiced lattes and soon, he had forgotten all about hibernation.

As the first snow began to fall, Harold realized that all of his friends went into hibernation, but he had totally forgot! It was too late now to do all the work he had to do before going into hibernation, so Harold went out in search of a warm spot where he could spend the winter in comfort, with plenty of food and drink, wide awake.

He searched the forest high and low, but everywhere he looked, it was either too cold or there was nothing to eat. Just when he thought all was lost, he had an idea.

He went to the local farmer (where he sneakily came quite often) and asked for help, the farmer saw him and said “Why, hello there little hedgehog! What can I do for you?” Harold explained his predicament to the farmer and asked if he could stay in his barn for the winter. The farmer, seeing how small and cute Harold was, said, “Of course you can stay in my barn! You can have the warmest spot and all the food and drink you want!”

Harold was overjoyed. He thanked the farmer and scurried into the barn, where he found the warmest spot in the corner, near the pile of hay. The farmer brought over some blankets, pillows and a snack. And there he settled down, with a belly full of delicious food and a glass of cold apple juice by his side.

As the winter passed, Harold had the best time of his life, eating and drinking to his heart’s content. And when the spring came and his friends woke up from their hibernation, they were amazed to see Harold looking plumper than ever. They asked him how he managed to survive the winter so well, and Harold just grinned and said, “I found the best spot in the forest, with plenty of food and drink. And it was all thanks to a kind farmer and his barn.”

And from that day on, Harold’s friends would often come and join him in the barn for some delicious food and warm company throughout the winter.