Stories About Spring

Stories About Spring

Welcome to our enchanting collection of spring stories, a delightful treasury specially curated to celebrate the beauty and magic of the season! Our stories are carefully categorized for preschool/kindergarten and elementary students, ensuring that young minds can explore and revel in tales that are perfectly suited for their reading level and interests. Let the vibrant colors and the melody of nature come alive through stories that showcase the wonders of flowers, trees, birds, and the ever-changing weather. From heartwarming short kids stories to enchanting fairy tales, our selection covers a wide range of themes, including the joy of spring events like Easter and Mother’s Day. Embark on a whimsical journey with us as we rediscover the magic of springtime through the eyes of children!

Preschool/early years/Pre-K

  • The Little Plant: In a magical garden, a little seed named Sprout, no ordinary seed but a sleeping plant, was encouraged to grow by the sunshine and raindrops. As it emerged from the soil, it discovered a vibrant, colorful world and made friends with its fellow inhabitants. As Sprout grew and thrived, it added its own beauty to the garden, embracing the adventure that lay within every seed.
  • How The Raindrops And Sunbeams Helped: by Ellen Robena Field is a children’s story that uses personification to teach young readers about the water cycle. The story follows a group of raindrops and sunbeams as they work together to create rainbows and replenish the earth’s water supply. Teachers can use this story as a tool to teach their students about the water cycle and the importance of precipitation. The story can also be used to teach personification, as well as vocabulary related to weather and the water cycle.


  • Spring And Her Helpers: Winter receives a message from Father Time that Spring is ready to take over, so Winter prepares for his vacation. Spring enlists the help of the Sun and his sunbeams, as well as King Eolus’s three brothers, the Winds, to help make the earth beautiful. The sunbeams warm the earth, East Wind brings rain, South Wind aids in growth, and West Wind cleans away old leaves. With the help of her friends, Spring transforms the land into a vibrant, lush landscape. The story highlights teamwork, the changing seasons, and the importance of each season’s role in the natural world, which can be engaging and educational for teachers and students alike.
  • The Nest Of Many Colors: Mr. and Mrs. Oriole, two birds who return to their summer home at an elm tree near Ned and Kitty’s farmhouse, begin building their nest. Kitty, who has been saving brightly colored worsted, decides to place strands on nearby bushes for the orioles to incorporate into their nest. As the orioles find the worsted, they weave it into the nest along with other materials, creating a beautifully colorful and safe home for their eggs. Ned, Kitty, and their parents admire the finished nest and marvel at how the birds were able to create it without hands or tools.

Elementary students

  • Sunshine and Her Siblings: is a short story by Louisa May Alcott about a kind-hearted girl named Sunshine and her four siblings who are left alone in poverty while their mother is ill. Despite their difficult circumstances, Sunshine works hard to take care of her siblings and keep their spirits up. Eventually, their mother recovers and they are reunited as a family. This heartwarming story teaches important lessons about resilience, compassion, and the strength of family bonds. Teachers can use this story to help students develop empathy and understanding for those facing hardship, as well as to encourage kindness and selflessness in their own lives.
  • The Frost King And The Power Of Love: In the story, Queen Blossom seeks help from her nymph subjects to end King Frost’s war on flowers, which causes sorrow as they wither each year. Star, a brave nymph, volunteers to try and soften King Frost’s heart by showing him love and the beauty of flowers. When Star is imprisoned by the King, she creates a magical garden in her cell, which catches the attention of the Frost Spirits and the King himself. Queen Blossom and her army attack the Frost Kingdom to save Star, but decide to follow her example and create a garden around the palace instead of continuing the battle. As the ice palace melts, so does the ice in the King’s heart, and he eventually surrenders. Star and the King join the nymphs, promising to be gentle and protect the flowers. This story teaches the power of love, patience, and the beauty of nature, which can be especially relevant to teachers and their students.

We hope that you and your little ones have enjoyed this delightful collection of spring stories, rediscovering the charm of nature’s reawakening in all its splendor. Our selection of short and longer tales, crafted for preschool/kindergarten and elementary students, aimed to encourage a love for reading and an appreciation for the beauty that each season brings. These stories are perfect for read aloud sessions or quiet reading time, and the convenience of having them available as free, printable PDFs means you can easily download and enjoy them online, anytime.

As the days grow longer and the world blossoms with color, may these stories of flowers, trees, birds, weather, and spring events like Easter and Mother’s Day leave a lasting impression on your hearts and minds. Thank you for joining us on this enchanting journey, and may the magic of spring continue to inspire you throughout the year!