The Little Lazy Boy

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Bojr. Bojr was a very lazy boy, who did not want to work or go to school. He would rather spend his days wandering around the fields and chasing after bees and birds. One sunny day, he met a bee who was flying high up in the sky.

“O Bee,” the boy said, “won’t you stay and show me how you fly so high? And talk with me, and laugh and play?”

The bee replied, “Dear child, I don’t have time to waste. The North Wind has kept me away for a long time, and now I gladly go to work. Already I have lots of honey for the honeycomb with me and the lilac cups have even more nectar!”

The little boy was sad that the bee could not stay and play with him, but then he saw a swallow flying in the sunny air. She brushed his cheek with her waving wing and called aloud in a happy song, “Rejoice! Rejoice! The spring is near!”

Excitedly, the boy said, “O Swallow, make me happy. Come and play with me for a bit!”

“I would love to rest,” said the swallow, “for I have flown so fast and far. But I have to fly further. For many wait with eager heart to hear the message that I bring. I must go and tell everyone that spring is coming!”

The little boy was feeling very sad, and even cried a little. But then a dog who heard the steps approach came to him. The boy told the dog how sad he was that he had no one to play with, and how he did not want to work or learn to read.

Old Stentor looked upon the child whose dimpled fingers stroked his hair. “What, little one? Do you know that even dogs have to work? I watch my master’s home and farm all day long and even when he sleeps without a fear, my work it is to guard from harm. And do you see the horse overthere? Every year he works hard. And then you have the sheep who produce wool. And your mother who spins at home.”

Old Stentor’s wise words made the little boy think about his laziness. He realized that everyone had to work, even the animals. He decided to go to school and learn to read, so that one day he could be a man and do great things.

And so, the little boy ran off to school with his book held proudly, eager to learn and work hard. He read and studied all through the summer and autumn, and when autumn came, he was the best reader in the class.

From that day on, Bojr worked hard at everything he did, just like the busy bee, the hardworking horse, and the faithful dog. And he was grateful to them for showing him the importance of working hard and learning, and that playtime was always sweeter after a day of hard work.