Easter ABC

A is for April, when Easter comes to stay. A bunny hops and stops to play.

B is for Bunny, hopping with glee. Just in time for Easter, as happy as can be.

C is for Chick, all yellow and sweet. Born in spring, trying to get on its feet.

D is for Daisy, the darling of spring. Dancing in daylight, what joy it does bring.

E is for Easter, a day full of cheer, With colourful Eggs that we find every year.

F is for Farm, where baby lambs play, Welcoming the warmth of a sunny day.

G is for Greeting, wishing you well, “Happy Easter!” we joyfully yell.

H is for Hopping, as bunnies we go, Hopping so high and never too slow.

I is for Iris, so pretty in bloom, Lively colors chasing away gloom.

J is for Jellybeans, sweet and bright, In our Easter basket, a colorful delight!

K is for Kitten, playing in the spring sun. Chasing butterflies and bees, isn’t it fun?

L is for Lily, the Easter flower, It wakes at an early hour.

M is for Meadow, where the Easter eggs are hidden well. See how many you can find, only time will tell.

N is for Nest, a home for a bird, Viewing through a window sill, our voices unheard.

O is for Oatmeal, a breakfast so warm, On a chilly Easter morning, it’s our norm.

P is for Paint, for eggs so fine, In every shade of the Easter design.

Q is for Quail with her eggs in a line, Quickly hidden, oh so fine!

R is for Rabbit, hopping with cheer, Bringing us joy as Easter draws near.

S is for Seeds, sown in the ground, Soon they sprout and green shoots are found.

T is for Tulips, cheering up our home, a flower at Easter well known.

U is for Unite, as we gather near, To celebrate Easter with those we hold dear.

V is for Vanilla, in our Easter bake. Cupcakes for our friends, that we love to make.

W is for Wildflowers that bloom in the grass. Little kids picking them, putting them in a glass.

X is for Xenia, a floral beauty ever bright, blooming and gleaming in the spring light.

Y is for Yard, where egg hunting springs, Among fresh green grass and blooming things.

Z is for Zestful, oh what a day! Playing Easter games with friends, oh hurray!

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