Uncle Wiggily And The Kite

Once upon a time, when it was almost summer, Uncle Wiggily went out for a walk. He saw some of the animal boys flying their kite. “Why don’t you make a bigger kite, and one without a tail?” asked the bunny gentleman. “You can’t make kites any bigger than this,” said Jackie Bow Wow. “And if you didn’t have a tail they wouldn’t go up,” added Sammie the rabbit. “Ha! I’ll show you!” said Uncle Wiggily.

“I’ll show those animal boys that I can make a big kite, and one without a tail,” said Uncle Wiggily, twinkling his pink nose. So he bought some sticks, paper and string, and soon he had put together a kite larger than himself. “Uncle Wiggily, what in the world are you doing?” asked Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, as she saw the rabbit gentleman looking at his work. “I know something terrible will happen!”

“Nonsense, Nurse Jane!” laughed Uncle Wiggily. “Nothing terrible will happen! I’ll just show the boys how to fly a big kite, that’s all.” So the rabbit gentleman put up the big kite without a tail. He twisted the string around his waist, so it would not pull away, and then came such a big puff of wind that it took the kite, Uncle Wiggily and all up into the air. “There, I told you so!” cried Nurse Jane.

At first Uncle Wiggily was so surprised at being carried off by the kite, he didn’t know what to do. Then he tried to loosen the cord from around his waist, but it was tied in a hard knot. Straight toward Grandpa Goosey’s house the kite took Uncle Wiggily. “Bang!” the bunny’s paws knocked off the chimney. “Hi there!” cried Grandpa Goosey. “Please excuse me! I couldn’t help it!” shouted the bunny.

Sailing on, after knocking off Grandpa Goosey’s chimney, Uncle Wiggily was carried higher and higher by the big kite he had made. “I guess Nurse Jane was right,” he said to himself. “Something terrible is going to happen!” Just then the bunny felt a tug at the loose end of the kite string. He looked down. “Oh, you’re taking me away!” bleated Aunt Lettie. “Worse and worse!” said Uncle Wiggily.

The wind blew harder and sailed the kite along, taking Uncle Wiggily and Aunt Lettie with it. “Uncle Wiggily, what does this mean?” bleated the goat lady. “I wish I knew,” sighed the bunny. Just then the Fox and Wolf, down on the ground, saw the strange sight. “Come along!” snarled the Fox to the Wolf. “That string will break in a little while. They’ll fall and we can nibble their ears!”

All of a sudden Uncle Wiggily and Aunt Lettie were dragged into a tree by the kite string. Luckily there were some soft leaves on the tree and the bunny gentleman and goat lady did not get much hurt. But the kite cord pulled off the rabbit’s coat and Aunt Lettie’s bonnet and away they sailed. “Well, we’re safe now, Aunt Lettie,” said Mr. Longears. “But suppose the Fox and Wolf come?” she asked.

However, the Fox and Wolf did not come to the tree where Uncle Wiggily and Aunt Lettie were pulled loose from the kite cord. “Please let me help you down,” said Uncle Wiggily politely, and he assisted Aunt Lettie from the tree. “Oh, look!” suddenly cried the goat lady. “The Fox and Wolf are chasing the kite. They see your coat and my bonnet and think we’re still on the string.” And that’s what happened.

“Come on! Come on!” snarled the Fox to the Wolf. “That string will break soon. Uncle Wiggily and Aunt Lettie will fall and then we can nibble their ears.” On ran the Fox and Wolf, but, all of a sudden, the end of the kite cord tangled around them, and up in the air they went. “Ha! Ha! Look at them!” laughed Uncle Wiggily as he and Aunt Lettie danced. “Woofie! Wuffie! Wow!” howled the bad chaps!

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