Bart the Bear wakes up

Bart the Bear had been snuggled up in his cozy den all winter, dreaming of springtime and all the adventures that lay ahead. As the days grew longer and the sun started to shine, Bart knew it was time to wake up from his long hibernation.

He stretched and yawned and climbed out of his den, blinking in the bright sunshine. The world outside looked different than it had when he went to sleep – the snow was melting, and the grass was starting to turn green. “Hello world! I’m back and ready to explore!” Bart shouted.

Bart decided that he would first go out to find some food. “I haven’t eaten all winter and I’m really hungry!” he thought. Bart roamed around the forest and found berries and nuts to snack on, but he was most excited about eating some salmon. He came to the river and the fish were leaping from the water. He got really excited and started to try to catch the fish, but Bart had slept so long that he forgot how to catch salmon! He tried and tried, but the fish kept slipping from his claws.

A friendly lady bear saw him struggling and came up to him. She had a warm smile and kind eyes. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “You look like you’re having a hard time catching those salmon.”

Bart told her about how he had slept and slept and slept and had forgotten how to catch salmon. The lady bear listened sympathetically, then patted Bart on the back.

“Don’t worry!” she said. “I can help you. I’m a very good fisherman, and I’ll show you how it’s done. My name is Bella by the way.”

And so Bella the Bear showed Bart how to watch for the right moment to strike, how to use his paws to scoop up the salmon, and how to hold on tight so the fish couldn’t wriggle away. Bart watched and listened carefully, and before long, he had caught his first salmon of the season!

He was so happy and grateful to Bella for her help that he decided to invite her to go visit his friends, he had missed them during his long winter’s sleep. “Yes, let’s go” Bella said. She liked Bart and wanted to spend more time with him.

Bart walked over to his friend’s Sandy Squirrel’s house. “Hello Sandy! How was your winter? Did you store enough nuts and berries to last you through the cold days?” “Hello Bart! It’s so good to see you. I’ve been lonely without your company. It was a cold and boring winter for me. I’m glad you’re up so we can go on adventures together. Who is your new friend?” “This is Bella the Bear, she taught me how to catch salmon. Can you believe it? I forgot how to do it during my hibernation!” “Oh you silly bear”, Sandy replied. “It’s nice to meet you Bella.” And the three friends set out on a hike through the forest.

Bart sniffed the air and smiled. He could smell the sweet scent of flowers and the freshness of the spring breeze. He was excited to explore all the new growth and see what the forest had in store for him.

The friends set off on a long hike through the woods, marveling at all the sights and sounds of spring. They saw baby birds chirping in their nests, babbling brooks rushing with melting snow, and flowers starting to bud. And they ran into their friend, Fox. “Hello Fox! Will you join us on our hike? We are enjoying the first signs of spring!” So Fox joined in and the four animals enjoyed a nice walk in the forest.

As the sun started to set, Bart made his way back to his den, tired but happy. He knew that he had a whole summer of adventures ahead of him, and he couldn’t wait to see what the future held.

As he settled down to sleep he thought of his new friend Bella the Bear, he smiled to himself and whispered, “Springtime is the best time of all.”