Little Gustava and her animals

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a cheerful little girl named Gustava. She had a cozy house with a lovely porch, where she loved to sit and enjoy the warm sunshine. Spring had finally arrived, and the icicles under the eaves of her house were melting quickly.

One sunny morning, little Gustava sat on her porch wearing a scarlet cap. She held a green bowl filled with bread and milk in her lap. The bowl was decorated with a wreath of marigolds, which made her giggle with delight.

As she sat there, her little gray cat, with a pink nose, approached her, purring and rubbing against her leg. “What’s that?” the cat seemed to ask. Gustava smiled and fed her some bread and milk. Just as the cat finished eating, a little brown hen walked in through the door. “Good day!” cried Gustava cheerfully, scattering crumbs for her new feathered friend.

Suddenly, her little white doves swooped down from the sky, their snowy wings fluttering and their crimson feet dancing. “Welcome!” exclaimed Gustava, as the doves eagerly pecked at the crumbs she scattered for them.

As they all enjoyed their meal, a little Scotch terrier named Rags appeared at the doorway. His tail wagged, and Gustava laughed, “You want some breakfast too?” She placed her bowl on the brick floor, and Rags lapped up the remaining milk. Gustava gently stroked his shaggy fur, whispering, “Dear Rags.”

Outside the house, a sparrow and a crow stood in the melting snow, watching the scene unfold. Gustava spotted them and called out, “Won’t you come in?” But the two birds were too shy and stayed outside, even though Gustava insisted they join the fun.

Gustava knelt on the mat, surrounded by her doves, the hen, Rags, and the cat. Just then, her mother appeared at the door, smiling at the sight of her daughter and her little friends. “Dear little daughter, I bring you some more,” she said, offering Gustava a fresh bowl of bread and milk.

Gustava loved all creatures, big and small. Feeding her animal friends brought her immense joy, and their company made her breakfast all the more enjoyable. And so, on that beautiful spring morning, happiness filled the air as little Gustava and her beloved friends shared a delightful meal together.