Spring ABC

A is for April Showers, painting rainbows in the sky, bidding winter’s chill goodbye.

B is for Bloom, in the sun they glow. Just like magic, from buds flowers grow.

C is for Caterpillar, small and green, In the spring, everywhere they’re seen.

D is for Daffodils, spring’s golden delight. Dancing in the sunlight, truly quite a sight.

E is for Easter, a holiday so bright, It’s when we hunt for eggs, from morning till the night.

F is for Farm, where we find newborn foal. In spring, the world feels wonderfully whole.

G is for Green, the colour of new leaves, Appearing on trees as winter takes its leave.

H is for Honeybees, buzzing around the hive. They gather nectar in Spring, making gardens come alive.

I is for Iris, spring’s special gift, Their colors so bright, they give spirits a lift.

J is for Jacket, hung up for the season, Spring’s warm embrace is the delightful reason.

K is for Kite, flying so high, In the gentle breeze, up in the sky.

L is for Lamb, prancing with delight, In the season of renewal, days bright and nights light.

M is for Meadow, a radiant sight, Where the flowers bloom and butterflies take flight.

N is for Nectar, sipped by the bees. They buzz around flowers, beneath the new leaves.

O is for Outside, where children laugh and play, Wishing that spring would always stay.

P is for Picnic, with sandwiches and pie, Underneath the great blue sky.

Q is for Quack, as ducks greet the dawn, Quickly they waddle, on freshy grown lawn.

R is for Rainbow, so bright and keen, With reds and blues, it makes the spring scene.

S is for Sprouts, popping out of the ground. A sign that Spring’s truly come around.

T is for Tadpole, in fresh waters bold, Emerging to frogs as the spring days unfold.

U is for Umbrella, open wide and high, painting smiles on faces, under a rainy sky.

V is for Vegetables that we can grow, In the garden, lined in perfect row.

W is for Weather, a gentle spring breeze, Flowers awaken, and so do the bees.

X is for Xoxo, sweet kisses and hugs, Felt with the warmth, when springtime tugs.

Y is for Yellow, filling the greens with light, As daffodils blossom in Spring’s pure delight.

Z is for Zinnia, where butterflies play, Zeal in each petal, to brighten your day.

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