Stories About Feelings

Stories About Feelings

Welcome to our amazing collection of the Top 31 Stories About Feelings for kids to read online! These fantastic stories, perfect for bedtime, are available in PDF format, absolutely free, and can be easily downloaded or printed for your convenience. Our goal is to provide children with fun, educational, and engaging short stories that will not only captivate their imagination but also help them learn and understand a wide range of emotions. Each story within this collection is accompanied by beautiful pictures and illustrations, making it easy for kids to follow along and comprehend. Moreover, these best stories can be enjoyed in audio format, making story time even more immersive and enjoyable for your little ones.

Reading Stories About Feelings is essential for young children as it gives them a strong foundation in understanding emotions, which plays a key role in their personal and social development. Kids of all ages, from preschool and kindergarten to elementary students, can benefit from these stories. Our collection is specially designed for everyone, including early years foundation stage (EYFS) pupils, toddlers, girls, and boys.

As the children dive into these fun-filled stories, they’ll encounter classic fairy tales, good morals, and relatable situations, providing an entertaining and enriching experience during night time read aloud sessions. The stories in this collection provide the perfect balance of learning and enjoyment, ensuring that your kids will eagerly await each new story. So gather around and prepare for an unforgettable story time adventure with our Top 31 Stories About Feelings.

Top 31 Stories About Feelings for kids to read online:

  1. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, a beautiful and gentle girl is sought after by many suitors, but she is unimpressed by their small minds and lack of interesting qualities. When her father banishes Whirlwind for knocking her down, he and his blind friend Rain leave the village, and their absence causes great distress in the land because there is no wind and no rain. The animals fail to find them, but a sparrow successfully locates them and convinces them to return. Upon their return, the people celebrate and promise never to hunt or kill sparrows for food or their feathers.
  2. The Grass is Always Greener: The story is about a sheep named Wooly who is bored with his mundane life and leaves the peaceful meadow in search of excitement. Wooly settles in the big city and works at a large cooperation where his colleagues take advantage of him until he overhears them plotting against him. Feeling disappointed, Wooly returns to the meadow where he is welcomed by his sheep friends and family. He realizes that true happiness can be found in simple pleasures and lives happily ever after in the meadow.
  3. The Lonely Rose Picker: The story is about a rose picker named Mark who was feeling lonely after separating from his love. As Valentine’s Day approached, he decided to pick every single rose from the field and hide them in a remote location, leaving the town without any roses. However, a little girl named Lily saw Mark feeling sad and tried to comfort him. Together, they retrieved the truck full of roses and brought them back to town, saving Valentine’s Day. This gesture of kindness made Mark happy again.
  4. A Family Christmas Surprise: The story is about two siblings named Olivia and Jayden who are always sad during Christmas because their parents work at the hospital and can’t be with the family. However, this year, their parents surprise them by taking the day off and showing up at their aunt’s house for Christmas dinner, which makes the kids incredibly happy. They have a great time together, and Olivia and Jayden receive the gifts they wanted, but the best present of all was having their parents there with them. From then on, they no longer feel sad during Christmas time. An ebook version (PDF) is available for download.
  5. The Magical Christmas Tree: In this Christmas story, a magical Christmas tree in the forest asks children to hang up their most precious possession as decoration and in return, it gives them something special. The story follows the lives of three individuals and how they interact with the tree. The tree rewards those who are honest and punishes those who lie. In the end, the forest celebrates Christmas with joy and happiness, and the magical tree shines bright as a symbol of the season’s magic and wonder.
  6. The Brave Little Boy and the Big Slide: This is a story about a little boy named Huggy who loves going to the playground. One day, he decides to challenge himself and slide down the biggest slide of all, but he gets scared and sits down on the edge. A friendly squirrel encourages Huggy to believe in himself and follow his dream. With a burst of courage, he slides down the big slide, conquering his fear and feeling proud of himself. From that day on, Huggy feels like he can do anything he sets his mind to and can’t wait to try even more adventures.
  7. The January Blues: On Blue Monday, a cold and gloomy winter day, Mindy felt down. As the days went on, Mindy began to notice small changes in the weather and her mood started to lift as she realized that spring was on its way. She decided to cheer herself up by doing what she loved, baking and spending time with her friends and family outdoors. Mindy’s bad mood lifted, and she realized that there was always something to be grateful for no matter what the weather was like.
  8. Back to school: The story is about a little boy named Danny who, although excited to return to school after the winter break, felt embarrassed about not having done anything exciting over the break, unlike his classmates who went on vacations and travelled to exciting locations. However, when asked to share stories about their break, Danny realized that spending time with his family doing simple things like cooking and walking in the neighbourhood, was just as special and exciting as travelling. Danny learns that the simple things in life can be the most special of all and feels proud of his winter break.
  9. The Teacher’s Back to School Jitters: The story is about Jada, a preschool teacher, who is anxious about going back to school after winter break. The students notice she is not coming in and create a banner that says “Jada, we love you!” to cheer her up. Jada tells them she feels a lot of pressure and misses a friend who moved away. The children console and support her, and they all realize they can overcome their back-to-school jitters by sticking together. The story ends with Jada and the children enjoying their day in the classroom together.
  10. The Stuffed Animal Club: The story is about a little girl named Ava who is anxious about going back to school after a long break. Her mom suggests that she brings her favorite stuffed animal, Teddy, to help her feel better. Throughout the day, Teddy helps Ava to focus on her work and feel calmer. During recess, Ava meets a boy named Lucas who also has a stuffed animal, and they become friends. Together, they start a stuffed animal club and learn the importance of having something to help you feel safe and calm. The story ends with Ava and Lucas making new friends and feeling more confident at school.
  11. Tevin Prepares For Preschool: The story is about a curious and adventurous little boy named Tevin who was excited but nervous about starting his first day of preschool. To help him get ready, his parents built a routine that involved preparing all the necessary supplies, practicing getting dressed, and making a morning routine. Thanks to their routine, Tevin could start his first day of preschool feeling confident and ready to learn. In the end, Tevin had a great first day of preschool, made new friends, played games, and learned new things.
  12. Sophia’s Visit to the Doctor: A little girl named Sophia wakes up with a fever and her parents take her to the doctor’s office where she gets scared. To help her be less afraid, her parents play “doctor” with her stuffed animals before the appointment. Sophia finds the game funny and feels more comfortable about going to the real doctor. At the doctor’s office, Sophia gets upset but remembers her toy doctor game, realizes the doctor is trying to help her, and receives some helpful advice and medicine. Sophia feels better after her visit and is happy to have learned more about taking care of herself when she is sick.
  13. Go Away, Monster!: The story is about a boy named Elijah who is afraid of the dark and believes there are monsters hiding in his room. One day, he dreams of a fairy who gives him a magic wand to make the monsters and scary sounds go away. Elijah uses the wand every night and feels safe, even when he hears strange noises. Eventually, he is no longer afraid of the dark and is able to sleep soundly. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  14. The Monster Tea Party: A little girl named Mia is scared of monsters under her bed. Her parents try everything to help her overcome her fear, but nothing works. Finally, her mother decides to organize a tea party under the bed for the monsters, and Mia discovers that they aren’t so scary after all. In fact, they are in charge of bedtime performance to help children sleep. The monsters offer to show Mia their nightly performance, and it’s so beautiful and magical that she falls asleep instantly. Mia is no longer afraid of monsters under her bed and even goes to bed with a smile on her face.
  15. Lucas and the dark forest: A young boy named Lucas loved living in the forest and playing in the woods, but he was afraid of the dark. One day he got caught out after dark, and he had to face his fear. As he walked home, he realized the dark had its own beauty, and he was no longer afraid. He had opened himself up to a whole new world of wonder and beauty.
  16. Conquering the Dark: This is the story of a little girl named Mila who struggles to sleep after her mother passes away. She becomes fearful of the dark and imagines frightening things in her room. Finally, with the help of a therapist, Mila learns to understand her feelings and memories of her mother, and finds peace in the love and memories her mother left behind. The story emphasizes the importance of talking about our feelings and the power of love to conquer fear and sadness.
  17. Benny the scared bat: The story is about Benny, a little bat who is afraid of the dark. His fear of the dark was instilled in him by his mother, who told him scary stories when he was young. The other bats teased Benny for being scared and it made him feel worse. One day, Benny decided to face his fear and flew out into the forest at night. To his surprise, the forest was not scary at all. He realised that his fear of the dark was nothing but his imagination. From that day forward, Benny flew into the forest every night with newfound courage and confidence.
  18. Night Watchman and the Kitten: The story is about a security guard named Mark who worked the night shift at a big, dark warehouse but was afraid of the dark. Despite his fear, he kept working and took small steps to overcome it, like using a flashlight and bringing a radio. One night, he found a small kitten trapped in a storage room, and it became his companion for every night shift. The kitten’s presence made him feel brave, and he was no longer afraid of the dark. Mark became known as a fearless security guard, and he continued to work night shifts with his companion by his side.
  19. The birthday party nobody came to: The story is about a young girl named Sarah who planned and prepared for her eighth birthday party and invited her entire class. However, nobody showed up, and she felt sad and alone. Her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, realized something was wrong and decided to do something special for Sarah. They asked their friends to send her birthday cards, and suddenly people started showing up to her party. Sarah was very happy and received hundreds of cards from people all over the country. The next year, her classmates came to her party, and it turned out to be the biggest party anyone had ever seen. Sarah realized that sometimes the best things in life come from unexpected places, and she was grateful to her neighbors who made her birthday special.
  20. How the naughty goblin invented Valentine’s Day: In a little town in a dense forest, there was a mischievous goblin named Gobby who loved causing chaos and trouble. One day, he met a lovely goblin named Gabby, but he realized that he needed to change his ways to impress her. So, he decided to do something nice for the townspeople on Valentine’s Day by giving them heart-shaped chocolates, candies, flowers, and balloons. His efforts proved successful, and Gabby fell in love with him. They got married, and the townspeople started celebrating Valentine’s Day every year.
  21. The first swimming lesson: The story is about a little boy named Theo who loves swimming but is nervous about his first swimming lesson. His parents try to prepare him and drop him off at the pool, but he starts crying. The trainer notices his distress and encourages him to watch the other kids swim and join in next time. With the trainer’s help, Theo overcomes his fear and becomes a great swimmer over time. The story ends with his mother being proud, and Theo excited to show her what he learned.
  22. Cupid’s arrows: This story is about Cupid, a cherub responsible for shooting his arrows of love at humans to make them fall in love. Cupid always researched his matches thoroughly, however, one Valentine’s Day, he decided to shoot his arrows randomly without any research. Cupid caused some romantic chaos but ultimately realized that love is a powerful force that should be cherished and respected. In the end, Cupid made sure to use his arrows wisely.
  23. The fairy and Cupid: The story is about Cupid, a mischievous little fellow in the land of love under whom everyone falls in love with their dream person. One day, while he played target practice with his bow and arrow, he accidentally hit himself with the arrow, making him fall in love. As he looked around to figure out who he was in love with, he saw Daphne, the most beautiful fairy he has ever seen, and knew she was the one. He shot her with the arrow, and she felt the same. They both flew off into the sunset, and from that day on, they were known as the most loving couple in the land of love.
  24. Under the Willow Tree: The story is about two children who play together under an old willow and learn the story of two gingerbread figures who fall in love but never confess their feelings. The children grow up and are separated when the girl moves to Copenhagen to pursue her music career. The boy becomes a shoemaker and travels to find his long lost friend. He sees her perform in an opera and confesses his love, but she only sees him as a friend. Heartbroken, he falls asleep under a willow tree and dies in the cold. However, in his dream, the gingerbread figures have found love and get engaged, and he is reunited with his friend and proposes to her, but it turns out to be just a dream, and he dies.
  25. Discontented Dewdrop: A dewdrop on a wild rose petal wants to be more significant and is blown into a river by a breeze. The dewdrop thinks it has achieved greatness as it joins the ocean, but it is lost and unheard. The harsh wind tells the gentle breeze to leave, and the dewdrop is forever lost, swallowed by the grandeur it desired. The breeze advises another dewdrop to be content with its small but beautiful role in the world and not to desire grandeur that could lead to misfortune.
  26. A Heart of Stone: The story is about a poor charcoal burner named Peter Munk who craves wealth and visits the Glassman Treasureman to ask for it. He receives riches but squanders it in no time. He then seeks help from Evil Michiel and exchanges his heart for wealth. Peter becomes greedy, ruthless, and feared everywhere as a lender and timber trader. One night he dreams of his mother saying he has an insensitive heart, and he visits Glassman again to get his heart back, getting a glass cross and instructions on how to do it. He confronts Evil Michiel, and while Michiel tries to rip his heart out, Peter prays with his glass cross and defeats Michiel. Peter gets his heart back, and he and his mother live happily ever after in their old hut.
  27. The Meeting of the Winds: In this story, the North Wind and the South Wind dispute over their roles in nature, each boasting of their own strengths and experiences. The river intervenes and convinces them to be friends by reminding them of the value they bring to the world. In the end, the North Wind and the South Wind reconcile and exchange a token of friendship before going back to their respective duties.
  28. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: A young boy named Oliver ventures into a forest to find the perfect gift for his mother on Mother’s Day. He comes across a witch who offers to give him beautiful berries and flowers in return for keeping her company. He agrees, but soon becomes trapped and forgets about his old life. Years later, a good wizard saves him from the witch’s curse and he reunites with his mother. Oliver never forgets the lesson he learned about the power of love and family, and his adventure becomes a legend in his village. The story emphasizes the importance of cherishing time with loved ones and overcoming darkness with kindness and love.
  29. The Time-Traveling Tie: In this story, a curious young boy named Timmy finds his father’s magical tie in the attic. When he puts it on, he time travels back to his father’s childhood home where he meets his father as a young boy. They bond and embark on an incredible adventure together, where Timmy learns more about his father’s past. Through their time together, Timmy realizes that family ties are not just about blood, but about the love, respect, and appreciation shared between them. When Timmy returns to his own time, he and his father share a bond like no other.
  30. The Cat And The Goat: In this story, a sad Little Miss Puss Cat meets an old goat who repeatedly asks her why she’s mewing. When she finally gets angry and hisses at the goat, he runs away in a comical zigzag, making her forget her sorrows and laugh. The story suggests that cat-sorrow can be forgotten when encountering an amusing situation.
  31. The Green Cat: In this story, old Witch Betto is angry that she was not invited to a village celebration and is causing rain to spoil it. Hans, the main character, is determined to make it stop and journeys to find the green cat, believed to be the only thing that can stop the rain. He finds the cat with the help of a talking frog and faces off against a dwarf who’s been guarding it. The cat changes into a princess, and the dwarf is turned into rock. The princess and her prince continue their journey, while Hans returns to the village and his sweetheart, Gretchen. The rain stops, and the celebration goes on as planned. Years later, Hans tells a story about a green cat guarded by a dwarf to children playing by his home.

In conclusion, the Top 31 Stories About Feelings provide a wonderful collection of heartfelt tales that not only captivate children’s imaginations but also teach valuable lessons about understanding and expressing emotions. These stories explore a wide range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and empathy, in a way that is both engaging and relatable to young readers. By diving into these emotional adventures, children can develop a deeper understanding of their own feelings and learn to navigate the complex world of emotions with confidence and compassion. As they immerse themselves in these stories, kids will undoubtedly be inspired to appreciate the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence as they grow and interact with others.