Kindness ABC

A is for Appreciation, showing it matters. A word of thanks, makes no one shatters.

B is for Beloved, showing love is key, Kindness in our hearts sets the spirit free.

C is for Compliment, sweet words we say, To brighten someone’s mood and make their day.

D is for Donate, a kind thing indeed, Give what you can and you’ve done a good deed!

E is for Encouraging, a kind word here and there. To help a friend in need, to show them that you care.

F is for Forgiveness, when things go wrong, We say “I’m sorry”, and we still belong.

G is for Giving. A gift of your favorite toy, sharing it with others brings everyone joy.

H is for Hug, a warm squeeze that’s tight, Helping someone feel alright.

I is for Include, a tactic so divine, In all of the games, making sure no one’s behind.

J is for Joy that we spread each day. It’s kindness in action, to brighten someone’s way.

K is for Kindness, bright and clear, We show it when friends are near.

L is for Listen, when someone is sad. Sharing their worries will make them feel glad.

M is for Manners, we use every day. A “please” and “thank you” keep grumpiness away.

N is for the Neighbors next door, We’ll bring them cookies, kindness galore!

O is for Outdoors, picking up trash. Kindness to Earth, in every way, helps keep the harm away.

P is for Patience, waiting your turn. It’s kindness we practice, it’s kindness we learn.

Q is for Question, always ask if you can aid. A gift that must be willingly bestowed.

R is for Respect, something we should show, To everyone we meet, be it friend or foe.

S is for Sorry, a word that mends. When we hurt our friends, we say it to make amends.

T is for Thank you, a phrase so true. It’s a simple word we should all use.

U is for Understanding, a gift we can share. Showing friends that we listen and we care.

V is for Volunteer, lend a helping hand, With acts of kindness, we can make a stand.

W is for Welcome, greet everyone with cheer. It brightens up their day and brings friends near.

X is for XOXO, hugs and kisses we bestow. Sharing love with friends and kin, appreciation from within we show.

Y is for You, for the kindness you share, With every small gesture, and every care.

Z is for Zen, giving peace a chance, sharing calm and love in a joyful dance.

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