Go Away, Monster!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Elijah. Elijah was afraid of the dark, and every night when he went to bed, he would lay awake for hours, listening to the creaks and groans of the old house. He was convinced that there were monsters hiding under his bed, and in his closet, just waiting to grab him.

Elijah’s fear of the dark became so bad that he started falling asleep at school. One day, while he was napping in class, a fairy appeared to him in a dream. The fairy told Elijah that she had heard of his troubles and wanted to help. She gave him a magic wand, and told him that with this wand, he would be able to make the monsters and scary sounds go away.

That night, when he went to bed, he held tightly to his magic wand. When he heard a noise that sounded like a monster, he pointed the wand in that direction and said the magic words, “GO AWAY MONSTER!” and to his surprise, the noise stopped. He repeated this process when he heard noises from the closet and under his bed. And just like that, the monsters were gone and Elijah was able to sleep soundly.

The next night, while Elijah was trying to fall asleep, he heard a loud wind outside that made the windows rattle and the branches of the trees scrape against the glass. He was sure it was a ghost, come to scare him. But Elijah remembered the magic wand, and he reached over to grab it. He pointed the wand at the window and said the magic words, “GO AWAY GHOST!” and the wind stopped instantly.

Another night, Elijah heard strange noises coming from the hallway, it sounded like footsteps, but he knew everyone else in the house was already asleep. He was afraid it was a burglar trying to break in. Elijah was about to call for his parents, but then he remembered the wand. He got out of bed and tiptoed to the door, holding the wand out in front of him. He said the magic words “GO AWAY BURGLAR!” and the footsteps stopped, and all was quiet again.

Elijah was feeling so much better. He was not tired anymore, and had the energy to play and learn new things. And at night, he was able to fall asleep in no time, feeling safe with his magic wand by his side. He never heard the monsters again.