Back to school

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Danny who was very excited to go back to school after the winter break. He looked forward to seeing his classmates and teacher. But as he packed his backpack and got ready to go, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit embarrassed. You see, Danny didn’t go on any exciting vacations or travel anywhere special over the break. In fact, he didn’t do much of anything at all – he just stayed home with his family.

As he walked to school, Danny couldn’t help but worry about what the other kids would think. He was afraid they would laugh at him for not doing anything exciting over the break, and he felt a little bit ashamed.

But when he got to school and sat in the circle with his classmates, he quickly realized that he had nothing to be embarrassed about. As the kids went around the circle sharing their winter break stories, Danny heard about all sorts of exciting trips and activities. Some kids had gone on a cruise, while others had gone skiing or visited theme parks.

When it was Danny’s turn to share, he hesitated for a moment, feeling a little bit nervous. But then he took a deep breath and told the class about all the fun things he did with his family over the break. He talked about cooking together, going for walks around the neighbourhood, and making picture books of old photos. He even shared some of his grandparents’ stories about when they were young.

As Danny finished his story, one of his classmates, a little girl named Sarah, spoke up. “Wow, Danny,” she said. “You’re so lucky to have spent so much time with your family. My parents just shipped me off to my grandma’s house and didn’t pay much attention to me at all.”

Other kids chimed in, sharing similar stories about feeling left out or ignored over the break. And as Danny listened, he suddenly realized that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his family or his winter break at all. In fact, he had had a great time, and he was lucky to have such a close and loving family.

From that day on, Danny was proud of his winter break and all the fun things he did with his family. And he learned that sometimes, the simple things in life can be the most special of all.