The Stuffed Animal Club

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ava who was feeling very anxious about going back to school. She had been out of school for a long time because of the holiday break, and she was worried about all the new things she would have to learn and the new friends she would have to make.

One day, Ava’s mom noticed that Ava was feeling anxious and asked her what was wrong. Ava told her mom about her fears and how she was feeling worried about going back to school.

Ava’s mom had a great idea. She told Ava that she could bring her stuffed animal with her to school to help her feel better. Ava loved the idea and immediately went to find her favorite stuffed animal, a soft and cuddly bear named Teddy.

On the first day of school, Ava put Teddy in her backpack and headed off to school. When she got to her classroom, she was a little nervous at first, but then she remembered that she had Teddy with her. She took him out of her backpack and hugged him tight, and suddenly she felt a lot better.

Throughout the day, Ava would hold Teddy’s paw and squeeze it whenever she was feeling anxious or worried. Teddy always made her feel better and helped her to focus on her school work.

One day, while Ava was playing with Teddy at recess, she noticed another child playing with a stuffed animal of his own. The other child was a boy named Lucas, and he had a stuffed dog named Bingo.

Ava walked over to Lucas and asked him about Bingo. Lucas told her that Bingo helped him feel calm and brave, just like Teddy did for Ava. The two of them started talking and playing together, and before long they had become good friends.

Ava and Lucas started bringing their stuffed animals with them to school every day, and they would play together at recess and during free time. They even started a stuffed animal club where they could share stories and games with their special friends.

Thanks to Teddy and Bingo, Ava and Lucas were able to make new friends and feel more confident and comfortable at school. They learned that it’s important to have someone or something to help you feel safe and calm, and they were grateful to have their stuffed animals with them every day.