The Old Woman Under A Hill

Once upon a time, in a kingdom of lush green meadows and towering mountains, there lived an old woman. Her home wasn’t in a town or village, but under a hill, nestled against a gentle slope, concealed beneath the overhanging greenery and blooming wildflowers.

The woman’s name was Edna, and she was unlike any other person in the kingdom. For you see, she had lived under the hill for as long as anyone could remember, yet she didn’t age a day. The people often said, “There was an old woman, lived under a hill; and if she’s not gone, she lives there still.”

Edna’s life was filled with simplicity and peace. Each morning, she would wake up to the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. She spent her days tending her garden, which produced the most vibrant flowers and the juiciest fruits in the whole kingdom.

But there was something even more remarkable about Edna – she had a magical talent. She could speak to the animals around her. From the tiniest ant to the mighty stag, every creature was a friend to Edna. She would listen to their tales, help them with their troubles, and in turn, they would help her with her chores.

One day, however, a dreadful blight spread across the kingdom. Plants withered, animals fell ill, and rivers ran dry. The king was at his wits’ end, for none of his advisors could tell him the source of this curse.

News of this disaster soon reached Edna under her hill. She felt a pang in her heart for the suffering of her friends. She decided to set out on a journey to find the cause of the blight and restore balance to the kingdom.

Edna’s journey was full of hardships. She had to cross the scorching desert, climb the icy mountain peaks, and traverse the haunted woods. Along the way, she spoke to the animals, who all had been affected by the blight. They gave her clues, which slowly started to form a picture of the cause.

It turned out that a dragon, filled with loneliness and despair, had unintentionally caused the blight. His tears, shed in sorrow, had turned into a curse, affecting all living things. Edna knew she had to help the dragon. She made her way to his lair and listened to his troubles, just like she had for countless other animals.

Through her kindness and wisdom, Edna helped the dragon understand his feelings. He was not a bad creature; he was just lonely. He needed a friend. The dragon, grateful for Edna’s help, used his magic to lift the blight from the land.

Soon, the rivers flowed again, the plants bloomed, and the animals regained their health. The kingdom was saved, all thanks to the old woman who lived under the hill. And even though she had completed her great journey, she was not gone. Edna went back to her home under the hill, where she lives to this very day, helping any creature that needs her.

The kingdom flourished, and the people never forgot the tale of the old woman under the hill. Her kindness and wisdom became a story passed down through generations, reminding everyone about the power of friendship and understanding. And if you ever visit the kingdom, and see the hill with wildflowers blooming around it, know that Edna is still there, living a life full of magic, love, and endless stories.