Cupid’s arrows

Once upon a time, there was a little cherub named Cupid. He was responsible for shooting his arrows of love at unsuspecting humans, making them fall deeply in love with one another. He was a diligent and dedicated matchmaker, always on the lookout for the perfect couples to bring together. Cupid took his job very seriously. He spent countless hours researching his potential love interests, delving deep into their personalities, likes and dislikes, and even their astrological charts.

One day, Cupid was tasked with finding a match for a young woman named Julia. He began his research, pouring over her social media profiles and talking to her friends and family to get a sense of her personality. As he delved deeper into his research, Cupid became more and more convinced that Julia would be the perfect match for a man named Michael. He spent hours studying Michael’s interests, hobbies, and even his astrological chart, searching for any signs that they would be compatible.

Finally, Cupid was ready to make his move. He flew down to Earth, and made his way to Julia’s house.

“Hello Julia,” said Cupid, “I have been doing some research, and I believe that I have found the perfect match for you.”

“Really?” asked Julia, intrigued. “Who is it?”

“His name is Michael,” said Cupid. “I have spent hours researching his interests and hobbies, and I believe that you two would be perfect together.”

Julia was skeptical. “But how do you know that we’ll be compatible? We’ve never even met.”

Cupid smiled. “I have studied your astrological charts and I can see that you both have similar interests and complementing personalities. Trust me, Julia, this is the perfect match.”

Julia was hesitant, but she decided to give it a chance. She agreed to meet Michael, and Cupid arranged for the two of them to go on a date. To Cupid’s delight, the date was a huge success. Julia and Michael hit it off immediately, and soon they were inseparable. Cupid had done his job well, and he knew that they would be happy together for the rest of their lives.

“I’m glad you trusted me, Julia,” said Cupid, as he watched the couple walk off into the sunset. “I knew that you and Michael were meant to be together.”

Cupid smiled, knowing that he had done his job well. He had brought two people together who were truly meant to be, and that was all that mattered.

But one Valentine’s Day, Cupid woke up feeling a bit tired, yet playful. He decided to not do any research and to just have a little fun by shooting his arrows at the most unlikely of couples. First, he shot an arrow at a grumpy old man who had never been in love before. To Cupid’s delight, the old man soon fell head over heels for his kind-hearted nurse.

Next, Cupid shot an arrow at a young woman who had sworn off love altogether. But as soon as Cupid’s arrow hit her, she found herself hopelessly in love with her long-time friend.

Cupid continued to shoot his arrows throughout the day, causing all sorts of romantic chaos. But as the sun began to set, Cupid realized that while his arrows may have caused confusion and surprises, they had also brought joy and love to many people. He realized that he didn’t have to work so hard to make the perfect matches, but that unlikely matches could be great too!

With a satisfied smile, Cupid flew back to Mount Olympus, knowing that he had spread a little bit of magic on this special Valentine’s Day. And from that day on, Cupid made sure to always use his arrows wisely, knowing that love is a powerful force that should be cherished and respected.